Information Security

CyberSafe Employee Training Available Now

It’s once again time for all USPS® employees to take the annual CyberSafe training. All training is due by September 26.

Threats to digital information are growing in frequency and sophistication worldwide. Protecting USPS employees, customers, and supplier data from these threats is a priority for the Postal Service™. Everyone plays a role in protecting critical Postal Service data.

By taking the assigned CyberSafe training course this year, employees will learn how to protect critical USPS information from cyberthreats:

n CyberSafe Fundamentals: Provides the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to adhere to cybersecurity practices and policy for the protection of USPS electronic information. Also provides best practices for handling sensitive and sensitive-enhanced information to keep USPS electronic data secure.

While this training is mandatory for all employees, the Postal Service is offering a one-time test-out option for individuals who successfully pass a pretest.

This test allows employees one chance to show they understand the subject. Employees must score 80 percent or higher to pass the test. If employees pass the test, they will receive credit and will not need to take the full course; just refresh HERO to receive the credit. If employees do not pass, they must select the full course, complete it, and pass the final test to receive credit.

Employees can access the CyberSafe Fundamentals course now at

The deadline for completing the course is September 26. Employees who do not meet the deadline are subject to limited ACE system access until completion of the course.

Visit the CyberSafe training page at or contact for more information.