612 Information Media

612.1 Responsibility

Supervisors inform their employees on all official matters affecting them through printed material or bulletin boards.

612.2 Methods

612.21 Official Directives

Major subject manuals are the basic source documents outlining Postal Service operational policies. Postal Bulletins, management instructions, handbooks, memorandums of policy, etc., instruct, explain, or detail the implementation of a specific policy or regulation.

612.22 Unofficial Communications

Newsletters, memos, etc., are communications used for information only.

612.23 Bulletin Boards
612.231 Utility and Convenience

Bulletin boards serve as a means of providing to employees information of interest, such as that required by law or regulation, official management information, and items of general interest. Bulletin boards are to be placed in sufficient numbers and in locations convenient to employees — at or near employee entrances, lunchrooms, locker rooms, or elsewhere in the work area. It is useful to separate board space into broad categories for different types of material, such as:

  1. Required by Law or Regulation. Required material that tends to be permanent includes notices about:
    1. Local fire emergency plan.
    2. Occupational Safety and Health Act — OSHA Poster 2203 must be prominently posted at each work location.
    3. Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP).
    4. Unemployment Compensation Protection for Federal Employees.
    5. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO).
  2. Official Management Use. Items that should be dated and removed when outdated include notices about:
    1. Job opportunities.
    2. Benefit plans.
    3. Events affecting working conditions.
    4. Changes in work schedules.
    5. Changes in wage rates.
  3. General Interest. General interest material includes notices about:
    1. Lost and found items.
    2. Social and recreational events.
    3. Blood donor programs.
    4. Food price changes.
    5. Public transportation schedules.
    6. Meetings.
    7. Combined Federal Campaign.
    8. Parking regulations.
    9. Housing.
612.232 Suitability

Only suitable material should be posted on bulletin boards. It is the responsibility of the installation head to ensure the appropriate use of bulletin boards. In addition to providing bulletin board space for management use, the installation head must provide bulletin board space for union use consistent with the terms of the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

612.24 Employee Lockers
612.241 Issuance

Issue personnel PS Form 4943, Locker Record, to assign employee lockers. Employees are required to sign the form to acknowledge that use of the locker by other persons or exchanging lockers without authority of the issuing office is prohibited. Upon separation or transfer, employees must return their locker key to the appropriate facility official.

612.242 Maintenance and Inspection

Employee lockers are for official use only and must be kept clean and presentable. The use of personal locks is not permitted. Employee lockers are subject to inspection by authorized personnel. Provisions governing locker inspections are provided in applicable collective bargaining agreements.