May 7, 2024

Does Your Mailbox Need a Little TLC? Mailbox Improvement Week is May 19 – 25


Each year, the Postal Service designates the third week of May as Mailbox Improvement Week to encourage customers with box-on-post-delivery to examine and, where necessary, improve the appearance of their mailboxes. This year’s improvement week is May 19 - 25.

“Your mailbox is exposed to weather and varying temperatures all year long, so an annual inspection is important. A mailbox in good working order helps to protect mail and packages once they’ve been delivered,” says Oregon acting district manager Eric Gilbert.

A typical inspection may include:

  • Replacing loose hinges on a mailbox door.
  • Repainting a mailbox that may have rusted or has started to peel.
  • Remounting a loosened mailbox post.
  • Making sure there is a clear path to access the mailbox.
  • Clear away vegetation which may block the house number or mailbox door.
  • Replacing or adding house numbers.

Customers may want to consider upgrading to a newer, larger capacity mailbox. Any replacement box must always be Postal Service approved and installed according to Postal Service guidelines.

Approved boxes are available in a variety of styles and colors to suit the needs of the homeowner and can be found in most hardware stores or online retailers. Some of today’s newer mailboxes also have locking ability or are wider and taller to accommodate larger packages.

Customers are also able to use custom built mailboxes, but they must check with their local Postmaster to make sure it conforms to postal guidelines in terms of the size, strength, and construction quality.

For more information on mailbox guidelines please check with your local Post Office during normal business hours. Information on mailbox installation is also available online 24/7.

Participation in Mailbox Improvement Week is greatly appreciated by all mail carriers and the Postal Service.



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