Sharon D. Owens

Vice President, Pricing and Costing

Sharon D. Owens, Vice President, Pricing and Costing

Sharon D. Owens was named vice president Pricing and Costing, effective January 23, 2016. Owens reports to the chief financial officer and executive vice president and oversees development of published prices for all retail and commercial mailing and shipping products and services, and supports the development of customized pricing through Negotiated Service Agreements.

In April 2019, Owens was named acting vice president Sales, where she oversaw the direction and management of the Sales organization and business and customer support provided by the Business Service Network. Through this experience, she developed greater insight of individual customer needs and opportunities for growth.

Owens began her Postal Service career in 1995. In her previous role she served as the Northern Virginia District Manager. Her other assignments included manager of Industry Engagement and Outreach, manager of Shipping and Mailing Services Strategy and manager of Finance.

Owens earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in operations research from the College of William and Mary.

Latest update: November 2020