623 Responsibilities

623.1 Approval Authorities

The appropriate district manager, senior plant manager, area vice president, or Executive Committee member approves a proposed contest. The level of approval is determined by the geographic scope of the contest.

623.2 Districts and Plants

The district manager or senior plant manager approves all proposed contests for a district or below. The approving official:

  1. Determines the appropriateness of each proposed contest in terms of specific objectives to be achieved and approves or disapproves the contest and the awards to be presented.
  2. Oversees the accountability of an approved contest in terms of monetary benefits, improved safety, improved customer services, etc.
  3. Forwards a copy of the proposal for an approved contest to the area functional manager and the area Human Resources manager.
  4. At the conclusion of each contest, evaluates the results against the objectives and submits a full report to the area functional manager.

623.3 Areas

623.31 Area Vice President

The area vice president approves all proposed area contests.

623.32 Area Functional Managers

The appropriate area functional manager:

  1. Together with the area Human Resources manager, monitors each area contest to determine compliance with program criteria in 624.1.
  2. Announces the contest winners.
  3. Analyzes the results of each contest to determine its benefits to the Postal Service (for example, reduction in the number of motor vehicle accidents, or increase in the number of firms using ZIP+4) and provides the district manager or senior plant manager with any guidance appropriate for future contests.

623.4 Executive Committee Member

The appropriate Executive Committee member:

  1. Approves all proposed national contests.
  2. Monitors national contests to ensure compliance with program criteria in 624.1.
  3. Announces contest winners.