864 Medical Assessments and Examinations

864.1 Applicant Medical Assessments and Employee Examinations

It is mandatory that all applicants for career, temporary, or casual employment undergo a medical assessment before job placement. Employees who are converted to positions with different physical requirements than their present positions may first undergo a medical assessment. Both applicants and employees may be required to participate in a focused physical examination addressing particular physical requirements.

864.2 Determination of Suitability

See Handbook EL–312, chapter 5.

864.3 Fitness for Duty

864.31 Reference

See Management Instruction EL-860-2000-7, Fitness for Duty Examinations, for the specific procedures for fitness-for-duty examinations.

864.32 Purpose

The purpose of the Postal Service fitness–for–duty examination is to ascertain whether or not the employee is medically capable of meeting the requirements of his or her job.

864.33 Requesting Examination

Management can order fitness–for–duty examinations at any time and repeat them, as necessary, to safeguard the employee or coworker. Specific reasons for the fitness–for–duty should be stated by the requesting official.

In cases of occupational injury or illness, the district injury compensation control office may request an examination in the course of monitoring an injury compensation case (see 545.44).

864.34 Tests and Consultation

A specific medical test or consultation may be required in the judgment of the examining physician before rendering a decision on fitness for duty. The indications are documented as part of the report.