943 Reinstatement of Recovered Employees

943.1 Policy

943.11 Consideration of Request

Managers should give serious consideration to a request for reinstatement from a recovered employee because the experience gained during previous postal employment could be a valuable asset to the Postal Service.

943.12 Consideration of Other Factors

In reviewing reinstatement requests, local management must consider the following factors:

  1. The former employee’s Postal Service work history.
  2. The nature of the charges that led to removal or resignation.
  3. The eligibility factors set forth in 943.2 and in Handbook EL-312, Employment and Placement.
943.13 Exceptions to Consideration for Reinstatement

When a former employee’s record reflects a criminal conviction or pending criminal charges, the procedures outlined in Handbook EL-312, Chapter 5, Suitability, must be followed. In addition, exceptions to reinstatement consideration are made when an employee has been removed from the Postal Service for any of the following reasons:

  1. Theft of mail or Postal Service property.
  2. Possession or sale of drugs while on duty.
  3. Fraud against the Postal Service.
  4. Assaults or threats against Postal Service personnel.

943.2 Eligibility

943.21 Procedures

Reinstatement of an individual whose removal or resignation from the Postal Service is related to alcoholism, dependency on drugs, or other problems may be considered when the individual:

  1. Submits a written request for reinstatement, accompanied by a signed authorization to release information, indicating the employee’s written consent to a waiver of federal regulations on confidentiality restrictions.
  2. Is willing to accept reinstatement on the basis of continuing to successfully participate in a course of care or activity based on an EAP counselor’s recommendation.
943.22 Management Responsibilities

Prior approval must be obtained before employing a former Postal Service or federal employee who:

  1. Was removed from the Postal Service or other federal employment for cause; or
  2. Resigned after being notified that charges proposing removal would be, or had been, issued.

Approval must be obtained from the district manager of Human Resources, the area manager of Human Resources, or the vice president of Employee Resource Management. For further information, see the Handbook EL-312, Employment and Placement, section on Handling Removals from Postal Service or Other Federal Employment.

943.3 Compliance With Agreements

If a former bargaining unit employee is reinstated to a bargaining unit position, employing officials must comply with all relevant provisions of applicable collective bargaining agreements in determining the employee’s seniority and other contractual rights.