860 Occupational Health Services

861 Scope

861.1 Program Overview

The Postal Service is committed to a comprehensive National Medical and Occupational Health Program consisting of administrative functions, wellness initiatives, and other medically related activities designed to address the health and safety of employees in the workplace.

861.2 Mission

The mission of Occupational Health Services is to reinforce the relationship between health, productivity, and the achievement of the Postal Service’s business goals. This is accomplished through the development of quality programs and policies designed to promote and maintain employee health and to help ensure a safe, healthful work environment.

The program’s services include but are not limited to the following activities:

  1. Providing preventive medical programs in health counseling, education, and training.
  2. Managing the care of acutely ill or injured employees.
  3. Determining medical ability of applicants and employees to perform the functions of the job.
  4. Managing applicant and employee drug and alcohol testing programs.
  5. Managing compliance with the regulatory requirements of the:
    1. Department of Transportation,
    2. Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs,
    3. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and
    4. Other entities for which program compliance is required.
  6. Managing the medical records of applicants and employees.
  7. Providing recommendations regarding physical capabilities, limitations, accommodation, and rehabilitation of disabled employees or applicants.
  8. Providing immunization services and participating in community health programs such as blood pressure, glaucoma, and diabetes assessments and blood bank programs.
  9. Assisting in the prevention of job-related injuries and illness.
  10. Collecting and analyzing epidemiologic data to detect statistical trends in occupational illness or injury.

861.3 Approach

The Occupational Health Program presents a uniform approach throughout the Postal Service with respect to occupational health services and health-related activities.