Systems of Records and Major Information Systems

Systems of Records (SOR)

The Privacy Act requires federal agencies to follow certain rules when collecting, maintaining, and disseminating information about an individual when that information is included in a system of records maintained by the agency. A complete list of the Postal Service’s SORs is available in the Appendix to Handbook AS-353. HTML PDF

U.S. Postal Service’s Major Information Systems (MIS)

The Electronic Freedom of Information Act of 1996 requires agencies to make an index of their major information systems and descriptions of those systems available on request to the public in electronic form.

OMB Circular 130 defines “major information system” as “an information system that requires special management attention because of its importance to an agency mission; its high development, operating, or maintenance costs; or its significant role in the administration of agency programs, finances, property, or other resources.”

The Postal Service’s Major Information Systems are listed by system name and index number in the list available by link below.

Descriptions of individual USPS Major Information Systems in electronic format are available upon request. To obtain the description of a USPS MIS, please contact the Privacy Office via email at