9 Labor Relations

910 Employee Organizations

911 Participation and Membership in Labor Organizations

911.1 Right to Participation

Each postal employee has the right, freely and without fear of penalty or reprisal, to form, join, or assist a labor organization or to refrain from any such activity. Each employee is protected in the exercise of such rights. Except as specified in 911.3, this right extends to participation in the management of the organization and acting as an organization representative. It includes presentation of the organization’s views to officials of the Postal Service, officials of the Executive Branch, the Congress, or other appropriate authority.

911.2 Right to Membership

No interference, restraint, coercion, or discrimination to encourage or discourage membership in a labor organization may be effected in the Postal Service.

911.3 Conflict of Interests

Supervisors and certain other employees may not actively participate in the management of a labor organization including voting in intra–union elections or acting as a representative of a labor organization when it would result in a conflict of interest, or apparent conflict of interest, or otherwise be incompatible with law or with the official duties of the supervisor or employee.

911.4 Postal Service Recognition

The Postal Service gives exclusive recognition to labor organizations that meet the requirements for such recognition under the provisions of the Postal Reorganization Act.

911.5 Employee Compensation During Negotiations

Employees who represent a recognized labor organization are not on official time when negotiating a collective bargaining agreement with postal management.