752 Policy

Membership and participation by Postal Service employees in recognized professional associations are encouraged, consistent with appropriate priority to the duties and responsibilities of their positions. Active participation can be a valuable experience, both in improving employees’ performance in their present positions and in preparing them for greater responsibility in the profession. Through conferences, symposia, and committee assignments, employees are able to expand their expertise. Incentive for even better work performance can result from employee recognition gained through publishing journal articles, receiving awards for professional achievement, holding office in such associations, and speaking or presenting papers at association meetings. Professional recognition of the competence of postal employees tends to increase public confidence in the Postal Service.

An employee may not receive compensation from any source other than the government for teaching, speaking or writing that relates to the employee’s official duties.

An employee who is engaged in teaching, speaking or writing as outside employment or as an outside activity shall not use or permit the use of his official title or position to identify him in connection with his teaching, speaking or writing activity or to promote any book, seminar, course, program or similar undertaking, except as approved by an ethics official.

Although general membership and participation in outside professional associations may be appropriate, federal law does not permit an employee to sit on an outside board, in his official capacity, or participate in any outside activity that conflicts with his official duties unless he has received prior authorization from the General Counsel.