674 Organizational Responsibilities

674.1 Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President

The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and Executive Vice President fills the following roles:

Under the authority of the CHRO, the vice presidents of Employee Resource Management and Labor Relations are responsible for recommending policies and developing programs to address the following:

674.2 Functional Organizations

674.21 Employee Resource Management

The vice president of Employee Resource Management is responsible for overseeing the Postal Service Diversity and Inclusion Program. This encompasses national employment and diversity activities, including the following:

  1. Developing equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination plans at the following levels:
    1. Headquarters.
    2. Area.
    3. Performance cluster.
  2. Developing and implementing Postal Service policies related to the employment, placement, and promotion of employees within a diverse workforce. This includes a particular responsibility for protection of the rights of veterans, disabled veterans, and individuals with disabilities.
674.22 Labor Relations

The vice president of Labor Relations is responsible for the Postal Service EEO complaint processing program. This official or his or her designees render the final agency decision of the Postal Service regarding complaints of discrimination emanating from employees or applicants for employment.

674.3 Inclusiveness and Diversity Advisory Committees

The guidelines for establishing Inclusiveness and Diversity Advisory Committees appear in Management Instruction EL-670-2009-7, Inclusiveness and Diversity Advisory Committees.