August 17, 2021

New Haven Post Office Gets Creative

Safety video wins postal district award

Haven Post Office

From left: Rural Carrier Scott Greenwell, HCR Brandy Ayers, HCR Justin Borders, Rural Carrier Lillian Hutchins, Acting MPOO Ryan Fitz-Gordon, Clerk Shana Gribbins, District Contract Tech Mary Rumbaugh, Rural Carrier Keisha Metcalfe, District Safety Manager Alan Lewis, Clerk Richshonda Cleveland, Rural Carrier Christina Durbin, Acting MPOO Vince Birk, and Postmaster Desiree Perkins. (Additional photos available on request.)

NEW HAVEN, KY - Postmaster Desiree Perkins and employees at the New Haven Post Office decided to take the challenge and create a safety video for a Kentucky-West Virginia District contest. The contest had a baseball theme and was called “Swinging for Safety”. The New Haven video was the winning entry featuring their “team”, called the New Haven Railroaders. Railroaders is a nod to the community identity closely tied to the railroad industry.

District Safety Manager Alan Lewis and Acting Manager, Post Office Operations Ryan Fitz-Gordon made a special trip to honor the winning team in New Haven.

The New Haven video focused on what it takes to be safe on the job and featured interviews with employees posing as players or announcers to give safety tips and demonstrations. The video was the conclusion of a month-long safety initiative conducted throughout the district, where each workday featured specific safety initiatives to conduct.

The New Haven video was comical and made good use of the baseball theme, while focusing on the importance of working safely. As Rural Carrier Lillian Hutchins said in the video, it’s all about “Taking all safety precautions so I make it home safe”.

The Postal Service does not receive tax dollars for operating expenses; it relies entirely on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations. 



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