714 Training Delivery

714.1 General

714.11 Types of Training Delivery

The types of training delivery are:

  1. Postal Training. Training conducted by (1) Postal Service sources or (2) nonpostal sources under contract with the Postal Service.
  2. Nonpostal Training. Training conducted by nonpostal sources under a tuition or registration fee arrangement funded in whole or in part by the Postal Service.
  3. Other Training. Training conducted by nonpostal sources with no Postal Service funding or involvement. This type of training covers employees who attend an independent school, college, or trade school during nonduty hours on their own initiative.
714.12 Choices of Training Source
714.121 Considerations

Most employee training is provided in-house by the Postal Service. Managers may choose to use a nonpostal training source only if this choice is justified after considering: (a) the need for, cost of, and benefits of such training; and (b) training available within the Postal Service.

714.122 Justification

To ensure compliance with Postal Service training requirements, an eBuy requisition must be approved for training delivered by nonpostal vendors and contractors if a cost is associated with the training.

The employee, the supervisor, or the manager submits an eBuy requisition and must include the Manager, Learning Development & Diversity (MLDD) in the approval process if the employee is from the district.

The MLDD will ensure that the employee’s selection is consistent with published training policies and that the training prerequisites have been met.

714.2 Postal Training Delivery

714.21 Delivery Modes

Postal training is conducted locally and/or off site at a resident or other facility. This includes web-based delivery and other online provisions, computer-based interactive delivery, and classroom delivery.

714.22 Delivery Sources

Information about training delivery sources is provided on the Postal Service Intranet and in the literature about specific training programs.

714.221 Headquarters

Headquarters Employee Resource Management (ERM) and Learning and Development (LD) develop and maintain national training programs and provide delivery through a variety of media and resources at many locations. ERM and LD use available technology to enhance delivery options.

714.222 Areas, Districts, and Plants

Areas, districts, and plants may administer local training and other training as authorized in 721.2 and 721.3.

714.223 National Center for Employee Development

NCED administers Postal Service technical maintenance programs for bargaining and nonbargaining unit employees and coordinates the delivery of nationally developed training programs for supervisors, managers, and postmasters. NCED also provides facilities for Postal Service meetings and conferences.

714.224 William F. Bolger Center for Leadership Development

The Postal Service’s corporate center for leadership, the William F. Bolger Center for Leadership Development (the Bolger Center) provides facilities and support for national leadership, management, and professional programs, and provides a forum for Postal Service meetings and conferences.

714.225 Strategic Learning Services

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the Postal Inspection Service have established the Joint Mission Support Center to leverage the strength of some of their administrative and support functions. A component of the center, Strategic Learning Services, administers training programs for postal inspectors, postal police officers, OIG special agents, and the technical and administrative support staff of both agencies.

714.3 Nonpostal Training Delivery

Nonpostal training delivery sources are:

  1. Other government agencies.
  2. Colleges, universities, and vocational schools.
  3. Other nonpostal organizations and vendors.

The normal delivery mode for nonpostal training is off site at a nonpostal facility or through an external supplier website (see 740).