938 Supervisor Work Clothes Program

938.1 Purpose

A work clothes allowance is authorized for certain categories of supervisors whose duties require them to come in contact with dirty or toxic materials while supervising or inspecting the work of their subordinates.

938.2 Eligibility

The installation head is responsible for determining the individual supervisor’s eligibility for the allowance.

938.21 Determined by Installation Head

The installation head is responsible for determining the individual supervisor’s eligibility for the allowance.

938.3 Acquisition of Work Clothing

938.31 Alternative Protective Items

If the installation head determines that occasional use of such items as coveralls, smocks, or aprons meet the need, these items are purchased for the installation through the GSA FEDSTRIP catalog.

938.32 Work Clothes Allowance
938.321 Reimbursement Limit

If the installation head approves a work clothes allowance for an eligible supervisor, the supervisor is reimbursed for the actual cost of an initial purchase of two sets of work clothes (two shirts and two pairs of trousers). However, total reimbursement for both initial sets may not exceed $44. Work clothes may be purchased from any retail outlet.

938.322 Types of Work Clothes

Work clothes may be in any shade of blue, green, brown, or khaki. Although further specifications are not prescribed, it is recommended that the trousers be twill weave, polyester, cotton, durable press, or medium– or heavy–weight fabrics and that the shirts be poplin weave, polyester/cotton, or durable press fabrics.

938.323 Purchases Not Authorized

Reimbursement is not authorized for dress shirts, slacks, sport clothes, or any other types of garments that are not clearly identifiable as work clothes.

938.324 Replacements

Replacement work clothes may subsequently be authorized by the installation head on an as–needed basis in order that the supervisor maintain two complete sets. Reimbursement for replacements is limited to a maximum of $54 per year beginning on the anniversary date of the initial purchase.

938.4 Reimbursement Procedure

The installation head lists all eligible supervisors on Form 8006, Uniform Allowance Code Sheet, and submits the completed form to the designated DDE/DR site.

When set up on the Uniform Allowance Master File at the St. Louis ASC, a card Form 1961 is cut for each eligible supervisor.

When invoices for an eligible supervisor are processed for payment, vendor number 81886 should be used to ensure payment directly to the supervisor.