866 Medical Emergencies

866.1 General

In the event of a medical emergency, immediate and appropriate medical care must be provided. A medical emergency is an injury or sudden and unexpected onset of a condition requiring immediate medical care. Some problems are considered emergencies because, if not treated promptly, they might become more serious (for example: animal bites, eye injuries, deep cuts, broken bones, etc.). Others are emergencies because they are potentially life-threatening (for example: heart attacks, strokes, weapon wounds, the sudden inability to breathe, etc.). In the event there is doubt as to the urgent nature of the emergency, it should be handled as an emergency (ELM 545.41). In the event of a medical emergency, ensure immediate medical care is provided for the employee.

866.2 Requirement

All health services professionals must be prepared to respond to emergencies and to provide medical assistance, as required, and consistent with local policy and protocol.

866.3 Emergency Procedures

The recommended procedures for handling medical emergencies on postal premises are as follows:

  1. Immediately contact 911.
  2. After a 911 call is initiated or attempted, the Postal Police and any onsite health services professional should be immediately notified. This notification should include specific information as to where the ill/injured employee is located (floor, unit, column, or room number, etc.) and the nature of the illness or injury, if known.
  3. Notify onsite management.
  4. First-Aid Assessment should be conducted by Postal Police or onsite health services professionals who are qualified to handle First-Aid, CPR, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
  5. Upon arrival of medical service, Postal Police will escort the Paramedics and/or Fire Department to the exact location.
  6. Ensure that the employee is transported to the nearest emergency facility and accompany him or her, if appropriate or requested.

866.4 Posting Emergency Procedures

Instructions to be followed in an emergency must be posted in health services offices and on bulletin boards at appropriate places throughout the facility.