670 Diversity, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Prevention of Employment Discrimination

671 Diversity Overview

The following provisions apply:

  1. All employees share responsibility for achieving the Postal Service’s goals to build a diverse and inclusive workforce in which all employees are afforded equal employment opportunity. The Postal Service believes that its efforts to achieve this goal will enhance the ability of the Postal Service and its employees to accomplish the following:
    1. Deliver the high level of service demanded by its customers and the competitive environment.
    2. Meet its responsibilities to the American public.
  2. The Postal Service promotes:
    1. The diversity of its workforce. The Postal Service strives to build an inclusive environment that respects the uniqueness of every individual and encourages the contributions of people from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
    2. Diversity and inclusion in a manner that instills confidence that employment decisions are made in accordance with Postal Service equal employment opportunity policies — where all employees are treated fairly based on merit and neither advantaged nor disadvantaged based on factors, such as:
      1. Race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity, including transgender status), national origin, religion, age (40 or over), genetic information, disability, or retaliation for engaging in EEO-protected activity as provided by law; or
      2. Other non-meritorious factors, such as political affiliation; marital status; status as a parent; and past, present, or future military service.
  3. The Postal Service strategy is to achieve diversity and inclusion by providing equal employment opportunity and refraining from discrimination in the following areas:
    1. Recruitment.
    2. Selection.
    3. Promotion (including succession planning and opportunities for training and development).
    4. Retention of employees.
  4. The Postal Service expects its executives and managers to integrate inclusive values and strategies into the Postal Service’s day-to-day personnel management.