552 Responsibilities

552.1 Headquarters

552.11 Functional Administration

The functional responsibility for the development, implementation, and control of the national Postal Service Unemployment Compensation Program is assigned to the vice president of Employee Resource Management.

552.12 Daily Administration

The administration of the unemployment compensation program for Headquarters units, Headquarters–related units, and in field organizations, is assigned to the Postal Service state coordinators (see 552.3) in which these units are physically located.

552.2 Areas

The area Human Resources managers have oversight responsibility for the unemployment compensation program for the states in their geographic area. They coordinate as necessary when state lines overlap with a contiguous area. The managing field counsel in the area:

  1. Participates in hearings before the state referees and prepares appeals to state courts.
  2. Assists Postal Service state coordinators in interpreting legal guidelines and Privacy Act requirements.

552.3 State Coordinators

552.31 Administration

The area Human Resources manager designates an office in the capital city within each state to coordinate the unemployment compensation activities for all Postal Service installations in that state. The functional responsibility for the state program administration is assigned to the ranking Human Resources official in that office. This official selects one employee as state coordinator for program administration responsibility.

552.32 Responsibilities

The designated state coordinator:

  1. Administers Postal Service policy on unemployment compensation within the respective state or jurisdiction.
  2. Establishes a communication channel with the state employment security agency and becomes familiar with the state unemployment compensation policies, procedures, and laws.
  3. Reviews appropriate forms, correspondence, and claim determinations to establish that each unemployment compensation claim filed by a present or former postal employee is justified and that the information provided by the claimant is valid.
  4. Initiates appeals on claims determined to be unjustified.
  5. Ensures that the referees adjudicating appeals are provided with all appropriate and necessary information whether the appeal is initiated by the Postal Service or the claimant.
  6. Notifies appropriate offices to prepare material necessary for appeals.
  7. Attends unemployment compensation appeal hearings conducted by state referees or arranges for such representation by the post office in which the claimant was or is employed.
  8. Refers recommendations for final appeal cases to the managing general counsel for the state along with appropriate supporting information.
  9. Contacts the appropriate postal installation upon receipt of PS Form 6803 (ES 931), to ascertain the reason(s) for separation or the nonpay status of a claimant when the Eagan ASC cannot supply this information.
  10. Monitors the preparation of separation forms and information provided by the Eagan ASC and identifies areas where incomplete or inaccurate information could generate unjustified unemployment compensation claims and subsequent payment.
  11. Provides the Eagan ASC with required information in order to resolve problems concerning individual employees.
  12. Maintains program records in accordance with official Postal Service records control schedules.
  13. Serves as liaison for Headquarters in dealing with state employment security agencies.

552.4 Installation Heads

552.41 Completion of PS Form 50, Notification of Personnel Action

Installation heads:

  1. Ensure the accurate and timely completion of PS Form 50 and SF 8, Notice to Federal Employees About Unemployment Insurance, when initiating separation actions (see 553.11 and 553.12).
  2. Submit PS Form 50 as expeditiously as possible for processing.
552.42 Cooperation With Postal and State Authorities

Installation heads:

  1. Provide full cooperation to Postal Service state coordinators when supplemental information is required.
  2. Cooperate with Postal Service state coordinator requests for witnesses to appear before state appeal hearings to testify about the reason(s) a former employee was separated.
  3. Give direct responses to state employment security agency requests for additional separation information (Form ES 934) (see 553.22).

552.5 Eagan Accounting Service Center

552.51 Initial Response

The Eagan ASC:

  1. Completes PS Form 6803 (see 553.13) in response to state agency requests for wage and separation information (Form ES 931) within 4 working days after receipt of the request.
  2. Retains a copy of each PS Form 6803 submitted to state agencies (Privacy Act accounting requirements) on microfiche and distributes a copy of PS Form 6803 to the appropriate Postal Service state coordinator.
  3. If separation or wage information is unavailable at the Eagan ASC, forwards PS Form 6803 (and Form ES 931) to the appropriate Postal Service state coordinator requesting that PS Form 6803 be completed and returned to the state agency.
552.52 Additional Information

The Eagan ASC responds to state agency requests for additional information on Form ES 934 and verifies Form ES 931 on Form ES 936 within 4 working days after receipt (see 553.22 and 553.23).