412 New Appointment

412.1 Career Appointment

412.11 Applicability

This section applies to newly hired EAS employees only. For bargaining unit to EAS promotional rules, see 413.22.

412.12 New Career Appointment

A new employee hired into the EAS schedule is paid the minimum salary for the grade of the position to which hired. The appointing official has the flexibility to set the starting salary up to the midpoint of the grade. Further variation may occur in the following circumstances:

  1. Exceptional Qualifications. If the person has exceptional qualifications, the appointing official may request an exception to set the salary over the midpoint of the grade. Per current pay policy, the functional vice president must approve the exception. Human Resources’ Compensation and Benefits is the final approver.
  2. Supervision of Bargaining Unit Employees. When an appointment is to an exempt EAS-15 through EAS-19 grade position that involves directly supervising two or more full-time equivalent bargaining unit employees, current supervisor differential adjustment (SDA) pay policies apply as described in Exhibit 412.12b.

Exhibit 412.12b

Position Groups Eligible for Supervisory Differential Adjustment Rate


Position Group

Minimum Salary Is 5 Percent Above

Plant Maintenance

PS–10, step P

Vehicle Services

PS–8, step O

Postal Police

RSC Y, step 23

All Other Eligible EAS–15 to EAS–19

PS–6, step O

412.2 Noncareer Appointment

The Postal Service hires noncareer, nonbargaining employees in accordance with the provisions in 419.