353 Selection for Nonbargaining Positions

353.1 Promotion

A promotion is the permanent assignment, with or without relocation, of an employee:

  1. To a position having a higher grade than the position to which the employee is currently assigned, or
  2. To a position with a higher equivalent grade.

In addition to the general promotion policies in 351.3, specific policies and procedures govern promotion to various nonbargaining positions. Selection procedures for Postal Career Executive Service (PCES) employees are described in 380 of this manual, and for other nonbargaining positions, in Handbook EL-312, 74, Nonbargaining Positions or 75, Supervisor Selection Process.

353.2 Reassignment

A reassignment is the permanent assignment, with or without relocation, of an employee:

  1. To another position with the same grade, or
  2. To a position with an equivalent grade.
353.21 Management Option

Authorized management officials may reassign nonbargaining employees without following regular competitive procedures (see Handbook EL-312, section 743.11).

353.22 Employee Self–Nomination

Employees who desire noncompetitive reassignment may nominate themselves by making a written request to the selecting official.

353.23 Unassigned Employees

Unassigned nonbargaining employees (i.e., employees whose positions have been abolished) are reassigned in accordance with 354.

353.3 Temporary Assignment

See Handbook EL–312, 716.1, Temporary Assignments.

353.4 Realignment or Reevaluation

In a realignment or reevaluation involving nonbargaining positions, Headquarters Employee Resource Management determines the effect on individual positions. Based on those determinations, the following general rules apply when assigning incumbents and filling affected positions:

  1. The incumbent is automatically assigned to the position if there is no significant change in duties or responsibilities and no change in grade.
  2. The incumbent is promoted noncompetitively if the position is upgraded with no significant change in duties or responsibilities.
  3. The incumbent has no assignment or promotion right to the new position if there is a significant change in duties and responsibilities that result in the authorization of a new position at the same or higher grade and abolishment of the present position. The new position is filled in accordance with regular procedures, and the incumbent of the abolished position is assigned in accordance with 354.
  4. The incumbent is treated in accordance with 354.241 in any situation where a position is evaluated at a lower grade.