Resolve Employment Disputes Reach Equitable Solutions Swiftly

REDRESS®, which stands for Resolve Employment Disputes, Reach Equitable Solutions Swiftly, is the Postal Service's alternative dispute resolution mediation program. It is a voluntary program available to all employees as part of the Postal Service's Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaint process. REDRESS is offered at the EEO informal counseling stage.

REDRESS is recognized as one of the country's leading conflict resolution programs. The Postal Service has received global recognition from the conflict resolution community and positive feedback from employees, supervisors, and their representatives for resolving disputes without the need for litigation.

Note: EEO complaints are not accepted through this site. You must request EEO counseling by using the online Postal Service EEO efile application at: Alternatively, you may request EEO counseling by mail by providing your name, Social Security or employee identification number, address and telephone number to:

NEEOISO — EEO Contact Center
PO Box 21979
Tampa FL 33622-1979.

The history of REDRESS mediation

The REDRESS program was born out of the settlement of a class action lawsuit filed by employees in the Northern District of Florida. Among their complaints was that the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaint process was too slow, remote, and ineffective in addressing workplace disputes. After reviewing the alternatives, all parties agreed that the development of a workplace mediation program might be an effective way to address these concerns. Thus, REDRESS mediation began as a pilot program in 1994 with three Florida sites. As the result of a commitment from management, employees, and their representatives, it continued to grow bigger and better. Today it is available to all Postal employees nationwide.

About the REDRESS mediation program

REDRESS mediation provides a fast, fair, neutral, and informal alternative to traditional EEO counseling.

The disputing parties meet with a non-postal, impartial third-party mediator who assists them in discussing and resolving their disputes. The REDRESS program uses the transformative model of mediation which strives to change the on-going interaction between the parties toward a positive direction.

REDRESS mediations operate differently than most court directed mediations as the parties are strongly encouraged to play a more active role than the mediator or the parties’ representatives.

“REDRESS opens up so much for all parties and it doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best…” More >