Appendix — Records Control Schedules


Description: These Record Control schedules contain records retention and disposal information related to most of the records discussed in the Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM). Each record series listed should include the related papers and forms filed with it. The specific papers and forms mentioned in the series descriptions are illustrative but not all–inclusive. Some descriptions refer to forms that are obsolete. However, the forms were in use when retention and disposal authority was approved for those records. Therefore, the obsolete forms are still retained in the file, and they must be held in accordance with approved retention and disposal instructions.

Privacy Act systems of records are indicated by a numerical designation enclosed in parentheses ( after the record series name. Descriptions of Privacy Act systems are contained in Handbook AS–353, Guide to Privacy and the Freedom of Information Act. Retention and disposal instructions for records and forms referenced in this manual can be found in the Administrative Support Manual (ASM), Section 89, Records Retention, or in the electronic Records and Information Management System (eRIMS) on the Intranet.

For records that may be stored at a Federal Records Center (FRC), the National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) job approval number is also provided. For example, the record: NC1–28–XX–YY/ZZ means the following:

  • NC1 or N1 is FRC’s internal correspondence control symbol.
  • 28 is the group of records to which all Postal Service records are assigned.
  • XX is the fiscal year that retention and disposal instructions for the specific records series was submitted to NARA for approval.
  • YY is the sequential number of the submission that fiscal year.
  • ZZ is the sequential number of the records series on the records control schedule that was submitted to NARA for approval).

The official and approved name for the records series must be used when preparing XX for storage in a records center. Postal Service records control numbers (e.g., ACBX.00.03) are also shown. These numbers correspond with the numbers assigned under the RIMS operated by the Records Office. These numbers are used for internal Postal Service identification purposes only.

Disposal: Disposal procedures are described in ASM 895.3.

Cutoff: The cutoff is the date, period of time (e.g., weekly, A/P, monthly, or annually) or event after which a file should be closed to allow the orderly transfer to storage and ultimate disposal of a series of rcanceledecords. If no cutoff date is indicated, the series is cut off annually at December 31.

Questions: For questions concerning the records control schedules, contact:

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