716 Expenses

716.1 Travel

716.11 General

The Postal Service pays necessary travel expenses (transportation, lodging, and per diem) in accordance with Handbook F-15, Travel and Relocation, to compensate employees for costs directly related to authorized off-site training and development activities. To request reimbursement of regular and local travel expenses, employees must use the Postal Service’s eTravel system (https://blue.usps.gov/accounting/travel/etravel.htm) to submit expense reports. eTravel can be accessed directly online or through the Postal Service’s travelhelp website at https://blue.usps.gov/travelhelp.

Employees must select “Travel for Training” as the purpose of travel when completing the expense report.

716.12 Intermediate Travel Home
716.121 General

During extended training sessions, employees may make one or more intermediate weekend return trips to their permanent duty station in accordance with the following rule:


Duration of Training

Number of Trips

3 weeks or less


More than 3 weeks and up to 6 weeks


More than 6 weeks and up to 9 weeks


More Than 9 weeks and up to 12 weeks


A weekend return trip is authorized only to the employee’s permanent duty station. The employee’s manager must authorize in advance travel to another location. The employee pays any cost differential in travel between the employee’s permanent duty station and the alternate approved location.

716.122 Scheduling

Each employee who is scheduled to take a course lasting more than 3 weeks receives weekend travel scheduling information.

716.123 Trip Destination

Managers are permitted to authorize a weekend return trip only to the employee’s permanent duty station or to a pre-authorized, approved location.

716.124 Spouse Traveling in Lieu of Employee

In accordance with Handbook F-15, Travel and Relocation, the Postal Service will pay the round-trip fare of the employee’s spouse to travel to the employee’s training site instead of the employee taking an intermediate trip home.

716.2 Facilities

When available and adequate, Postal Service facilities are to be used for Postal Service training. If they are not available, training facility managers should consider using available facilities of other government agencies, including the military service. Based on local availability of a training site, training facility managers have the authority to assign students during training to either lodging that the Postal Service owns or leases or to commercial lodging.

716.3 Tuition, Fees, Books, and Supplies

The Postal Service pays approved expenses for tuition, fees, books, and supplies for authorized training (see 740).

716.4 Injury Compensation

The Postal Service charges to the employee’s home office time that the employee lost from work or training because of any injuries that the employee suffered during resident Postal Service training.