830 Motor Vehicle and Industrial Safety

831 Motor Vehicle Safety

831.1 Objective

The objective of the Motor Vehicle Safety Program is to comply with applicable U.S. Department of Transportation regulations; require safe driving; and reduce potential losses, human suffering, and property damage, while maintaining the efficient delivery and collection of mail.

The following handbooks provide policy and procedures for implementing an effective motor vehicle safety program:

831.2 Vehicle Maintenance

All installation heads and managers having motor vehicles under their control must develop and administer the controls necessary to ensure that the provisions outlined in Handbook PO–701 are followed.

831.3 Driver Selection, Training, and Supervision

831.31 Driver Selection

Postal Service personnel responsible for hiring, testing, supervising, and providing medical services must ensure that only qualified applicants are hired and retained in driving positions. The determination of qualified is outlined in Handbook EL-312, Employment and Placement.

831.32 Driver Training

The goal of all types of driver training is to develop and maintain safe drivers. The careful selection of personnel to act as driving instructors is essential to ensure proper attitude, enthusiasm, interest, and understanding of the subject matter. Additional information and policy requirements can be found in Handbooks EL-804 and EL-312.

831.33 Driver Supervision
831.331 Supervisors’ Responsibilities

Supervisors must ensure that the drivers under their supervision drive safely, practice defensive driving, practice personal safety, obey all state and local traffic laws and Postal Service driving policies, and extend courtesy in all situations.

831.332 Drivers’ Responsibilities

Drivers must:

  1. Drive safely and defensively.
  2. Practice personal safety.
  3. Obey all state and local traffic laws and Postal Service driving policies.
  4. Extend courtesy in all situations.
  5. Not use a cell phone while driving. Drivers must pull off the road to a safe location before using the phone.

831.4 Accident Analysis

Managers and supervisors must analyze driver observations, route layout, and vehicle accident data to determine potential hazards, contributing factors, and the root causes of accidents. They must also develop and implement countermeasures designed to prevent motor vehicle accidents at their installations.