740 Non-Postal Training Policy

741 Background

741.1 Introduction

The Postal Service values the education of its employees and deems it important to overall corporate success. This subchapter covers the Postal Service policy for nonpostal training programs.

Nonpostal training is provided by nonpostal sources under a tuition or registration fee arrangement funded in whole or in part by the Postal Service.

Note: Training provided by nonpostal sources under contract with the Postal Service falls within the definition of postal training and is governed by subchapters 710 through 730.

741.2 General Payment Policies

741.21 Salary Compensation and Travel Expenses

Compensation for required attendance at nonpostal training is authorized as outlined in 438.2, 712, and 716.

741.22 Other Related Expenses

Educational expenses for tuition, fees, books, and supplies for nonpostal training are paid by the Postal Service if both of the following conditions are met:

  1. The nonpostal training is either Job Training (as defined in 711.41) or Self-Development Training (as defined in 711.42) benefiting both the employee and the Postal Service from a career development standpoint. When Self-Development Training goals do not benefit the Postal Service, no payment of expenses is authorized.
  2. The nonpostal training is not for the sole purpose of obtaining one or more academic degrees, even if an academic degree is required to qualify for appointment to a particular position.

Exception: See 741.23.

741.23 Eligibility for the Funding of Non-Postal Training Including College or University Courses, Degree Programs, Executive Development, and Certification Programs

Non-bargaining employees are eligible for funding under the Learning and Development Policy as follows:

  1. Individual courses, certification programs, and executive development programs:
    1. All PCES and EAS employees with more than 18 months of service subject to 741.22 and 741.241.
    2. Participants in a specific program that provides such opportunities.
  2. Degree programs:
    1. PCES and EAS-18 or higher EAS positions.
    2. Potential successors identified by CSP or those who demonstrate the ability to be accepted into CSP if they are not yet eligible.
    3. Participants in a specific program that provides such opportunities.

Note: Approval will not be granted for participation in a doctoral program.

741.24 Restrictions
741.241 Authorization

Employees do not have a right to have nonpostal training paid by the Postal Service. Such training must be approved in advance by an authorized official.

741.242 Prohibited Training Vendors

The Postal Service does not pay nonpostal training costs if a training vendor meets any of the following conditions:

  1. Discriminates because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, military service, or genetic information.
  2. Engages in lobbying and support of political campaigns as a substantial part of its activities.
  3. Is a college or university that does not have accreditation from one of the accrediting bodies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.