Scott Bombaugh

Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President

Scott Bombaugh, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President

Scott Bombaugh was named chief technology officer (CTO) and executive vice president in November 2020 after acting in the role since August 2020. In this position, Bombaugh oversees Engineering Systems, Enterprise Analytics, and Innovative Business Technology. The CTO vision is to create a competitive advantage by leveraging emerging technology and applied analytics, and to innovate in order to deliver operational efficiencies, generate revenue, transform organizational performance and establish technology-enabled products.

He previously served as vice president of Engineering Systems where he led the design, development, deployment and lifecycle support for mail processing systems and associated software, retail and delivery technology, and scanning solutions. Additionally, he led his team in Engineering Systems with developing the Postal Service’s Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) program. Since he began his Postal Service career as a mechanical engineer in 1988, he has held various positions, including managing roles in mail automation and material handling technology.

Bombaugh earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Virginia and is a licensed professional engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Latest update: December 2020