REDRESS policies

Information about policies and procedures for the REDRESS® program.

I. Voluntariness

The REDRESS® program is voluntary on the part of the employee/counselee. When an employee is contacted by the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) office, he/she is offered the option of mediation in lieu of counseling, and is free to accept or reject that offer. Should the employee/counselee choose mediation, supervisors and managers are required to attend the mediation and participate in good faith. Supervisors and managers are not required to settle. Settlement is entirely voluntary for all parties.

II. Access to REDRESS mediation

Subject to the exceptions outlined below, the Postal Service™ hopes to reap the long-term benefits of improved workplace climate by mediating as many EEO cases as possible. Anyone who has the right to file an EEO case against the Postal Service may have access to REDRESS mediation. This includes applicants and casuals.

A complaint cannot be mediated where:

  • An active criminal Inspector General or Inspection Service investigation exits;
  • Department of Labor has jurisdiction over the issues in the case (e.g., denial of worker's compensation benefits); or 
  • Office of Personnel Management has jurisdiction over the issues in the case (e.g., approval of disability retirement).

Finally, significant abuse of the mediation process or other compelling factors may be a reason to deny a complainant further access to REDRESS mediation.

III. Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment cases may be appropriate for mediation like other EEO cases; however, the unique legal and factual issues involved require the following protocol for such complaints in the REDRESS program. The goal is to safeguard the confidentiality of the parties involved as much as possible, and to protect the Postal Service from incurring unnecessary liability.

  • Before scheduling mediation, the EEO ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Specialist must ascertain whether the employee/complainant has reported the conduct to any supervisor or manager.
  • If the employee has not contacted any supervisor, the EEO ADR Specialist must contact the District HR Manager to assess whether the complaint is suitable for mediation. The HR Manager should consult with legal counsel and the EEO ADR Specialist in making this determination.

IV. Labor Relations

Settlements under the REDRESS program may not violate any collective bargaining agreement.