Kelly R. Abney

Chief Logistics Officer and Executive Vice President

Kelly R. Abney, Chief Logistics Officer and Executive Vice President

Kelly Abney was named Chief Logistics Officer and Executive Vice President. In this role, he will be responsible for leading the strategic design of a world-class transportation network and developing cost- and service-enhancing processes to enable optimization and execution through our plants and delivery operations. This new organization will lead the redesign of the surface transportation network, reduce air transport, improve carrier management, and deploy a state-of-art logistics platform.

Kelly has over 30 years of Logistics, Transportation and Procurement experience.  He previously held senior supply chains positions at Walmart, Sears/Kmart, Payless Cashways and XPO Logistics.

Kelly led highly successful global transportation network redesign projects at both Sears/Kmart and at Walmart.  His team’s efforts resulted in significant efficiency and utilization gains while reducing costs and improving customer service.  Kelly has served in both domestic and international roles and has spent many years coordinating the development of world class global supply chain networks.

Kelly also has many years of field operational experience, managing, building, automating and optimizing plant and distribution center efficiency.

Kelly earned two bachelor’s degrees from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas in German Linguistics and History.  He has advanced linguistics certifications from the Goethe Institute in Passau, Germany.  He holds additional senior management certifications from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Macroeconomics and Business Innovation.

Latest update: June 2022