617 Combined Federal Campaign Program

617.1 Annual Campaign

617.11 Purpose

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), established in 1961, provides a single, unified, efficient annual campaign in support of voluntary agencies that solicits contributions through payroll allotment. Employees contributing to the CFC help essential organizations meet the challenges of sickness and disease and minister to the needs of the aged, the handicapped, and the mentally ill. They provide aid that reaches as far as to Latin America, Asia, or Africa, and as close as to a member of the family or a next door neighbor.

617.12 Authorization

The Postal Service, in cooperation with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), conducts this annual charitable fund-raising campaign pursuant to Executive Order No. 12353, as amended by Executive Order No. 12404, and all subsidiary units of such programs.

617.2 Organization

617.21 Local Federal Coordinating Committee

The Director of the Office of Personnel Management designates a group of federal officials as the Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC), which conducts the CFC in a particular community. The LFCC, in turn, selects a Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) to administer local campaigns.

617.22 Postal Service Organization

The postmaster general (PMG) serves as the U.S. Postal Service National Campaign Chairperson. The PMG appoints a national campaign vice–chairperson to initiate, promote, and monitor the campaign, who in turn designates a national campaign coordinator. The vice presidents of Area Operations serve as co–vice chairpersons for their geographic areas.

617.23 Loaned Executive Program

The loaned Executive Program is a CFC–sponsored program that trains mid–level managers from the federal civilian, military, and postal sector to plan and execute the annual fund-raiser. The loaned executive is assigned as an extension of the CFC professional staff to departments and/or agencies throughout the government to assist in all phases of the CFC.

617.3 Solicitation

617.31 Participation

Combined Federal Campaigns are conducted throughout the country. In areas where a campaign is authorized, postal employees are contacted and given the opportunity to contribute to the campaign. The decision to participate is strictly the employee’s, without pressure or coercion, either direct or implied.

617.32 Time Frame

The solicitation of employees occurs for a period of 6 weeks between September 1 and December 15, as established by the LFCC.

617.33 Supplies

Specific campaign and publicity materials — i.e., the contribution information leaflet, poster, pledge cards, and list of organizations — are printed and supplied by the PCFO.

617.4 Contributions

617.41 General

Contributions to the CFC can be made through payroll allotment, cash, check, or money order. The minimum period of employment considered reasonable for establishing an allotment is 3 months. Employees on detail to other offices can only contribute to the CFC through their home offices.

617.42 Authorization for Payroll Allotment

For payroll allotments, employees must complete, sign, and date CFC Form 100, CFC Pledge Card, authorizing the Postal Service to withdraw the monies from their pay, starting with the first pay period that begins in January and ending with the last pay period that begins in December. Pledge cards are sent to the CFC coordinator for verification. The CFC coordinator then forwards the cards to the Eagan ASC for data entry. After the official campaign has ended, new pledge forms requiring data entry are sent to the local DDE/DR site. DDE/DR sites retain the pledge cards for 6 months.

617.43 Cancellation of Allotment

An employee may revoke the authorization at any time by requesting revocation in writing to the payroll office. Discontinuance is effective the first pay period beginning after the receipt of the written revocation by the payroll office. A discontinued allotment must not be reinstated.

617.44 Cash Payments

Employees making cash, check, or money order contributions must also complete a pledge card. However, these cards are not submitted to the DDE/DR site but to the CFC coordinator for forwarding to the principal CFC organization. Checks and money orders must be made out to CFC and signed.

617.45 Privacy of Records

CFC Pledge Cards, once completed, contain personal information about employees. Therefore, these records must be handled and disclosed only as stipulated in the Privacy Act and implementing instructions. Allotment records and related correspondence are maintained in the privacy system under USPS 050.020, Finance Records — Payroll System.

617.5 Reports

Weekly reports are produced locally that show percentage of participation and percentage of goal accomplishment. Upon completion of the campaign, the Eagan ASC generates a report showing the number of employees making contributions through CFC via payroll deduction. No lists or reports are to be created or maintained which contain the names and/or titles of participants or nonparticipants in the campaign.

617.6 Recognition

617.61 Plaques

The CFC provides a recognition program for federal units that achieve high standards of CFC support. Plaques are awarded as visible indication of the community spirit and generous giving of employees.

617.62 Certificates

Certificates of Appreciation are available upon request from the loaned executive for keyworkers and team captains.

617.7 Further Information

For detailed information regarding rules, regulations, and instructions on how to run a campaign, see 5 CFR 950 and Publication 530, U.S. Postal Service Combined Federal Campaign Operational Guidelines, which is available from the material distribution centers and on the Postal Service Intranet.