375 Outstanding and Unsatisfactory Performance

375.1 Outstanding Performance

Outstanding performance is a level of performance that far exceeds that which is normally expected of an individual in a particular position and is far above the performance and achievement of most satisfactory employees in terms of productive effort, proficiency, and significant contributions to the Postal Service. If a supervisor determines that a bargaining employee’s performance is outstanding, the supervisor considers recommending the employee for a special achievement award or quality step increase. For EAS employees, such performance is recognized in their annual merit review and recognition programs. See 416 and 490 for more information.

375.2 Unsatisfactory Performance

Unsatisfactory performance is a level of performance that is repeatedly or consistently below the minimum requirements expected of an employee in the position, based on an evaluation of job–related factors such as reliability, willingness to work with fellow employees, quantity or quality of work production, and attendance. If a supervisor determines that an employee’s performance is unsatisfactory and reasonable efforts toward improving performance to a satisfactory level have not been successful, effort is made to reassign the employee to a job that the employee can be expected to perform satisfactorily. If there is no such job available and if disciplinary action must be taken, the appropriate adverse action procedure is followed.