939 Authorized Exceptions

939.1 Footwear

939.11 Standard Specification

Employees purchasing footwear under the uniform and work clothes programs must ensure that the footwear meets Postal Service standard specifications and bears the SR/USA label.

939.12 Exceptions

Footwear must be purchased from a Postal Service–licensed vendor; however, exceptions to the certified footwear program may be granted, when appropriate (e.g., medical reasons, very unusual sizing restrictions), under the following guidelines:

  1. Employees must submit their request for exception, in writing (with appropriate supporting documentation), to the district Human Resources manager. The employee’s request, whether approved or not, must be filed in his uniform folder.
  2. When authorization is granted to purchase footwear from other than a Postal Service vendor, employees must present an itemized invoice to the uniform clerk at their facility. Invoices must include the name of the employee; the name of the firm from which the purchase was made; the date of purchase; the post office finance number; the employee’s anniversary date; the employee’s Social Security number; an itemized description of the items purchased including size and color; and a statement by the employee certifying that the items listed were actually purchased.
  3. Installations process the purchase in the same manner as a vendor invoice except that 81886 is used for the vendor number. This provides payment to the employee.

939.2 Nurses Uniforms

Nurses uniform and footwear exception procedures are outlined in 936.622.