Garrett Hoyt

Vice President, Technology Applications

Garrett Hoyt, Vice President, Technology Applications

Garrett Hoyt was named vice president, Technology Applications, in January 2022. He reports to the chief information officer and executive vice president.

As vice president, Hoyt develops digital approaches to improving customer engagement, transportation management, product visibility and pricing. He is also responsible for modernizing platforms that support business functions. As acting vice president, he led the automation of freight payment processes and directed a successful initiative with transportation suppliers.

Before his role in Technology Applications, Hoyt served as Chief Information Officer Services executive director, managing a team that negotiated strategic, cost-saving technology contracts. He also previously directed the development and launch of initiatives that automated manual processes, such as seamless acceptance and eInduction.

Hoyt began his Postal Service career in 1987 as a Bulk Mail Acceptance clerk in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Since 2009, Hoyt has held several positions at the Headquarters level with increasing responsibilities. In 2013, he was named manager, Mail Entry, and was responsible for all policies and procedures related to the acceptance of business mail. In March 2018, he was named manager, Client Services, where he was responsible for ensuring business leaders leveraged technology from across the enterprise to meet their desired business outcomes. In 2021, he was named Rural Delivery manager for the vice president of Delivery Operations.

Hoyt is a graduate of the Executive Leadership program and the Senior Executive Assessment Program.

Latest update: November 2022