Recommending Mediation

Is mediation the best option?

Survey results from thousands of mediations nationwide show that the vast majority of postal employees benefit from participating in REDRESS®. Even those who are unable to resolve their complaint in mediation tend to report a high level of satisfaction with the process. REDRESS affords employees an opportunity to express their concerns to management and gain a better understanding of the situation that prompted them to file a complaint. This experience almost always benefits both the employee and the manager involved.

A small percentage of cases are not appropriate for REDRESS, such as those involving violence, theft, or destruction of property. In all other situations, we strongly encourage representatives to recommend REDRESS to their employees. The Postal Service™ pays for the mediator, and an employee does not have to give up any Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) rights to participate.

In short, REDRESS offers postal employees an opportunity to quickly resolve their EEO complaint and improve their workplace environment without cost and without giving up any legal rights. Representatives can offer a valuable service to employees by encouraging them to participate in REDRESS and guiding them through the process.

It may be helpful to consider the following questions in order to evaluate the advantages of participating in REDRESS mediation:

  • Do you want an opportunity to quickly resolve your EEO complaint? 
  • Did you know that the Postal Service pays for the mediator? 
  • Do you want to participate in a process where you make your own decisions about resolving the dispute rather than having a decision imposed upon you by a hearing officer or judge?
  • Do you want a process that allows for creative resolutions?
  • Did you know that participation in REDRESS does not require forfeiture of any EEO rights?
  • Have you spoken to other employees who have participated in REDRESS mediation? Employees who have attended REDRESS report positive experiences.