National Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 19–26, 2007, Publicity Kit


I. Avoid Danger: Close the Door on Dog Bites

II. Fiscal Years 2005 and 2006 Total OSHA Recordable Dog Bite Accidents

III. Build Community Awareness Through Media Attention (Television, Radio, and Print)

Employee Event the Media Will Love — a Chorus Line

News Release: A Different Kind of Chorus Line

Dog Bite Prevention Background

Media Advisory: Letter Carriers at [City Name] Post Office Set Up a Very Special Chorus Line for a Very Special Reason

Employee Event the Media Will Love — a Picnic and a Parade

News Release: [City Name] Post Office and [Local Animal Shelter] Lead the Parade for Dog Bite Prevention

Media Advisory: [City Name] Post Office and [Local Animal Shelter] Deliver a Very Special Message This [Day]

Public Service Announcements: May 19–26 Is National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Sample Postmaster Columns

IV. Community Involvement

Postmaster Speech — Dog Bite Prevention Speech for School Children

Dog Bite Prevention Tips for Mail Carriers and Kids — How You Can Help Prevent Dog Bites

General Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Parents

Poster Contest

Working With Community Leaders

V. Information for All Employees

Postmaster Stand-up Talk — Safety Talk for Letter Carriers and Rural Carriers

True-or-False Quiz: Are You an Unwary Visitor?

Postmaster Stand-up Talk — Proper Use of Dog Repellent Spray

Using Dog Repellent

Job Safety Analysis (Generic)

VI. For Postal Service Managers

VII. Additional Resources

Area Public Affairs and Communications Managers

Partnering Organizations

Government Relations Contacts

More Resources