712 Training Compensation Guidelines

712.1 General

The determination as to whether time spent in training is compensable depends on the FLSA status of the employee (exempt or nonexempt), the category of training (Job or Self-Development), and when the training takes place (on or off the clock). Only FLSA nonexempt employees are covered by the compensable training time policies. The application of these concepts is explained in 438, Pay During Travel or Training, which also provides detailed guidance on the compensability of travel related to training.

712.2 FLSA Considerations

712.21 Coverage

Compensable training time includes time spent in actual training and all related study, practice, and laboratory time suffered or permitted by management.

712.22 Scheduling

Unless otherwise specified, all training programs delivered to FLSA nonexempt employees are designed and scheduled to conform to a training day of no more than 8 hours and a training week of no more than 5 consecutive workdays.

712.23 Disclaimer

Nothing herein is intended to make any training compensable that is not otherwise required to be compensable pursuant to FLSA.

712.24 Management Responsibilities

Management must inform each employee of all factors relevant to the training program being taken, such as allotted time, nonavailability of supplemental training time, and the prohibition on removing training materials from postal premises.

712.25 Employee Responsibilities

Each employee must follow the applicable rules and guidelines of any training or employee development program.