142 Analysis of Skill Requirements

142.1 Purpose

The analysis of skills requirements helps managers to:

  1. Establish a basis for determining selection criteria.
  2. Develop a hierarchical management structure for the organization that is internally consistent and compatible with structures in other Postal Service installations.

142.2 Method

In order to establish responsibility for work, it is necessary to assign specific duties to designated staff positions. To establish the requirements of a position, the managers must analyze the job-related skills and experience required. This analysis helps to identify structural implications. The first step in this process is to define job content by preparing a narrative description, as follows:

  1. State the:
    1. Functional purpose of the position,
    2. Scope of responsibility, and
    3. Degree of supervision required.
  2. Outline in detail the core duties and responsibilities performed by the incumbent. The description of each duty and responsibility determines the skills required for efficient work performance. Use action words — such as directs, manages, supervises, oversees, plans, and coordinates — to describe the depth of involvement and the degree of responsibility. Action words help to differentiate the level of skill, knowledge, and ability required.
  3. Analyze the functional purpose, duties, and responsibilities of the position to connect the educational disciplines, work experience, physical capacities, and job-related skills expected of the incumbent.

142.3 Selection Criteria and Procedures

Organizational Effectiveness, Employee Resource Management, in consultation with the appropriate executive vice president or vice president organization, determines the selection criteria for each position by issuing a qualification standard or an interim statement of qualifications.