613 Credit Unions

613.1 Authority

Employee credit unions in the Postal Service, as in all federal departments or agencies, are chartered according to the Federal Credit Union Act (12 U.S.C. 1753–1754). That Act gives the power to direct and control the Federal Employees Credit Union Program to the National Credit Union Administration, an independent agency in the executive branch of the government. Credit unions may also be chartered under state laws and are generally supervised by the banking department of the state involved. The address of the National Credit Union Administration follows:

ALEXANDRIA VA 22314–3428

613.2 Space Allowance

The Postal Service will authorize, if available, a suitable location (other than workroom floor space) for credit unions in postal buildings. If the area is accessible through the workroom only, membership in the credit union is restricted to Postal Service employees (active and retired). Other federal employees in the same building may not join unless the credit union is situated so that it is unnecessary to enter the postal workroom. Credit union business cannot be conducted from any post office service window.

613.3 Employees With Credit Union Duties

Postal personnel who are employees, officers, officials, or board members of employee credit unions are not entitled to Postal Service compensation for credit union duties. They have the option of annual leave or leave without pay (up to 8 hours daily) to perform credit union activities — provided they can be spared from their regular duties.