419 Supplemental Noncareer Workforce

419.1 Casual Employee

Casual employees are nonbargaining unit, noncareer employees with limited-term appointments. These employees are employed as a supplemental workforce, as described in collective bargaining agreements, to perform duties assigned to bargaining unit positions.

419.2 Nonbargaining Temporary Employees

419.21 Definition

Nonbargaining temporary employees appointed from outside the Postal Service are nonbargaining unit, noncareer employees who perform duties assigned to nonbargaining unit positions.

419.22 Salary Grades

Temporary employees are paid in accordance with the EAS Temporary schedule. Prior to hiring a temporary employee for other positions, the installation head or other appointing official should carefully assess operational needs of the office and determine the EAS grade for the types of work to be performed. Based on this determination, the temporary employee is hired at the minimum salary for that grade. The full-time salary is divided by 2,080 to determine the appropriate hourly rate.

419.3 Postmaster Relief/Leave Replacements

419.31 Definition

A Postmaster Relief/Leave Replacement (PMR) is a noncareer hourly rate employee who performs as a relief or leave replacement during the absence of a postmaster in a Part-Time Post Office (PTPO), or as assigned to a 2-hour Remotely Managed Post Office (RMPO).

419.32 Salary Grades

The Postal Service pays PMRs in accordance with the Postmaster Relief/Leave Replacement salary schedule, available under noncareer salary schedules on Non-Bargaining Unit Pay at Pay Programs on Human Resources’ Pay & Benefits website.