1–day assignment, outside the local commuting area, 438.133

18–month reelection period for CSRS election changes, 564.321

18–month reelection period for FERS election coverage, 584.321

12–month maximum for FEGLI coverage in nonpay status, 534.11

20/10 day rule, 925.122

30–day notice, exceptions to, 651.77

3–hour rule for voting, 519.323

365–day enrollment limitation of employees in nonpay status, 525.21

5 years or more civilian service, refund of deductions, 565.52

5 years of civilian service, refund of deductions for less than, 565.51

5–minute leeway rule, 432.46

applicability of, 432.462

special cases, 432.464

50 percent reduction of basic insurance after retirement, 536.312

50–year service award pins

ordering, 493.25

presenting, 493.27

65 (age)

eligibility for Medicare of people under, 575.222

employees continuing to work after, 575.23

65 or older, eligibility for Medicare, 575.221

7:01 rule, 432.53

75 percent reduction of basic insurance after retirement, 536.311

80 percent limitation on CSRS annuities, 566.341

90–day qualifying period

for appointees, 512.313

for substitute carriers and RCAs, 512.552

90–day requirement for uniform eligibility, 932.22



of hazards, 824.53

of imminent danger, 824.423

of violative conditions in OSHA citations, 825.52

Abatement plan, 824.532, 824.534

Abatement record, 824.535

Above maximum step, 422.123

Absence Analysis, PS Form 3972, 511.42

Absence file, 513.391

Absence plus treatment, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

Absence without leave (AWOL), 364, 513.64

compared to LWOP, 514.1

employees considered to be, 665.42


for court–related service, 516

determining the cause of, 519.213

from duty while in uniform category, 935.23

from uniform category exceeding 1 year, 935.22

from uniform category of 90 days to 1 year, 935.21

without permission, 665.42

Accident Investigation – Tort Claims (Handbook PO–702), 547.54

Accident Log, PS Form 1772, 824.41

Accident logs, 821.14

Accident Report, PS Form 1769, 821.121

completing, 821.131

extended use of, 821.11

review of, 821.132

Accidental death

claims, 538.35

FEGLI benefits, 538.23

Accidental dismemberment

accidental death and, 538.24

claims, 538.35

FEGLI benefits, 538.22

form for, 538.342

Accidental Dismemberment Provision of FEGLI, 532.215

Accidents (see also Serious accidents)

analysis of, 821.3

identifying principal cause factors of, 821.31

investigating, 821.2

reporting, 821.1

reporting on PS Form 1769, 821.121

Accounts receivable for debt collection, 452.11, 462.11

Accrual chart

for full-time career employees’ annual leave, 512.31

for part-time employees’ annual leave, 512.312

for sick leave, 513.21

Accrual of annual leave, 512.3

Accrual rate, changes during the leave year, 512.31

Accrued leave, 512.12

Accumulated annual leave, payment for, 512.73

Accumulated leave, 512.12

Activity, definition of, 113.1

Acts of God, 519.211

authorizing administrative leave for, 519.212

early dismissal due to, 519.214

Actual organizational characteristics, 161.1

Actual work

definition of, 443.221

exclusions, 443.222

Additional position, appointment to, 422.122

Addresses, furnishing current, 665.5

Administrative and court judgment salary offsets, 454.3, 464.3

Administrative leave, 519

for acts of God, 519.212

for an adverse action, 519.24

for blood donations, 519.51

for blood platelet donation, 519.52

for bone marrow donation, 519.52

during civil disorders, 519.221

for civil participation, 519.3

for day of death, 519.55

for first–aid examination, 519.54

for funeral services, 519.33

for medical events, 519.5

for organ donation, 519.52

for registration to vote, 519.32, 519.324

for special events, 519.6

for stem cell donation, 519.52

for voting, 519.32

Administrative reporting relationship, 143.21

Administrative salary offsets, 454.1, 464.1

definition of, 451.3

priority among competing requests, 454.1, 464.1

procedures governing, 452, 462

Adopted children

of the employee’s spouse, 521.422

family membership status of, 521.421

Adoption, placement for, 515.61

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) (see also Mediation), 652.5

Advanced Sick Leave Authorization, PS Form 1221, 513.522

Adverse actions

administrative leave for, 519.24

appeal of, 652.2

appeals to Merit Systems Protection Board, 666.23

mediation for, 652.54

for nonbargaining unit employees, 651.7

placing in off–duty, nonpay status, 519.24

A–E postmasters

changing hourly rates to full-time annual salaries, 411.333

charging with sick leave, 513.413

crediting with annual leave, 512.312

eligibility for holiday leave pay, 434.421

grade for, 413.4

maximum annual leave, 512.524

Saturday absences, 512.524

AEPs (see Affirmative Employment Plans)

AFA (see Alternative form of annuity)

Affirmative action

activities, 675

Affirmative Employment Plans (AEPs),

implementing, 311.23

AFGE (see American Federation of Government Employees)

After-tax basis

changing to, 524.832

health premiums paid on, 524.529

After-tax health premiums, effective date of change to Self Only, 524.62

Age and service

for optional retirement and an immediate annuity under CSRS, 563.13

for optional retirement and an immediate annuity under FERS, 583.13

Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, 672.1

Age–Based In–Service Withdrawal Request, Form TSP–75, 597.32

Age–based TSP withdrawal, 597.31

Agencies (see also Federal agencies)

as beneficiaries, 538.123

Agency Certification of Insurance Status, SF 2821, 534.341, 535.63, 538.312, 539.12

Agency Certification of Status of Reemployed Annuitant, OPM Form 1482, 537.131

AIME (Average Indexed Monthly Earnings), 575.51, 575.521

Airline, recovering a loss from, 641.431

Airline employees, controversies with, 667.16

Alarm systems, 856.1

Alcohol and drug abuse, EAP counseling for, 941.12, 942.2

Allowance categories for TCOLA, 439.2

Allowance to age over forty for severance pay, 435.24


for military leave, 517.4

not subject to FICA taxes, 573.2

for uniforms and work clothes, 931.12, 935

Alterations to uniforms, 936.13

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (see also Mediation), 652.5

Alternative form of annuity (AFA), 566.6

computation of, 566.62, 586.72

electing, 565.212, 565.34

Alternative offset schedule

consideration of, 452.334

proposing, 452.334

Alternative positions, advising employees of under FECA, 545.31

American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), 923, 925.121

American Postal Workers Union (APWU), 421.531, 422.7, 923, 924.423

AMF (airport mail facility), uniforms, 933.111

Animal bites as medical emergencies, 545.41

Anniversary date, 935.11

Annual and Sick Leave Act of 1951, 512.232

Annual earnings, maximum for Social Security, 573.13

Annual exempt amount for people 65 or over, 575.31

Annual leave, 512

authorizing, 512.4

balance subject to forfeiture prior to retirement, 566.131, 586.131

buying back, 512.923, Exhibit 514.4

changed to sick leave, 513.65

collection for unearned, 512.72

compensation under dual employment, 422.155

crediting at beginning of leave years, 512.31

donating to another employee, 512.64

earned by a regular rural carrier, 512.531

employees on during court service, 516.44

employees on summoned for court service, 516.3

under FECA, 543.42

during higher level service, 417.336

insufficient, 513.62

maximum carryover amounts, 512.321

payment for accumulated, 512.73

recrediting, 512.9

requests for, 512.41

for rural carriers or RCAs, 512.551

Annual leave category, determining, 512.2

Annual leave credit, transferring, 512.8

Annual leave exchange program, 512.631, 512.634

Annual leave pay for employees assigned to higher level positions, 422.143

Annual Leave Sharing Program (Management Instruction EL–510–2003–2), 512.64

Annual leave–sharing program, 512.64

Annual rates

for full-time employees, 422.112

for full-time occupational health nurses, 422.512

Annual summary of injuries and illnesses, 821.142

Annuitants (see also Retirees)

death of, 567.3

deceased survived by children, 567.19

eligibility for Temporary Continuation of Coverage, 521.711

health benefits and cost, 525.43

with medical prognosis of terminal illness, 536.4


computing CSRS, 566

computing FERS, 586

CSRS, 563

factors affecting computation of CSRS, 566.2

factors affecting computation of FERS, 586.2

FERS, 583, 584

impact of redeposits on CSRS, 565.33

to persons with insurable interest, 564.23, 584.27

with survivor benefits, 564.2

taxability of FERS, 589.51

types of CSRS, 564

types of FERS, 584

without survivor benefits, 564.1

Annuity proration for part-time employment, 562.233

Annuity supplement, FERS, 586.33

Annulment of a marriage

affecting FEHB enrollment, 524.531

of a child under age 22, 521.425

Apparel (see also Uniforms)

worn for promotional purposes, 933.8

Appeal rights

of preference eligible employees, 354.216

regarding restoration, 546.4

reprisal for exercising, 667.17


of adverse actions, 652.2

denied claims, 528.2, 641.55

to the Ethical Conduct Officer, 662.1

letters of warning in lieu of time–off suspensions, 652.3

Patent Counsel’s initial determination, 696

Postal Service participation in unemployment related, 554.4

procedures for nonbargaining unit employees, 652, 666.25

refusal of to allow enrollment or change of enrollment, 528.1

to Step 1, 652.23

time–off suspensions, 652.3

unemployment compensation, 554

Appellant, Postal Service appearance, 554.413

Appellee, Postal Service appearance, 554.414


interviewing, 344.2

medical assessments of, 864.1

separated for cause, 343

Application for Death Benefits – Civil Service Retirement System, SF 2800, 567.31, 567.32, 567.342

Application for Immediate Retirement – (Civil Service Retirement System), SF 2801, 562.352

Application for Immediate Retirement – (Federal Employees Retirement System), SF 3107, 582.78

Application for Promotion or Reassignment, PS Form 991, 354.242

Application for Refund of Retirement Deductions, SF 2802, 565.462, 565.514

Application for Refund of Retirement Deductions (FERS), SF 3106, 585.51

Application for Reinstatement List, PS Form 999, 354.271

Application to Make Deposit or Redeposit, SF 2803, 565.23

Application to Make Service Credit Payment (Federal Employees Retirement System), SF 3108, 585.35

Application to Make Voluntary Contributions, SF 2804, 565.41


for conversion after termination of FEHB enrollment, 524.773

for CSRS annuity, 564.31

for FERS annuity, 584.31

for Social Security benefits, 575.11

for TSP loans, 596.3


90–day qualifying period, 512.313

rate of leave accrual, 512.313

Appointing official

interview for return to work responsibilities, 546.632

responsibilities of, 344.3

setting salaries, 411.331

setting wages, 421.32, 422.114

Appointment to additional position, 421.41


offer of, 346

types available for reassignment or reemployment, 546.23

types of, 421.41

Aprons, purchasing, 932.14

APWU (American Postal Workers Union), 924.423

Arbitration decisions, interest paid on back pay, 436.72, 436.73, Exhibit 436.73a, Exhibit 436.73b

Architectural Barriers Act, 672.1

Area executive safety and health committee, 815.12

Area Finance manager, final decision on requests for waiver of claim for erroneous payment of pay, 437.72

Area Human Resources manager, 311.22

action on RFRs, 222.4

courses of action on PS Form 820, 232.4

occupational safety and health program, 812.22

organizational structure, 112.2

training and development, 721.2

safety and health staff, 813

unemployment compensation program within the area, 552.2

Area maintenance technician/specialists, uniforms worn by, 933.111

Area medical directors, 863.32

Area offices, 113.3

appeal of denied claims, 641.55

Occupational Safety and Health Program responsibilities, 812

safety and health staff responsibilities, 813

submitting employee claims to, 641.53

Area safety and health inspections, 824.312

Area vice president

approval of area contests, 623.31

approving Certificates of Appreciation, 492.72

approving Spot Awards, 495.252

approving QSIs, 495.452


approval for proposed contests, 623.31

responsibilities for safety and health program evaluations, 823.22

training and development responsibilities and functions, 721.2

unemployment compensation responsibilities, 552.2

Armed forces

physical examination for entry into, 519.53

wars, campaigns, and expeditions of, Exhibit 512.232

Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), 512.24

Army and Air Force Motion Picture Service, 512.24

ASC (see Eagan ASC)

Assets of employee social and recreational funds, 615.53, Exhibit 615.5

Assignment of Claim to the USPS, PS Form 2577, 547.59, Exhibit 547.59c

Assignment of Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance, Form RI 76–10, 534.5

Assignment Order, PS Form 1723, 422.142

Assignment rights for veterans’ preference eligible employees, 354.216

Assignments, 421.42

after training, 713.3

definition of, 547.23

of employees returning to duty, 865.4

of life insurance, 534.5, 536.5

types of, 421.42

of unassigned employees, 354

Assistant EET leader, 853.14

Associate area medical directors, 863.32

Association officials, adjusting salary of record for annual merit basic salary increases, 416.2


of employees, 665.4

at professional association meetings and conferences, 754

requirement for, 665.4

Attending Physician’s Report, Form CA–20, 545.5

Attorney fees, not applicable to appeals, 652.247

Audit committee

review of social and recreational funds, 615.75

for social and recreational fund audit, 615.73

Audit reports for employee social and recreational funds, 615.76


of the employee social and recreational funds, 615.7

of Hiring Worksheets, 345

Authority, responsibility and, 143.4


for dues withholding, 924.3, 924.4

for payroll allotment to CFC, 617.42

Authorization for Examination and/or Treatment, Form CA–16, 543.3, 544.12, 545.2, 545.44, 545.45, 545.5

Authorization for Medical Report, PS Form 2488, 545.5

Authorized hours for FMLA leave, 515.43

Authorized positions versus on-rolls, 161.22

Authorized Staffing Organization Report, generated by the OM system, 161.21, 161.22

Automated ES 931 System, 553.131

Automatic cancellation of a FEGLI designation of beneficiary, 538.15

Automatic change of basic insurance coverage, 532.214

Automatic contributions to TSP, 592.4

Automatic coverage for reemployed annuitants, 537.13

Automatic dependency, 526.22

Automatic enrollment in Medicare, 575.221

Automobile, use of, 438.142

Autonomous unit, 113.1

Auxiliary assistants, 432.111

Auxiliary rural carriers, 422.415, 432.111

annual leave earned by, 512.56

crediting with sick leave, 513.224

earning annual leave, 512.312

payment of, 422.421

Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME), 575.51, 575.521

Average salary for a supplemental annuity, 566.512

Award Recommendation/Authorization,
PS Form 1727, 495.47, 495.48

Awards, 491.3

for contests, 626

documenting, 491.6

informal, 494

payment and report of taxable, 491.3

Away from home overnight, travel time, 438.134

AWOL (see Absence without leave)


Back pay, 436

from the date of an erroneous separation, 436.62

incapacity or unavailability during period of, 436.42

interest on, 436.7

Back pay awards, processing TSP participation, 594.7

Bank, depositing employee social and recreational funds in, 615.454

BAR (basic annual rate), 432.2

Bargaining unit employees

accumulated annual leave payments, 512.73

annual leave exchange program, 512.632

assignment of excess, 354.11

basic workweek for, 432.31

categories of, 421.7, 432.111

collection of postal debts from, 460465

cost–of–living adjustment (COLA), 422.113

displaced in a RIF, 354.252

eligible for QSIs, 495.41

employee claims, 642

employee classifications, 422.115

excluded from RIF procedures, 354.214

higher level pay for all time worked on higher level assignments, 417.334

maximum leave carryover, 512.321

night differential, 434.23

permanently assigned in the nonbargaining unit schedule, 413.22

reassignment to bargaining unit positions, 414.2

reassignment to nonbargaining unit positions, 414.1

rules for promotion of, 422.123

sick leave, 513

vacation planning, 512.61

wage administration policy for, 420422

waiting periods for step increases, 422.13

Bargaining unit positions

covered by a national agreement, 230

placement in vacant, 354.26

position evaluation of, 233

position evaluations for other, 240

qualification standards for, 251.21

ranking, 212.3

selection for, 352

Base earnings for Social Security, 573.13

Base rate of pay for rural carriers, 444.12

Basic annual rate (BAR), 432.2

Basic annuity under the CSRS general formula, 566.31, 566.33

Basic daily rate, 432.2

Basic disability annuity rate, CSRS, 566.421

Basic employee death benefit, FERS, 587.11

Basic hourly rate, 432.2

Basic insurance

acquiring, 535.11

amount of coverage for a reemployed annuitant, 537.15

continuing after cancellation of waiver or declination, 535.831

cost after retirement, 536.21

cost of FEGLI, 533.1

included in FEGLI, 532.21

reduction after retirement, 536.31

requirements for continuance at retirement, 536.11

retained by employees receiving OWCP benefits, 534.311

termination of, 535.611

waiver of, 535.2

Basic Life Insurance

automatically reinstated upon death of covered annuitant, 537.121

extra benefit doubling the amount of, 532.213

waivers automatically cancelled upon employment at Postal Service, 535.421

Basic pay

for insurance purposes, 532.11

percentages withheld for FERS, 585.2

TSP contributions based on, 592.1

Basic rate, 432.21

Basic wage, 421.44

Basic workweek, 432.31

Beer, drinking on duty, 665.26

Behavior of employees, 665.16

Belated elections

optional insurance, 535.124

TSP, 594.2

Benchmarks (see Key Positions (KPs))


designations of, 537.3, 537.321, 538.16, 567.23

FEGLI, 538.1

invalid designations, 538.13

loss of benefits for defrauding the government, 542.34

missing, 432.822

payment to, 432.821

releasing information from a third party recovery case, 547.62


adjustment of difference in, 524.782

under a dual appointment, 348.15

for employees temporarily assigned to higher grade positions, 422.145

FECA, 541.2a

during an FMLA absence, 515.8

Social Security and Medicare, 575

Benjamin Franklin Award, 496.6

Best qualified personnel, 311.11

Biweekly crediting for part-time employees annual leave, 512.312

Blind vendors, vending facilities operation by, 614.1, 614.3

Blood donations, 519.51

Blood platelet donation, 519.52

Blue Cross–Blue Shield organization, 522.11

BMCs (see Plants)

BMEU (see Business Mail Entry Unit)

Bodily injuries, loss resulting from, 532.215

Bolger Center, 711.14, 714.224, 715.51

Bond allotment records, privacy of, 616.34

Bone marrow donation, 519.52

Bone marrow recipients, 519.521

Book expenses for training, 716.3, 744.5

Break in duty status, 438.123

Breaks in service

in the computation of creditable service, 562.212

for computing total creditable service, 582.14

TSP, 591.34

Bribery, immediate reporting of, 664

Buildings, smoking prohibited in, 882.1

Bulk mail center, 113.3j

Bulletin boards, 612.23

Bumping, 354.216

Business dealings with the Postal Service, 669

Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU)

contract uniforms for certain employees in, 932.12

uniforms worn by, 933.3

Bylaws of the employee social and recreational committee, 615.35, Exhibit 615.35


CAA (see Clean Air Act)

CAG (see Cost Ascertainment Group)

C Fund (Common Stock Index Investment Fund), 593.1

Cafeteria, 614.3, 614.4

Calculation methods

for higher level pay, 421.81

for promotional increases, 421.82, Exhibit 421.82

Call monitoring programs, 667.22


for additional transportation services, 667.18

for changes in mail service, 667.12

for a full-time state or local nonpartisan office, 663.116

Campaigns (military)

verifying, 512.232

for which campaign badges were authorized, Exhibit 512.232


of allotment for CFC, 617.43

disability retirement, 568.23, 588.4

of family optional insurance, 535.52

of FEGLI insurance coverage, 535.5

of FEHB enrollment by employees, 524.71

of savings bond allotments, 616.32

Cancellation notices for dues withholding, 925.3


mandatory wearing of, 934.12

as promotional items for uniformed employees, 933.811

Care for a family member, 513.32

Career annual rate employees (see Full-time employees)

Career appointments, 412.1, 421.41

bargaining unit pay rules, 422.121

conversions to, 363.2

Career bargaining unit employees (see Bargaining unit employees)

Career employees

eligibility for Certificates of Appreciation, 492.4

eligibility for TSP, 591.32

exchanging positions, 351.61

health benefit premiums automatically paid on a pre–tax basis, 524.832

reassigned to a rural carrier position, 422.124

salary for temporary assignment positions to EAS positions, 417.12

temporarily assigned to a higher grade, 417.331

transferring to other federal agencies, 365.221

Career nonbargaining employees (see Nonbargaining unit employees)

Career positions, noncompetitive conversion to, 546.23

Career rural carrier, 422.415

Cash awards, 491.31, 495.22, 496.22, 496.32, 496.42

records of, 491.6

Cash equivalent awards, 491.32, 495.22, 496.22

Cash payments to CFC, 617.41

Casual employees (see also Temporary employees), 432.12

definition of, 419.1

excluded from FEGLI, Exhibit 531.3

not eligible for health insurance, 521.3

not required to wear uniforms, 932.21

service day for, 432.43

stopping COP for, 545.743

straight time pay, 433.4

Causes beyond employee’s control for late enrollment in FEHB, 523.32

CC Schedule (see City Carrier Schedule)

Central lunchroom or cafeteria, 614.3, 614.4

CERCLA (see Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act)

Certificate label for uniforms, 932.32

Certificates of Appreciation

administrative responsibility for, 492.6

approval authority, 492.7

basis, 492.5

CFC, 617.62

eligibility for, 492.4

ordering, 492.8

presenting, 492.9

purpose of, 492.2

Certification of Foster Child Status, 521.423, Exhibit 521.423

CFC (Combined Federal Campaign)

authorization for, 617.12

cancellation of payroll deduction for, 617.43

cash payments to, 617.41

contributions to, 617.4

organization of, 617.2

privacy of pledge cards, 617.44

purpose of, 617.11

recognition program, 617.6

reports of participation and goal accomplishment, 617.5

solicitation by, 617.3

supplies for, 617.33

time frame for, 617.32

CFC Pledge Card, CFC Form 100, 617.42

Chain of delegation, 122

Change action pay rules

for bargaining unit employees, 422.12

for the City Carrier (CC) Schedule, 422.22

Rural Carrier Schedules, 422.42

Change actions, types of, 421.43

Change to a lower–grade level, 362

Charging sick leave, 513.4

Charitable fund-raising campaign (see CFC, Combined Federal Campaign)

Checkbook for the employee social and recreational fund, 615.52, Exhibit 615.5

Checking accounts for each social and recreational fund, 615.461

Chief field counsel, 554.434

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), 212.1, 721.1, 740

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and Executive Vice President as EEO director for the Postal Service, 674.1

Chief operating officer

monitoring area executive committee activities, 815.12

Occupational Safety and Health Program responsibilities, 812

Children (see also Life status changes)

CSRS annuity to surviving, 564.25

determining family membership status of, 521.42

effect of marriage on family member status, 521.425

eligibility for Temporary Continuation of Coverage, 521.711

FERS annuities to surviving, 584.29, 587.5

filing death claim applications on behalf of minor, 567.332

incapable of self–support, 526.11

payment of a CSRS survivor annuity, 567.143

qualifying for a CSRS survivor annuity, 567.13

surviving a deceased annuitant, 567.19

temporary absence not affecting “living–with” requirement, 521.424

time limits for TCC program enrollment, 521.73

Christmas Day, 518.1

Christmas–worked pay, 434.51

computation of, 434.53

eligibility for, 434.52, Exhibit 434.52

CHRO (see Chief Human Resources Officer)

Chronic condition requiring treatments, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

Citation management tracking system, 824.54, 825.6


posting in the affected facility, 825.51

resulting from OSHA inspections, 825.5

City Carrier (CC) Schedule

change action pay rules, 422.22

grades of, 422.211

promotion from, 422.223

promotion to, 422.223

promotion within, 422.223

repromotion, 422.223

step increase waiting periods, Exhibit 422.13

City directories, compilation of, 667.11

City letter carriers

7:01 rule, 432.53

uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.111

Civil Air Patrol, 517.133

Civil defense

availability for assignment, 519.313

key roles, 519.314

state and local programs, 519.31

Civil disorders, administrative leave for, 519.22

Civil participation, administrative leave for, 519.3

Civil Rights Act of 1964, 672.1

Civil Service Retirement System (see CSRS)

Civil suits against employees operating motor vehicles, 668.1

Civilian service (see Federal civilian service)

Claim denials

appeal of, 528.2

requests for OPM review of, 528.22

Claim for Accidental Dismemberment, Form FE 7, 538.342

Claim for Compensation by Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Grandparents, or Grandchildren, Form CA–5b, 542.141, 542.21, 544.23

Claim for Compensation by Widow, Widower, and/or, Children Form CA–5, 542.141, 542.21, 544.23

Claim for Compensation, Form CA–7, 525.141, 545.81, 545.82

Claim for Death Benefits (Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance), Form FE 6, 538.312, 538.33, 538.341, 567.31

Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business, PS Form 1164, 742.3

Claim for Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Civilian Employee, SF 1153, 567.31, 567.334

Claim management relationships, 545.11


FECA, 541.2c

initial level unemployment compensation appeals, 554.2

new evidence by, at a state appeals hearing, 554.42

for reimbursement, 641.3


accepting voluntary assignment of an employee’s, 547.77

adjudication process, 545.76

for compensation benefits by a survivor, 542.141

disposition of denied, 641.54

FECA, 541.2b

FEGLI, 538.3

fraudulent, 641.32

requirements for FECA, 542

requirements for filing FEGLI, 538.33

for TSP adjustments, 594.8

withdrawing FECA, 543.2

Classified information, disclosing, 667.323

Cleaning of uniforms, 936.13

Clearance Record for Separated Employee, PS Form 337, 936.42

Clerical employees, uniforms worn by, 933.3

Clerk craft employees, work clothes for, 932.13

Clerks, uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.111

Clerk/special delivery messengers, uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.111

Clinical psychologists, serving as physicians, 541.2m

Clock time

adjustments to, 432.463

variance from established work schedule, 432.461

Closing conference

of OSHA inspections, 825.48

of a safety and health inspection, 824.424


not conforming with detailed specifications, 936.14

types of, 931.13

Coast Guard Reserve, temporary, 517.133

Code of Ethical Conduct, 662

advice on, 662.11

conflicts of interest, 662.2, 665.22

standards of conduct, 662.1

Code of Ethics for Government Service, 662.1


immediate reporting of, 664

of political activity, 666.16

COLA (see Cost–of–living adjustment)

Cold weather clothing items, 934.2

Collateral duty facility safety coordinators (see FSCs)

Collection of damages, 547.23

Collection of debt, 462.2, 462.4

Collection schedule for dues, 922

Collective bargaining agreements

consistency with, 421.1

grievance procedures, 666.24

reassignment or reemployment under, 546.2

setting wages, 421.1

College as an acceptable reason for LWOP, Exhibit 514.4

Columbus Day, 518.1

Combined Federal Campaign Program (see CFC)


of CSRS annuities, 566.11

of FERS annuities, 586.11

Commercial product or service, endorsement of, 662.1

Commercial transportation for travel on official business, 662.1

Committees (see Employee social and recreational committee)

Common Stock Index Investment Fund (see C Fund)

Common-law marriage, 584.273

Community affairs, participation in, 663.2

Community disasters (see Acts of God)


with a break in duty status, 438.123

to a different worksite, 438.122

to and from work, 438.12

Compensable training time

coverage of, 712.21

determining, 712.1

provisions for scheduling, 438.24

Compensable travel time, 438.13, Exhibit 438.13

Compensation, 421.44

from any source other than the Postal Service for acts as an employee, 662.1

changes following review or audit, 421.6

for disability, 545.82

for disability by OWCP, 545.8

due deceased employee, 432.8

for employee claims, 641.4

to employees during negotiations, 911.5

FECA, 541.2a

guidelines for training, 438.2, 712, 716

initial period for disability, 545.81

making alternatives available to employees upon separation, 354.253

for overtime, 434.13

principal objectives of, 411.2

for required attendance at nonpostal training, 712, 716

waiver of rights under FECA, 543.1

for witness service in an official duty status, 516.52

Competitive areas

reassigning employees out of, 354.23

Competitive promotion procedures, 351.54

Competitive units for contests, 624.2

Complaints, OSHA inspections triggered by, 825.461

Compliance and monitoring activities, 667.22

Compliance investigations by DOL, 445

Compliance safety and health officers (see CSHOs)

Complications, from preventive measures, 545.24

Comprehensive medical plans, 522.13

employees moving outside the service area of, 525.7

transferring outside the area serviced, 525.82

Comprehensive Tax Guide to U.S. Civil Service Retirement Benefits (IRS Publication 721), 569.61

Computer systems information, disclosing, 667.32

Concurrent disabilities, 546.622

Concurrent employment

Postal Service and other federal agency, 348.2

Postal Service and private industry, 348.3

Condition requiring multiple treatments, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

Condolences, expression of, 365.363

Conduct, 660

standards of, 662.1

unacceptable, 665.16

Conduct which does not adversely affect performance, discrimination based on, 666.12

Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interests (for Use by Postal Service Employees), PS Form 2417, 666.2

Confined employees or family members, temporary extension of FEHB coverage, 524.763

Conflicts of interest, 662.1, 662.2, 868.5

Congressional offices, FEHB enrollment of employees moving to or from, 525.83

Congressional service, bargaining unit pay rules, 422.121

Consistency with collective bargaining agreements, 421.1

Constitution of the employee social and recreational committee, 615.34, Exhibit 615.34

“Constructive receipt” regulations of the Internal Revenue Service, 512.634

Consumer price index (CPI), 421.45, 586.81

Contagious disease as a condition for sick leave, 513.32

Contests, 620

approval authorities for, 623.1

approval of national, 623.4

awards for, 626

employee eligibility for, 625.1

establishment of, 624

evaluation of, 625.2

expenditures for, 627.2

implementation of, 625

limitations on, 627

numbers and types of, 627.1

objective of, 622

responsibilities for, 623

rules, 624.3

structure of, 624.2

Contingent provisions, beneficiary designations containing, 538.122

Contingent work relationships, 135

Continuation of Life Insurance Coverage as a Retiree or Compensationer (FEGLI), SF 2818, 534.343

Continuation of pay (see COP)

Continued insurance coverage, terminating, 534.32

Continued service agreement, 743.7, 744.2

Continuing leave status, 566.132, 586.132

Continuous employment, supplemental annuity based on, 566.512

Continuous enrollment, military service not an interruption to, 525.35

Contract employees

Certificates of Appreciation for, 492

Informal Awards for, 494

not eligible for health insurance, 521.3

Contract medical agreements, 868.13

Contract physicians (see Physicians)

Contract stations, providing retail services training, 717

Contract uniforms program, 932.12

Contracted services, certification of invoices for, 868.132


financial/disclosure requirements, employees who recommend or decide on contracts, 662.2

management of food services, 614.22

Contracting for Consultant Services (Management Instruction AS–710–92–3), 433.5

Contracts with the Postal Service

conflicts of interest – financial, 662.1 and 662.2


to the CFC, 617.4

offered to defray nonpostal training expenses, 744.3

refund of FERS, 587.3

termination of TSP, 595

to TSP, 592, 592.2

vesting of TSP, 592.6

Control of time worked, 432.71

Control office, 541.2e

claim management relationships, 545.11

claim management responsibility under FECA, 545

establishing, 545.12

FECA responsibilities, 544.12

monitoring medical progress, 545.52

reporting death to OWCP, 544.232

return to work responsibilities, 545.31

Control officer, 541.2f

Control point, 541.2g

claim management relationships, 545.11

claim management responsibility under FECA, 545

establishing, 545.12

FECA responsibilities, 544.12

monitoring medical progress, 545.52

return to work responsibilities, 545.31

Controversies with members of the public, 667.16


of COP, 545.73

with COP provided, 545.733

with COP withheld, 545.732

definition of, 545.731

denied by OWCP, 545.77

Controversion package, 545.75

Controverted claims

proper identification of, 545.75


national, 682.2

state, 682.3

Conversion actions

from noncareer to career, 546.23

not possible to a temporary vacancy, 363.31

Conversion contracts

benefits and costs of, 524.776

for terminated FEHB enrollment prior to retirement, 525.442

obtaining a refund of all premiums paid on, 524.781

Conversion privilege for insurance acquired during reemployment, 537.162

Conversion rights, FEHB, 524.77

Conversions, 363

to individual insurance policies, 535.71

time limits for, 535.72

Cooperative work–study programs, health insurance eligibility, 521.2

COP (continuation of pay), 541.2d, Exhibit 514.4

circumstances for not authorizing, 545.732

controversion of, 545.73

during a period of disability, 541.131

eligibility for, 545.72

ensuring continuing eligibility, 545.724

exclusions of authorization of, 545.723

for employees temporarily assigned to higher grade positions, 422.145

holiday leave paid to an employee on, 434.43

leave buy–back after the expiration of, 545.84

relation to disciplinary action, 545.742

sick or annual leave after, 543.42

stopping, 545.74

under FECA, 545.7

Corrective action

back pay for, 436.3

documents in support of, 436.3

Corrective entitlement

back pay for, 436.1

limitations to, 436.2

Cost Ascertainment Group (CAG), 421.521

Cost–of–living adjustment (COLA), 421.45

for bargaining unit employees, 422.113

eligibility for FERS, 586.82

FERS, 586.8

Cost–of–living adjustments for regular and substitute rural carriers, 422.413

Cost–of–living increases, not applying to survivor benefits, 567.143


reasonable access to EAP, 941.34

for retirement, 569.1, 589.1

Counseling records, EAP, 944

consent to the release of, 944.411

custodians of, 944.3

disclosure of, 944.4

restrictions on access to, 944.1, 944.412

Court allowances, disposition of, 516.41

Court appearances

compensation for, 547.82

documentation of, 547.83

Court decisions, interest paid on back pay, 436.72, 436.73, Exhibit 436.73a, Exhibit 436.73b

Court Duty Leave – Statement of Service, PS Form 1224, 516.23

Court judgment salary offsets, 453, 454.2, 463, 464.2

definition of, 451.3

priority among competing, 454.2, 464.2

Court leave, 516.2

combining with postal duty, 516.32

eligibility for, 516.22

recording, 516.23

Court orders

CSRS annuity to former spouse based on, 564.22

FERS annuity to former spouse based on, 584.26

honored by the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, 598

sending to, 584.261

submitting to TSP, 598.7

Court service

absences for, 516

accommodation of employees called for, 516.33

conditions affecting, 516.3

determining the nature of, 516.11, Exhibit 516.11

employees excused early from, 516.32

outside of regular working hours, 516.42

Courts (see also Federal courts)

disclosure of EAP counseling records to, 944.411

Coverage requirements for Social Security and Medicare benefits, 574.4

CPI (consumer price index), 421.45, 586.81

CPR training, 868.41

Craft positions, filling, 352

Craft skills training, 715.3

Credentials, reviewing CSHOs’, 825.41

Credit unions, 613

depositing social and recreational funds in, 615.454

Creditable service

for bargaining unit employees, 422.132

CSRS, 562

FERS, 582

under FERS, 582.12

for paid military leave, 517.42

recrediting from a severance pay fund, 435.41

for service award pins, 493.22

for severance pay, 435.22

toward step increases under dual employment, 422.154

Credited FQCs (see Deemed FQCs)


annual leave, 512.3

sick leave, 513.22

Creditors, disputes with, 662.1, 5 CFR 2635.809

Criminal activity, EAP guidelines with regard to, 944.42

Criminal statute, conviction or a violation of any, 665.16

Crisis counseling, EAP, available by telephone, 942.224


for organizational change, 130

for staffing, 125.2

CSHO–IHs, 825.1

CSHOs (compliance safety and health officers), 825.1

arrival of, 825.41

consent to entry and cooperation, 825.42

dismissing anyone from the inspection team, 825.461

materials provided by, 825.433

opening conference, 825.43

reviewing the credentials of, 825.41

using measuring devices or instruments, 825.461

CSR Spouse Equity Act, 523.61

CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System), 560569

administration of, 561.2

alternative form of annuity (AFA), 566.6

annuities, 563, 564.1, 564.2

annuity computation, 566

creditable service, 562

death benefits in service, 567

deductions refunded, 562.213

deferred annuity, 563.3

deposits for prior service, 565.2

disability retirement, 563.23, 566.4

election of annuity, 564.3

election of annuity by survivor, 567.17

employees covered by, 561.3

employee’s retirement account, 565

exclusions to, 561.5

factors affecting annuity computations, 566.2

frozen, 586.4

general formula for annuity computation, 566.3

high 3–year period, 566.24

high–3 average pay, 566.25

involuntary separations, 563.21

length of service, 566.23

lump–sum death benefit payment, 567.2

mandatory retirement, 563.22

maximum annuity benefits, 566.34

military service retirement credit, 562.3

procedure upon death of an employee or annuitant, 567.3

redeposits, 565.3

reduction for periods of no deposit, 565.212

reemployed annuitants’ additional annuity, 566.5

reemployed annuitants’ eligibility for TSP, 591.34

refund of deductions, 565.5

requirements and procedures by types of separation, 563.2

resignation caused by illness, 365.213

retirement credit for sick leave, 513.821

retirement forms, 569.2

survivor deposits, 565.22

types of annuities, 564

voluntary contributions, 565.4

voluntary retirement of postmasters employed under, 365.341

CSRS employees

maximum TSP contribution rates, 592.3

spouses informed of application for TSP withdrawal after separation, 597.241

spouses informed of receipt of a TSP loan application, 596.1

transferring from other agencies, 591.35

vesting of TSP contributions, 592.61

CSRS Offset employees, 561.3, 561.4

Current employees, partially recovered, 546.142

Current leave, 512.12

Current pay, 451.3

Current spouse (see also Spouse)

consent to a less than full survivor annuity, 564.24, 584.28

CSRS survivor annuity for, 567.121

eligibility for a FERS survivor annuity, 584.221

FERS basic employee death benefit payable to, 587.11

insurable interest annuity for, 564.233

protection of entitlement, 564.223, 584.263

Currently insured status under Social Security, 574.3

Curriculum guides for management and professional training, 715.52

Curtailment of work, 421.51

Customer Requirements (see Organizational Design and Management)

Customers, controversies with, 667.16

CWA (see Clean Water Act)


Damaged property, compensation for, 641.42

Dated bulletin board material, 612.231

Daughter or son

birth or adoption and subsequent care of, 515.61

defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

FMLA leave for, 515.531

D.C. National Guard

credit received for military leave, 517.41

duty covered as paid military leave, 517.132

DDE/DR processing guidelines, 594.43


administrative leave for day of, 519.55

effects on FEHB enrollment, 525.5

of insured employees, 538.31

during military service, 525.33

prior to separating, 597.41

proof of, 365.361

of reemployed annuitants, 538.32

reporting to OWCP, 544.23

resulting from a work–related injury, 541.132

before retirement, 565.47

separation by, 365.36, 513.83

special recognition certificate, 493.322

during 31–day extension of group life insurance, 538.25

Death benefits

death in service, 567, 587

forms for, 538.341

payable regardless of cause of death, 538.21

Death certificate, certified copy of, 567.341

Death claim applications, 567.33, 587.62

Death of spouse, affecting FEHB enrollment, 524.531


collection after separation, 455.3, 465.3

collection of, 462.4

definition of, 451.3

determination and collection of, 452.1, 462.1

failure to resolve or repay, 452.321

informal resolution of employee–owed, 452.21

to other federal agencies, 461.2

owed the Postal Service by a bargaining unit employee, 461.1

owed the Postal Service by nonbargaining unit employees, 451.1

payment in full, 452.242, 452.333

voluntary repayment in full, 452.242

waiver request, 451.5, 461.3

Debt Collection Act, 452.31, 462.31

Debt collection hearing, 452.335

Deceased annuitant, survived by a child(ren), 567.19

Deceased employees

awards for, 493.352

compensation due, 432.8

FEHB enrollment continued for family members, 525.112

release of records on, 547.61


determining the rate of interest on back pay, 436.73, Exhibit 436.73a, Exhibit 436.73b

interest on back pay resulting from, 436.72

on a response to a notice of proposed adverse action, 651.75


of employment, 546.64

of insurance coverage, 535.8

of optional insurance, 535.3, 535.921

of retirement coverage by an employee on LWOP serving in an employee organization, 562.254

Decreased work, 131.2


canceling nonmandatory, 533.225

refund of CSRS, 565.5

refund of FERS, 585.5

Deemed FQCs, 574.23, 574.25

Deemed redeposits/deposits, 565.34

Defensive driving, 831.32

Deferred annuity

CSRS, 563.3

FERS, 583.3

Deficiency report from a safety and health inspection, 824.426

Delivery modes for training, 714.21

Delivery sources for training, 714.22

Demotion, 415, 421.43, 421.524, 422.125, 422.624, 422.725

Demotion for cause, 415.26

Dental examination or treatment as a condition for sick leave, 513.32

Department of Justice

criteria for granting representation, 668.124

representation by, 668.125

representation of Postal Service employees, 668.1

Department of Labor (DOL)

enforcement of FLSA, 441.2

Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (see OWCP)


proof of, 526.23

requirement for self–support determination, 526.21

Dependent coverage, loss of under spouse or other parent’s nonfederal plan, 524.536

Dependents, receiving disability payments under Social Security, 575.132

Deposit applications, FERS, 585.35

Deposits for prior service, 565.2

Designation of beneficiaries, 567.23

automatic cancellation of, 538.15

from a reemployed annuitant, 537.322

Designation of Beneficiary, Form TSP–3, 597.41

Designation of Beneficiary, SF 2823, 534.343, 537.321, 538.124, 539.13

Designation of Beneficiary – Federal Employees Retirement System, SF 3102, 587.32

Designation of Beneficiary – Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Civilian Employee, SF 1152, 432.821

Developmental programs, 417.333


employment of people with, 322

FECA coverage of, 541.131

fully overcome after more than one year, 546.13

fully overcome within one year, 546.12

medical evidence of claimed, 542.23

partially overcome, 546.14

recurrence of, 541.2p

separation for, 365.34, 545.92, 545.93

Disability annuitants, guaranteed minimum for, 566.423

Disability annuity rate under CSRS, 566.421

Disability benefits, Social Security, 575.13

Disability insured status, Social Security, 574.3

Disability payments to dependents of disabled workers, 575.132

Disability retirees

eligibility for FERS COLA, 586.823

recomputation of annuity at age 62, 586.53

Disability retirement

cancellation of a management-initiated, 568.23, 588.4

continuing leave status for employees requesting, 566.132, 586.132

CSRS, 566.4

for employees past age 60, 566.412

FERS, 583.23, 586.5

filing application for, 365.343

management–initiated procedures, 568

minimum basic annuity, 566.411

procedures for management–initiated, 588

requirements and procedures for a CSRS annuity, 563.23

sick leave granted prior to, 513.822

verifying military, 512.232

Disabled veterans

entitled to LWOP, 514.22

protection of the rights of, 674.21

Disabling injuries, continuation of regular pay or leave for, 543.4

Disallowed time, 432.711

Disapproved block on PS Form 3971, 512.422, 513.342

Disapproved sick leave, 513.63

Discharge of duties, 665.13

Disciplinary action, 665.6

relation to COP, 545.742

Disciplinary and emergency procedures for nonbargaining unit employees, 651

Disciplinary reduction (see Demotion)


of plans or options causing FEHB termination, 524.721

Discontinued dues withholding, 925.2

Discount cards, acceptance of, 662.1

Discrepancies, identification of, 144


based on sexual orientation or identity, 673.5

prohibited, 666.12

as prohibited conduct, 665.23

prohibited in employee social and recreational programs, 615.2

prohibiting, 311.12, 672

Displaced employees, placing, 354.252

“Disposable earnings,” 454.5, 464.5

Disposable pay, 451.3

Disqualification factors for unemployment compensation benefits, 551.3

Distributed Data Entry and Distributed Reporting (DDE/DR) processing guidelines, 594.43

District and plant contests, expenditures for, 627.21

District finance manager

advising on independent audits of social and recreational funds, 615.722

review of social and recreational fund audit reports, 615.76

District health services office, 862.22

District Human Resources managers

action on RFRs, 222.3

courses of action on PS Form 820, 232.3

District managers

approval for proposed contests, 623.2

approving requests for LWOP, 514.32

establishing a control office, 545.12

responsible for retirement counseling, 569.11, 569.14, 589.11, 589.131

District meetings for postmasters, 683

District of Columbia government

as a beneficiary, 538.123

prior service used in computing years of service for annual leave, 512.222

District of Columbia government employment, employment creditable under the CSRS, 562.211

District offices, 113.3, 212.4


administrative responsibility for the OM system, 161.32

approval for proposed contests, 623.2

maintaining registers, 321.5

training and development responsibilities and functions 721.3

Diversity, 671

Diversity Development, 311.23

Divided rights to an invention, 695.1

Divorce (see also Life status changes)

affecting FEHB enrollment, 524.531

Divorce decree

CSRS annuity to former spouse based on, 564.22

FERS annuity to former spouse based on, 584.261

Divorced child, considered to be unmarried, 521.425


of completion of nonpostal training, 742.5

of dual employment, 422.153

of employee claims, 641.52

for FMLA leave, 515.5

of late enrollment in FEHB, 523.33

for a PS Form 820, 232.2

required for advanced sick leave, 513.512

requirements for sick leave, 513.36

for residential loans, 596.32

for an RFR, 222.2

of safety talks and safety related on-the-job training, 817.9

DOL Wage and Hour Inspectors

findings, 445.2

on–site visits by, 445.1

Donovan vs. Postal Service settlement agreement, 445.3

Double credit, not permitted for military service, 562.33, 582.75

Double payment for training, 744.6

Drills, 853

Drinking on duty, 665.26


responsibilities of, 831.332

selecting, 831.31

supervision of, 831.33

training, 831.32

Driving instructors and examiners, uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.111

Drug abuse, EAP counseling for, 941.12, 941.2

Drugs, illegal use of, 665.25

Dual appointments, 348.11

eligibility for TSP, 591.36

between the Postal Service and other federal agency, 348.2

Dual coverage restriction in FEHB, 524.3

Dual employment

within the Postal Service, 348.1

regular rate for the week, 443.215

Dual (multiple) employment, 422.15


authorization for withholding of, 924

collection schedule, 922

erroneous amounts withheld for, 924.72

voluntary withholding of, 921

Dues withholding

cancellation of authorization, 925

discontinued, 925.2

for employee organizations, 920

implementation of, 924.5

organizations eligible for, 923

Duplication of functional responsibility, 133


describing, 142.2

discharge of, 665.13

of the employee social and recreational committee, 615.322

Duty assignment, temporary change in, 515.64

Duty status

changes in, 364

during the notice period for a proposed adverse action, 651.76

Duty Status Report, Form CA–17, 544.12, 545.52


Eagan ASC (Accounting Service Center)

action on requests for waiver of claim for erroneous payment of pay, 437.6

address of, 553.12

implementing dues withholding, 924.5

issuing and mailing bonds, 616.33

maintaining official retirement records, 569.3

responsibilities regarding leave, 511.22

responsible for calculating interest on back pay, 436.74

retirement section of, 569.3

terminating health benefits enrollment due to LWOP, 524.722

unemployment compensation responsibilities, 552.5

EAP (Employee Assistance Program), 940

confidentiality of counseling, 941.33

limitations on, 944.422

counseling records, 944

consent to release of, 944.411

custodians of, 944.3

disclosure, rules regarding, 944.4

restrictions on access to, 944.1, 944.412

counseling units, 942.31

employee education about, evaluation of, 942.5

job security for participants, 941.31

purpose, 941.1

reasonable access to counseling, 941.34

referrals to, 942.22

by employee self-referral, 942.223

by management, 942.221

by others, 942.222

reinstatement of recovered employees, 943

residential and community resources, 942.32

scheduling of visits, 941.35

service providers, 941.2

services, 941.31, 944.32

substance abuse, dependence, and other addictions, 941.12

Early dismissal, due to acts of God, 519.214


acceptable proof of pre–1983, 574.252

CSRS retirement account deductions from current, 565.1

FERS retirement account deductions from, 585.1

Earnings Statement – Net to Bank, PS Form 1223–B, 422.531, 422.831, 924.71

Earnings Statement, PS Form 1223–A, 422.531, 422.831, 512.531

Earnings statement, showing amounts withheld for dues, 924.71

EAS (Executive and Administrative Schedule), 411.1

calculating higher level pay to or within, 417.335

new employees hired into, 412.1

EAS additional pay, eligibility for, 434.143

EAS A–E postmasters

promoting to a position in a grade higher than the A–E postmaster grade, 413.4

straight time pay received by, 433.6

EAS employees

conditions for higher level pay, 417.334

maximum leave carryover, 512.321

promotion increases, 413.21

eBuy requisition process, used to pay for

training, 714.122, 732.14, 742

membership in professional associations, 753.3, 754.6

ECC (Executive Compensations Committee), 383.2

Educational expenses for nonpostal training, 742.2, 742.3

EEO (equal employment opportunity)

applying to all aspects of the PCES, 382

for assignment and promotion, 351.4

complaint procedures, 666.22

goals, 671

laws, 672.1

for selection for training, 713.1

EEO counselor/investigator, temporary assignment as ad hoc, 417.334

EEOC (see Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

EETs (emergency evacuation teams)

drills, 853.15, 853.2

duties of, 853.13

exposure to unnecessary dangers and risks, 853.16

installations without, 853.18

leader, 853.14

membership of, 853.14

organization of, 853.11

size of, 853.12

special hazards and, 853.17

training of, 853.15

Effective dates

of conversion after FEHB termination, 524.775

of CSRS annuities, 566.1

of FEGLI cancellations, 535.52

of FEGLI termination, 535.61

of FERS annuities, 586.1

of late enrollment in FEHB, 523.34

of a new FEHB enrollment for a former spouse, 524.921

of optional insurance, 535.123

of a removal, 365.312

of a resignation, 365.211, 365.215

of separation, 365.12

of a separation–disability, 365.344

of separation–disqualification, 365.326

of a separation–transfer, 365.222

of waiver of basic insurance, 535.22

Election in writing, accepting or rejecting FEHBP coverage, 575.233

Election of annuity

CSRS, 564.3

FERS, 584.3

Election of Living Benefits, Form FE–8, 534.4, 536.4

Election/declination requirement for optional insurance, 535.122


TSP not processed, 594.2

Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF), 349.3

Elevator starters, uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.112

Eligible RL applicants, consideration of, 354.273

Emblem, Postal Service, 931.264


as an exception to advance approval requirement, 512.412

medical, 866

Emergency action plans, 852, 854.321

Emergency alarms, 856.1

Emergency evacuation teams (see EETs)

Emergency evacuations, 853.2

Emergency placement

in a nonduty status, 652.41

in off–duty status, 651.4

Emergency procedures

medical, 866.3

for nonbargaining unit employees, 651

Emergency telephone numbers, posting, 856.1

Emergency treatment under FECA, 545.41

Employee alarm system, 856.1

Employee Assistance Program (see EAP)

Employee benefits, 510590

Employee categories for annual leave, 512.31

Employee claims

compensation for, 641.4

disposition of, 641.54

procedures, 641.5

for reimbursement, 640

submission and initial decisions, 641.53

Employee classifications, 432.1

applying to rural carriers, 422.415

bargaining unit, 422.115

Employee credit unions (see Credit unions)

Employee Learning and Development, 714.221, 717, 721.1, 743.7, 817.11, 817.51

Employee eligibility for a reinstatement list, 354.272

Employee Health Benefits Election Form, SF 2809, 521.613, 523.1, 523.61

Employee lockers

issuance of, 612.241

maintenance and inspection of, 612.242

Employee organization health plans, 522.12

enrolling in, 523.5

membership termination in, 524.73

Employee organizations, 910

dues withholding for, 920

effect on FEGLI coverage of service in, 534.2

employee granted LWOP to serve in, 525.23

Employee Resource Management, 114, 156

major organizational changes implemented by, 153.2

realignment or reevaluation involving nonbargaining positions, 353.4

responsibility for the control of organizational structures, 112.1

vice president of, 311.21

Employee rights, procedures governing the exercise of, 452.33

Employee services, 610

Employee social and recreational committee

bylaws, 615.35, Exhibit 615.35

constitution of, 615.34, Exhibit 615.34

establishing, 615.321

meetings and duties of, 615.322

membership of, 615.31

prohibited activities, 615.44

reports of, 615.6

responsibilities of, 615.33

Employee social and recreational funds

annual audit of, 615.71

banking and investment of, 615.46

disbursing for the benefit of all, 615.463

expenditure of, 615.47

funds excluded, 615.43

purpose of, 615.41

records and files of, 615.5

safekeeping of, 615.45

source of funds, 615.42

tax status of, 615.8

Employee social and recreational programs, 615.1

Employee statement, waiving basic insurance, 535.23

Employee–owed debts, informal resolution of, 452.21


accepting a temporary appointment while in nonpay status, 525.24

access to job descriptions, 213.2

accountability in regard to diversity and inclusion, EEO, and prevention of discrimination, 673.61

acting as agent in the manufacture or sale of uniform items, 931.27

advising of options prior to a RIF, 354.253

appeal rights on TSP claim decisions, 594.84

appeal rights regarding restoration, 546.4

appeals involving health benefits, 528

appearing in court in a third party recovery action, 547.81

appointed to two or more positions at the same time, 422.15

on approved LWOP serving in employee organizations, 592.91

assigning a claim to the Postal Service, 547.59

attendance of, 665.4

awards for deceased, 493.352, 493.362

behavior of, 665.16

below minimum rate, 413.1

cancellation of FEHB enrollment, 524.71

changing to career appointments, 363.1

Civil Service retirement law or regulations information source, 569.5

claims for injury or illness, 542.1

compensation from any source other than the Postal Service, 662.1

on the compensation rolls of the OWCP, 525.111

computing severance pay, 435.23

concurrent employment with private industry, 348.3

continuing to work without authorization, 432.71

cooperation in investigations, 665.3

corrective action statements by, 436.42

covered by CSRS, 561.3

covered by FERS, 581.3

covered by overtime provisions of FLSA, 434.12

covered by Social Security and Medicare, 572.1

with credit union duties, 613.3

declining to enroll in FEHB, 523.2

definition of, 437.2, 451.3, 669, 693

deposits for prior service, 565.21

diagnosed with a life–threatening medical condition, 566.61, 586.71

disability annuity rate when over 60, 566.412

discharge of duties, 665.13

discussing performance with, 374

disputes with creditors, 662.1

effects of death on FEHB enrollment, 525.5

electing retirement after FEHB enrollment transferred to OWCP, 525.149

electing to continue insurance coverage while serving in employee organizations, 534.212

eligibility for contests, 625.1

eligibility for dues withholding, 924.2

eligibility for optional insurance, 535.121

eligibility for paid military leave, 517.21

eligibility for TSP loans, 596.1

establishing qualifications for a RIF, 354.242

excluding from filing of employment and financial interests statements, 662.2, MI EL–660–97–1

excused from court service for an extended period, 516.32

exempt from night differential, 434.222

exempt from overtime provisions of FLSA, 434.12

on extended leave or leave without pay, 351.32

failure to respond to debt collection notice, 452.34

falsification in recording time, 665.44

FEHB conversion rights, 524.77

FEHB enrollment change, 525.6

FEHB enrollment on transferring, 525.81

FERS information source for, 589.4

fire prevention plan training, 854.322

former, 347

furnishing current address, 665.5

health benefits coverage while in nonpay status, 525.231

hired into the EAS schedule, 412.1

holding nonpartisan state or local office, 663.113

incapacitation of, 515.52, 515.62

incomplete mail disposition, 665.21

indebtedness of, 662.1

ineligible for paid military leave, 517.22

initiating disability retirement applications on behalf of, 568.1, 588.1

insurance coverage when serving in more than one position, 532.13

intercepting oral or wire communication, 667.2

interests of, 669

legal assistance to, 667

loyalty of, 666.3

lump–sum death benefit payment, 567.21

making formal privacy requests regarding health benefits records, 527.31, 527.32, 527.33

making third party recoveries when not represented by an attorney, 547.58

making third party recoveries when represented by an attorney, 547.57

minimum basic annuity for disability retirement under age 60, 566.411

monitoring medical care for all cases reported to OWCP, 545.5

moving outside the service area of a comprehensive medical plan, 525.7

in nonpay status pending removal, 525.25

not eligible for health insurance, 521.3

not eligible to continue FEHB enrollment with OWCP, 525.144

not pursuing third party action, 547.59

not pursuing third party recovery, 547.72

not required to wear uniforms, 932.21

notification of a disability retirement application submitted to OPM, 568.132, 588.22

notifying of a medical examination for a management–initiated disability retirement, 568.121

notifying of a potential RIF, 354.21

notifying of involuntary salary offsets, 452.32

obedience to orders, 665.15

obtaining unknown employment and financial information, 662.2

participation during OSHA inspections, 825.453

participation in political activities, 663.1

payment for uniforms on separating, 936.4

performance of public duties, 665.12

performing witness service in an official duty status, 516.52

personal appearance of, 931.23

personal habits of, 665.16

placing unplaced or displaced, 354.252

prevented from reporting by an act of God, 519.215

prevented from reporting by civil disorder, 519.224

problems affecting, with regard to EAP counseling, 942.21

procedures to follow in regard to FEHB premiums during nonpay status, 525.223

procedures upon death of, 567.3, 587.6

pursuing collection of damages from third party, 547.71

with rate retention, 413.1

reassignment or reemployment after injury on duty, 546

receiving disability benefits under the Social Security Program, 575.131

receiving OWCP benefits, 534.342, 534.343

redeposits of refunds of retirement deductions, 565.31

refusal of job offer, 546.64

refusing to assign right of action to the United States or to prosecute an action, 547.22

regularly scheduled on intermittent days in two positions, 233.3

regularly scheduled on intermittent days to more than two positions, 233.3

regularly scheduled to perform work in two or more positions in the same grade, 233.3

regularly scheduled to two positions on a daily basis, 233.3

reimbursement for legal fees, judgments, and settlements, 668.2

reimbursement for nonpostal training expenses, 742.3

on a reinstatement list, 354.273

reinstatement of recovered, 943

releasing information from a third party recovery case, 547.62

reminding about beneficiary designations, 567.232

removing from a reinstatement list, 354.274

reporting unsafe or unhealthy conditions, 824.631

representation by the Department of Justice, 667.2, 668.1

representation for, 651.2

requesting change to a position of lower grade level, 362.21

required to file statement of employment and financial interests, 662.2

required to wear uniforms and work clothes, 932.1

requirements for FEHB continuation into retirement, 525.41

responsibilities in regard to uniforms, 931.26

responsibilities regarding FEGLI conversions, 535.722

responsibilities regarding leave, 511.23

responsibilities regarding unscheduled absences, 511.43

responsibilities to ensure COP eligibility, 545.724

responsibility for return to work under FECA, 545.33

with restoration rights by reason of military duty, 351.32

retirement account under CSRS, 565

retirement account under FERS, 585

retirement credit for an improper separation or suspension, 562.253

retirement credit for LWOP to serve in employee organizations, 562.254, 582.6

retirement credit restored after an improper separation or suspension, 582.5

retirement credit while on leave of absence, 562.255

retirement credit while receiving OWCP benefits, 562.252, 582.4

retiring under the disability retirement provisions of CSRS, 566.413

returning after FMLA leave, 515.7

returning to duty after receiving OWCP compensation, 525.148

right, title, and interest to an invention, 695.1

right to representation, 451.2

rights under FECA, 543

safety and health orientation, 817.4

safety and health rights and responsibilities, 814

separating and subsequently retiring, 525.44

separating during a RIF, 354.254

separation for disability, 545.92, 545.93

serving a full day in court, 516.32

setting the salary of, under Operating Services Division Schedule, 422.721

share of cost for health benefits, 524.82

Social Security computation without noncovered pension benefit, 575.542

standards of conduct, 665

statement waiving basic insurance, 535.24

statutes and regulations applicable to all, 661.2

tardiness of, 665.43

training and development responsibilities, 721.5

transferred or relocated in the interest of the Postal Service, 519.231

transferred to rural carrier positions, 422.423

unable to perform duties, 865.1

utilization of, 351.11

wearing of sampling devices by, 825.462

work and leave status prior to retirement, 566.13, 586.13

Employee’s Claim for Personal Property, PS Form 2146, 641.52

Employee’s Current Mailing Address, PS Form 1216, 593.33, 665.5

Employee’s Third Party Recovery Statement, PS Form 2557, 547.58, Exhibit 547.58c

Employing office

accepting late enrollment in FEHB, 523.31

avoiding illegal dual enrollments in FEHB, 524.32

contacting persons entitled to benefits, 538.311

designation of a beneficiary, 537.322

determining family members for health benefits purposes, 521.411

determining FEHB eligibility of a former spouse, 521.613

filing a disability application on behalf of an employee, 568.131

health benefits file for the former spouse, 523.631

issuing SF 2810 after termination of FEHB coverage, 524.772

notifying a nonpay status employee of the option to continue or terminate FEHB coverage, 525.222

notifying the health benefits plan of children incapable of self–support, 526.51

preparing SF 2821, 538.312

procedures regarding FEHB enrollment at time of retirement, 525.42

procedures regarding FEHB enrollment upon an employee’s death, 525.512

reporting name changes to health benefit plans, 524.542

responsibilities regarding FEGLI conversions, 535.721

responsibilities regarding the TCC program, 521.723

transfer of FEHB enrollment back to, 525.122


conflicts of interest, 662.1

remuneration for, 443.212

Employment and placement

administrative responsibilities for, 311.2

improper practices, 666.14

processes, 310380

Employment status

affecting FEHB enrollment, 524.533

changing enrollment in FEHB after, 524.522

Ending date

of CSRS annuities, 566.12

of FERS annuities, 586.12

Enrolled employee, temporary extension of FEHB coverage, 524.761


effective date of FEHB, 524.6

in FEHB, 524

for a former spouse enrolling in FEHB, 523.61

in management and professional training, 715.52

in Medicare, 575.221

by proxy in FEHB, 523.4

reinstating FEHB after conversion, 524.78

in the Savings Bond Program, 616.3

termination of FEHB, 524.7

Entertainment as a conflict of interest, 662.1

Entitlements for uniforms, 931.11

Entrance examinations, 332.2

administering, 321.3

eOPF, 349.3

EPA (see Environmental Protection Agency)

EPP (see Environmental Policy and Programs)

Equal employment opportunity (see EEO)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

interest paid on back pay, 436.72, 436.73, Exhibit 436.73a, Exhibit 436.73b

regulations, 672.2

Equal Pay Act, 672.1

Equal pay provisions of FLSA, 442


definition of, 693

training for new or additional, 817.7

Equivalent grades, 418, 421.44, Exhibit 418

Equivalent increase, 421.45

Ergonomic considerations, 833.1

Erroneous dues amount, 924.72

Erroneous enrollments

correction of, 524.4

FEGLI, 534.6

Erroneous payment of pay, waiver of claims for, 437

Erroneous retirement system classification, TSP election forms completed after, 594.6

Erroneous separation

electing participation or termination of TSP elections after, 594.72

for retirement, 436.61

Established hours of service

training during, 438.222

training outside, 438.223

Ethical Conduct Advisory Service, 662.12

Ethical conduct, code of, 662

Evaluated Schedule, Rural Carrier (RC), 422.411

Evaluation (see Position evaluation)


affecting Social Security and Medicare benefits, 575.3

allowing a former spouse to change FEHB enrollment, 524.943

permitting FEHB enrollment or change in enrollment, 524.52

terminating coverage for a former spouse, 524.961

Evidence, required for FECA claims, 542.2

Examinations (see also Medical examinations)

availability of announcements, 321.2

conducting, 332

locations of, 332.4

purpose of, 331

Exceptional qualifications

for a new EAS schedule employee, 412.1

under the Operating Services Division Schedule, 422.721

Exceptions to mediation, 652.51

Excess earnings, 586.333

Excess service, 566.342

Excess TSP contributions, 594.31


to CSRS, 561.5

to FERS, 581.4

Exclusive recognition for labor organizations, 911.4

Executive and Administrative Schedule (see EAS)

Executive and management safety and health committees, 815

Executive Assistant to the Postmaster General

complaints filed with, 666.26

Executive Committee Member, role in national contests, 623.4

Executive Compensations Committee (ECC), 383.2

Executive education, 715.53

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, responsibilities of, 212.1, 421.31

Executive vice president organization, 113.3

Executives, safety and health training, 817.12

Executives (PCES I), 381

Exempt employees, 434.12

for night differential, 434.222

Exempt salaried employees, 432.112

Exemptions from FLSA overtime provisions, 443.3

Exit conference (see Closing conference)

Expeditionary service, verifying, 512.232

Expeditions for which campaign badges were authorized, Exhibit 512.232


reduction of, 138

for training, 716

Expiration of appointment of a temporary or casual employee, 365.33

Exposure to workplace hazards, 545.23

Extended leave cases, managing, 545.9

Extended LWOP, granting approval for, 514.23

Extended periods, sick leave for, 513.363

External EAP service provider, 941.2

Extinguishers, 852.2


examination of uninjured, 545.24

injuries as medical emergencies, 545.41

loss of sight in, 532.215


F Fund (Fixed Income Index Investment Fund), 593.1

Fabric, payment for, 931.28

Face masks, 934.21

Face-to-face EAP appointments, 942.224

Facilities, definition of, 693

Facilities expenses for training, 716.2

Facilities Service Section, Merrifield (APWU), salary schedule, 422.711

Facility Safety Coordinators, 813.32, 817.22, 823.23, 824.33, 824.42, 852.1

Fair Labor Standards Act (see FLSA)

False claim, penalty for, 542.32

False statement, penalty for, 542.31

Falsification in recording time, 665.44

Family and Medical Leave Act (see FMLA)

Family care as an acceptable reason for LWOP, Exhibit 514.4

Family changes

affecting FEHB enrollment, 524.53

not affecting FEHB enrollment, 524.54

Family leave poster, 515.9

Family members

conversion privilege for, 535.73

definition of for EAP, 941.2

effective termination dates of FEHB coverage, 524.75

eligible for health insurance, 521.4

FEHB conversion rights, 524.77

ineligible for Temporary Continuation of Coverage, 521.712

losing FEHB coverage as, 524.534

restoration of a child’s status, 521.425

temporary extension of FEHB coverage, 524.762

termination of FEHB coverage for a former spouse, 524.964

Family optional insurance

cancellation of, 535.52

converting to individual policies, 535.73

Family status, changes affecting FEHB enrollment, 524.532

Fatalities (see Serious accidents)

Favors as conflicts of interest, 662.1

FECA (Federal Employees’ Compensation Act) (see also OWCP), 435.1, 540547

adjudication process, 545.76

buying back sick and annual leave, 512.923, Exhibit 514.4

claim management responsibility, 545

claim requirements, 542

continuation of pay by the Postal Service, 545.7

coverage of, 541.13

criteria for reporting procedures, 544.2

determining return to work capability, 545.52

emergency treatment, 545.41

employee rights under, 543

fitness–for–duty examinations, 545.6

implementing medical care, 545.4

initial medical examination or treatment, 545.42

medical care, 543.3

outside treatment in nonemergency situations, 545.44

preventive treatment, 545.24

Privacy Act protection, 547.61

recurrence of injury, 544.22

release of information, 547.6

reporting procedures, 544

requiring compensation of employees prosecuting a third party action, 547.82

review of medical treatment, 545.53

schedule awards, 541.133

subrogation aspects of claims, 547.21

survivor’s compensation benefits, 567.17

time limits for reporting procedures, 544.2

Federal agencies

annual leave transfer from, 512.812

assuming functions from, 422.121

as beneficiaries, 538.123

crediting sick leave to employees transferring from, 513.71

CSRS and FERS employees transferring from, 591.35

debts due other, 461.2

dual appointment between Postal Service and, 348.2

employees subject to offset, transferring to, 455.2, 465.2

medical services provided to other, 868.14

prior service used in computing years of service for annual leave, 512.222

recrediting annual leave earned at, 512.922

replying to requests for suitability from, 365.223

Federal benefits programs, collection of amounts due under, 452.4

Federal civilian employees, setting the salary for a former or current, 412.1

Federal civilian service

counted for annual leave years of service, 512.22

covered by Social Security, 562.22

creditable under the CSRS, 562.2

not counted toward annual leave years of service, 512.24

Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act, disposable earnings under, 454.5, 464.5

Federal courts (see also Courts)

demands for records or information relating to third party recovery matters, 547.64

initiating offsets to collect debts reflected by judgments, 453.21, 463.22

Federal Credit Union Act, 613.1

Federal duty, allowance for, 517.432

Federal employees, former, 347

Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (see FECA)

Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (see FEGLI)

Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (see FEHB)

Federal Employee’s Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/Compensation, Form CA–1, 542.111, 542.21, 544.11, 545.721, 545.724, 545.75

Federal Employees Retirement System (see FERS)

Federal Employees Retirement System Act (FERSA), 591.11

Federal Employees Retirement System — Application for Death Benefits, SF 3104, 587.61, 587.62

Federal government securities, investments in, 615.462

Federal income tax

CSRS annuities subject to withholding, 569.62

FERS and, 589.5

potential liability for employee social and recreational committees, 615.82

referring questions on, 569.63, 589.53

taxable CSRS annuities, 569.61

TSP contributions on a before–tax basis, 592.81

Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes (see FICA taxes)

Federal Judgment Rate, 436.73

Federal lessor agency, 824.535

Federal quarters of coverage (see FQCs)

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, 591.11

claims involving errors of, 594.82

court orders honored by, 596

notifying participants of court orders, 598.3

Federal service

applicants separated for cause from, 343

return to after separating or retiring with a vested TSP balance, 597.7

Federally–sponsored health benefits programs, enrolling in FEHB after loss of coverage under, 524.527


for court service, 516.4

for food services operations, 614.4

recording and reporting, 516.45

Fees expenses

for nonpostal training, 716.3, 741.2, 742.3

Feet, severance of, 532.215

FEGLI (Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance), 530539

acquiring coverage, 535.1

actions, 535

amount of coverage for reemployed annuitants, 537.15

amounts of coverage, 532.2

assignment of life insurance, 534.5, 536.5

belated election for optional insurance, 535.124

beneficiaries, 538

benefits for reemployed annuitants, 537.2

benefits payable, 538.2

canceling waivers or declinations, 535.8

cancellation of insurance coverage, 535.5

claims, 538.3

continuance upon termination of reemployment, 537.17

conversion, 535.7

cost, payment, withholdings, 533

cost for retirees, 536.2

coverage of, 532

death of insured employee, 538.31

death of reemployed annuitants, 538.32

declination of optional insurance, 535.3

designation of beneficiary for reemployed annuitants, 537.3

effects of LWOP, 534.1

effects of receiving OWCP benefits, 534.3

effects of service in employee organizations, 534.2

employees eligible for, 531.2

erroneous enrollments, 534.6

exceptions for canceling a declination of optional insurance, 535.9

exclusions from, Exhibit 531.3

forms, 539

living benefits, 534.4, 536.4

notice of termination and conversion privilege, 535.63

optional insurance, 532.22

Privacy Act considerations, 539.2

reduction after retirement, 536.3

reemployed annuitants, 537

reinstatement actions, 535.92

requirement for continuous protection, 535.64

requirements for continuance at retirement, 536.1

retirement and, 536

special circumstances affecting coverage, 534

temporary continued protection, 535.62

termination and conversion, for reemployed annuitants, 537.16

termination of, 533.225, 535.6

FEGLI Incontestability Clause, 534.6

FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefits Program), 520528

administration of, 521.1

benefits for employees continuing to work after sixty–five, 575.231

both husband and wife eligible to enroll, 524.2

consequences of electing coverage under, 575.232

conversion rights, 524.77

coverage into retirement, 525.4

coverage under the Spouse Equity Act, Exhibit 523.62

dual coverage restriction, 524.3

effective termination dates of family member coverage, 524.75

eligibility of former spouses, 521.6

eligible employees for, 521.2

employee appeals, 528

employee withholding, 524.82

enrolled employee in nonpay status accepting a temporary appointment, 525.24

family members eligible for, 521.4

membership termination in employee organizations, 524.73

military service and, 525.3

payment of premiums by former spouses, 524.93

Postal Service contribution, 524.81

Privacy Act considerations, 527


relatives not eligible, 521.5

self–support determination, 526

special circumstances affecting health insurance coverage, 525

Temporary Continuation of Coverage (TCC) Program, 521.7

temporary extension of coverage, 524.76

withholding and contribution by OWCP, 525.13

FEHB enrollment, 524, 524.5

appeals of refusal to allow or change, 528.1

cancellation by a former spouse, 524.95

correction of erroneous, 524.4

cost of, 524.8

effective date, 524.6

effective date for former spouses, 524.92

effective termination dates of employee, 524.74

eligibility both as an employee and as a survivor annuitant, 525.52

of an employee accepting a temporary appointment while in nonpay status, 525.24

of an employee in nonpay status pending removal, 525.25

in an employee organization plan, 523.5

of an employee transferring, 525.81

of employees in nonpay status, 525.2

of employees moving to or from Congressional offices, 525.83

family changes affecting, 524.53

family changes not affecting, 524.54

by a former spouse, 523.6

for a former spouse, 523.61

for former spouses, 524.9

late, 523.3

new after restoration to duty, 525.252

opportunities to change by former spouses, 524.94

procedures for continuation under OWCP, 525.14

by proxy, 523.4

of reemployed annuitants, 525.45

reinstatement after conversion, 524.78

reinstatement after restoration to duty, 525.252

reinstating for survivors after death during military service, 525.33

terminating for an employee eligible to retire, 525.441

termination by a former spouse, 524.96

termination of, 524.7

transfer to eligible survivors, 525.51

FEHB Open Season

belated enrollments, 523.341

effective date of change of enrollment during, 524.612

effective date of enrollment during, 524.611

enrollment during, 524.523

former spouse change of enrollment, 524.942

opportunities for reemployed annuitants, 525.454

FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System), 580589

alternative form of annuity (AFA), 586.7

annuities, 583, 584

annuities reduced based on survivor annuities, 584.24

annuities with survivor benefits, 584.2

annuities without survivor benefits, 584.1

annuity computation, 586

annuity formula, 586.3

annuity supplement, 586.33

COLA, 586.8, 586.825

creditable service, 582

death benefits in service, 587

deductions refunded, 582.2

deferred annuity, 583.3

disability retirement, 583.23, 586.5

election coverage after retirement, 584.32

election of annuity, 584.3

employees covered by, 581.3

employees restored after erroneous removal or suspension, 582.5

employee’s retirement account, 585

exclusions to, 581.4

factors affecting annuity computations, 586.2

high–3 average pay computation, 586.25

high–3–year period, 586.24

involuntary separations, 583.21

length of service, 586.23

management initiated disability retirement procedures, 588

mandatory retirement, 583.22

military service retirement credit, 582.7

part-time service, 582.3

percentages withheld from basic pay, 585.2

procedures upon death of an employee, 587.6

redeposits, 585.4

reductions for periods of no deposit, 585.33

reemployed annuitants additional annuity, 586.6

reemployed annuitants eligibility for TSP, 591.34

refund of contributions, 587.3

refund of deductions, 585.5

requirements and procedures by types of separations, 583.2

resignation caused by illness, 365.213

retirement forms, 589.2

salary payable to retirees, 586.61

service credit deposit, 585.3

survivor benefit, spousal, 587.2

survivor deposits, 585.34

transferees to, 586.4

transfers to, 582.8

types of annuities, 584

FERS employees

automatic Postal Service contribution to TSP, 592.41

matching contributions to TSP, 592.51

maximum TSP contribution rates, 592.3

Social Security and Medicare coverage for, 572.3

spousal consent for TSP withdrawals, 597.242

transferring from other agencies, 591.35

TSP participation rules for dual appointments, 591.36

vesting of TSP contributions, 592.62

FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) taxes, 573.1

allowances not subject to, 573.2

direct inquiries on payroll deductions, 573.14

FIFRA (see Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act)

Field employees, appeal to Step 1, 652.231

Field installations, higher level EAS positions in, 417.334

Field offices

appeal of denied claims, 641.55

submitting employee claims to, 641.53

Field operations, common characteristics of, 123.1

Field units

access job descriptions, 213.12

standard structures for, 123.2

submitting requests for organizational changes, 154.1

Files, maintained for the employee social and recreational fund, 615.56, Exhibit 615.5

Financial conflicts of interest, 662.1, 662.2

Financial dependency for self–support determination, 526.21

Financial disclosure reports, 662.2

Financial Hardship In–Service Withdrawal Request, Form TSP–76, 597.32

Financial hardship TSP withdrawal, 597.31

Financial obligations, payment of, 662.1

Fire alarm systems, 856.1

Fire drill training, 853.2

Fire extinguishers, 856.2

Fire hazards, list of significant, potential, 854.2

Fire inspections

corrective actions, 855.4

frequency of, 855.2

procedures, 855.3

responsibility for conducting, 855.1

Fire Prevention and Control (Handbook MS–56), 856.1, 856.2

Fire prevention plans, 854

First–aid examination, administrative leave for, 519.54

Fitness–for–duty determinations, relative to an on-the-job injury or illness, 545.62

Fitness–for–duty examinations, 513.38, 545.6

authorizing, 545.92

purpose of, 864.32

results of, 545.63

Fitness–for–duty psychiatric examination, 568.124

Fixed Income Index Investment Fund (see F Fund)

Fleet Management (Handbook PO–701), 831.2

FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act), 440445

compliance investigations, 445

considerations related to compensation for training, 712.2

enforcement of, 441.2

exemptions from overtime provisions, 443.3

opportunity to rectify violations, 445.3

overtime, 434.132, 434.141, Exhibit 434.141b

overtime pay provisions, 443

status during a temporary assignment, 417.334

work week, 443.231

worktime under, 432.712

FLSA Poster, 441.3

FLSA–exempt EAS additional pay, 434.134, 434.143

FLSA–exempt EAS–15 to EAS–18 positions, promotions to, 422.123

FLSA–exempt employees

assigned to perform FLSA–nonexempt work, 417.12

eligibility for FLSA overtime, 417.334

FMLA leave, 515.65

personal absence time, 519.71

FLSA–exempt postmasters, work time credited in units of whole days, 432.51

FLSA–exempt work, assignment of, 434.143

FLSA–nonexempt employees

Job Training always compensable for, 711.411

training programs scheduled for, 712.22

FLSA–nonexempt work, assignment of, 434.143

FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act), 515.1

absences covered by, 432.51, 512.412

documentation for leave, 515.5

eligibility for an absence to be covered by, 515.3

leave requirements, 515.4

leave type charge of, 515.42

FMLA–covered absences

employee returning from, 513.37

returning to work from, 515.534

FMLA–protected absences, 515.43

Food and refreshment, acceptance of, 662.1

Food service officer, advising about vending operations, 615.33

Food services, 614

management of, 614.22

operation of facilities, 614.2

types of operations, 614.3

Footwear program, exceptions to the certified, 939.12

FOP (see Fraternal Order of Police)

Foreign government, accepting a gift, present, decoration, or any other thing from, 662.1

Forfeited TSP balance, 597.7

Formal evaluation, 373.1

Former employees

partially recovered, 546.12

physical examination required for, 546.621

relocation considerations for, 546.144

time limits for TCC program enrollment, 521.73

Former federal employees, hiring for temporary or casual jobs, 347

Former or current federal civilian employees, setting the salary of, 422.721

Former Postal Service employees

hiring for temporary or casual jobs, 347

setting the salary for, 412.1

Former spouse

awarding a lump–sum payment to, 567.222

cancellation of FEHB enrollment, 524.95

copies of all correspondence relating to FEHB enrollment, 523.632

court ordered annuity for, 567.122

CSRS annuity based on court order, 564.22

documentation of FEHB eligibility, 521.62

effective date of FEHB enrollment, 524.92

election of FERS annuity for, 584.222

eligibility for health benefits, 521.6

eligibility for Temporary Continuation of Coverage, 521.711

employing office records on, 523.63

enrollment by, 523.6

FEHB enrollment of, 524.9

FERS annuity based on court order, 584.26

FERS death benefits payable to, 587.4

opportunities to change FEHB enrollment, 524.94

payment of FEHB premiums by, 524.93

request for health benefit reconsideration by, 521.63

responsibility to notify NFC of termination events, 524.965

statement signed when enrolling for health benefits coverage, 523.62, Exhibit 523.62

temporary extension of FEHB coverage, 524.962

termination due to failure to pay premiums, 524.963

termination of FEHB enrollment, 524.96

time limits for TCC program enrollment, 521.73


for CSRS retirement, 569.2

for FEGLI claims, 538.34

for FERS retirement, 589.2

recording and reporting injuries, 541.3

requisitioning CSRS retirement, 569.22

Formula for a FERS annuity, 586.3

Foster care, placement for, 515.61

Foster children for health benefits purposes, 521.423

FQCs (federal quarters of coverage), 574.22

deemed, 574.23, 574.25

total, 574.24

Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), 421.531, 422.8, 923

Fraudulent claims, 641.32

Frozen CSRS service, 586.4

FSCs (facility safety coordinators), 812.3, 813.32

conducting safety and health inspections, 824.331

logging and sequentially numbering all hazard reports, 824.634

participation in OSHA inspections, 825.451

safety and health program evaluations conducted by, 823.23

FSO (see Facilities Services Offices)

Fuel–source hazards, control of, 854.2

Full day, 519.741

Full survivor annuity, 584.24

Full–day absences, personal absence time not authorized for, 519.731

Full–day leave, charging to official leave, 519.743

Full-time credit for government service, 562.12, 582.13

Full-time employees, 432.111

accrual chart for annual leave, 512.31

advancing paid military leave, 517.71

annual leave credited at beginning of leave year, 512.31

annual rates for, 422.112

charging for sick leave, 513.41

court leave for, 516.22

credit received for military leave, 517.41

dismissing early due to acts of God, 519.214

FEGLI coverage, 532.11

FLSA work week for, 443.233

FMLA–covered absences, 515.43

minimum unit charges for annual leave, 512.511

minimum unit charges for sick leave, 513.412

rates of pay under the Tool and Die Shop (TDS) Schedule, 422.912

regularly scheduled on intermittent days in two positions, 233.3

regularly scheduled on intermittent days to more than two positions, 233.3

regularly scheduled to perform work in two or more positions in the same grade, 233.3

regularly scheduled to two positions on a daily basis, 233.3

service day for, 432.43

state or jurisdiction duty allowance, 517.431

straight time pay, 433.2

work or paid leave credited for, 432.52

Full-time position, changing to part-time, 422.124

Full-time postmasters, work schedules of, 432.34

Full-time regular employees

basic hourly rate, 432.2

requests for light duty assignment, 355.11

Full-time salaried employees, 432.112

Full-time status, dual appointment and, 348.16

Fully insured status under Social Security, 574.3

Functional components, 141.1

Functional relationships, 143

Functional reporting relationship, 143.22


consolidation of overlapping, 133

definition of, 113.1


composing TSP, 593.1

definition of, 693

for food services operations, 614.4

withdrawal of TSP, 597


administrative leave for, 519.33

of immediate relatives who died in combat zones, 519.332


G Fund (Government Securities Investment Fund), 593.1

Gainful employment by an employee in sick leave status, 513.32

Gallaudet University, prior service, 512.222

Gambling as prohibited conduct, 665.27

Garnishments, 454.5, 464.5

General formula

computing PIA, 575.54

CSRS annuity computation, 566.3

supplemental annuity for a reemployed annuitant, 566.512

General increase, 421.45

General interest bulletin board material, 612.231

General military leave allowance, absence beyond, 517.541

General paid military leave, allowance, 517.71

General purpose loans, TSP, 596.22

General safety and health orientation, 817.4

Geographic area of responsibility for LDDCs, 722.21

Gift certificates as cash equivalent awards, 491.34, 495.22, 496.22


as conflicts of interest, 662.1

to employees in a superior official position, 662.1

returning to donors, 662.1

God (see Acts of God)

Government agencies (see Federal agencies)

Government pension offset, 575.6

amount of, 575.63

exceptions, 575.62

purpose of, 575.6

Government property or services, unofficial use of, 667.331

Government Securities Investment Fund (see G Fund)

Governors, legal representation of, 668.3

Grades, 421.44

equivalent, 418, Exhibit 418

establishing for positions, 212.2

reduction in for bargaining unit employees, 422.125

Grandchild, living with an employee, 521.423

Grandparent, child living with, 521.423


concerning any letter of demand, 462.21

procedures, 666.24

rate of interest for back pay settlements, 436.73, Exhibit 436.73a, Exhibit 436.73b

staying the collection of a debt, 462.41

Group blood donations, 519.514

Group counseling on retirement planning, 569.13, 589.13

Group injuries, 547.23

Group life insurance (see Life insurance)

Group one and two on the reemployment list, 546.131

Group retirement information programs, 569.13, 589.13

Guaranteed annual wage for regular rural carriers, 444.11

Guaranteed minimum for a CSRS disability retirement, 566.41, 566.42

Guaranteed minimum for disability annuitants, 566.423

Guaranteed time, 432.61, 432.62, Exhibit 432.62

Guaranteed time, travel and, 438.15

Guardian, paying a child’s annuity to, 567.143

Guidelines for Processing Personnel Actions (Handbook EL–301), 569.21, 589.21


Handbook EL–301, Guidelines for Processing Personnel Actions, 569.21, 589.21

Handbook EL-312, Employment and Placement, Chapter 3, 422.121, 666.13, 711.433, 831.3, 864, 943.12, 943.22

Handbook F–15, Travel and Relocation, 516.52, 716.11, 716.124, 754.5

Handbook MS–56, Fire Prevention and Control, 856.2

Handbook PO–701, Fleet Management, 831.2

Handbook PO–702, Accident Investigation — Tort Claims, 547.54

Handicap code, 546.622

Hands, severance of, 532.215

Harassment (see Sexual harassment)

Hazard abatement committee, 824.52

Hazardous materials, 817.53, 852.1


abatement of, 824.53

classifications of, 824.51

initiating actions to eliminate or minimize, 824.633

special, 853.17

HCFA (Health Care Financing Administration), 571.3, 574.253

Headgear, 934.1



appeal of denied, 641.55

submission by employees, 641.53

Facilities Service, salary schedule for, 422.711

EAS positions, higher level, 417.334

responsibilities with regard to

occupational safety and health program, 812.1, 813.1, 823.21

Organizational Management (OM) system, 161.3

organizational structures, 112.1

training and development, 721.1

unemployment compensation, 552.1

Headquarters employees

appeal to Step 1, 652.232

legal representation of, 668.3

Headquarters field units, 113.3

appeal of denied claims, 641.55

employees appeal to Step 1, 652.232

submitting employee claims to, 641.53

Headquarters units, 113.3

major organizational changes for, 153.2

minor organizational changes for, 153.3

submitting requests for organizational changes, 154.2

Health agreements between the Postal Service and other federal agencies, 868.14

Health benefits

for annuitants, 525.43

file for a former spouse, 523.632

individuals losing entitlement to, 521.7

Postal Service contribution for, 524.81

records, 527.1

Health Benefits Open Season Administrative and Processing Information (Publication 12), 524.84

Health benefits plan

appeal of claim denial, 528.211

notifying of children incapable of self–support, 526.5

responsibility in regard to appeals of claim denial, 528.212

Health Benefits Program (see FEHB)

Health Benefits Refund Payment Authorization, PS Form 202, 525.132

Health Benefits Refund Program, 525.132

Health Care Financing Administration (see HCFA)

Health care provider

defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

selected for a second opinion, 515.54

Health insurance coverage

employees eligible for, 521.2

special circumstances affecting, 525

Health insurance plans, 522

Health protection, integrating into all activities, 833.1

Health sampling, 825.462

Health services office occupational health nurses, 863.36

Hearing officer, proposed decision prepared by, 652.251

Hearing officials under 39 CFR Part 961, 462.33


for an appeal to Step 1, 652.24

debt collection, 452.335

limit of right to petition for, 462.34

right to petition for, 462.22

Hierarchy of responsibility, 134.1

Higher grade, temporary assignment to, 417.33

Higher level assignments

for bargaining unit employees, 422.141

TDS schedule employees assigned to, 422.942

Higher level pay

calculating, 417.335

calculation methods for, 421.81

conditions for, 417.334

for rural carriers, 422.44

Higher level service in more than one position, 422.143

Higher retention standing (seniority) for veterans’ preference eligible employees, 354.216

High–quality performance, recognizing, 495.41

High–3 average pay

determining for CSRS annuity computation, 566.25

determining for FERS annuity computation, 586.25

High–3–year period

determining for CSRS annuity computation, 566.24

determining for FERS annuity computation, 586.24

Hiring Worksheet, PS Form 5900, 344.1

Hiring Worksheets

auditing, 345

issuing, 344.1

Holiday leave, 417.336, 518

Holiday leave pay, 434.4

application of, 434.412

eligibility for, 434.421

for higher level assignments, 422.143

for nonbargaining unit employees at higher level service, 417.336

pay computation, 434.43

Holiday scheduling premium, 434.53

Holiday worked pay for higher level assignments, 422.143


fees received for court service falling on, 516.43

leave cannot be charged for, 512.512

list of observed, 434.411

on nonscheduled workdays, 518.2

observed by the U.S. Postal Service, 518.1

Holiday–worked pay, 434.51

eligibility for, 434.52, Exhibit 434.52

pay computation, 434.53

Hospital care, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

Hospital insurance (Part A)

filing an application for, 575.221

of Medicare, 575.21

Hotel, recovering a loss from, 641.431

Hourly rates

for occupational health nurses, 422.512

for part-time employees, 422.112


actually worked, 434.12

recording for annual and sick leave, Exhibit 512.312

House of Representatives, FEHB enrollment of employees moving to or from, 525.83

HRSSC, 569.141, 589.141

Human Resources

area manager of, 311.22

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, responsibilities of, 212.1

review of request for waiver of claim for erroneous payment of pay, 437.5

Human Resources Shared Services Center (see HRSSC)


IAW (see International Association of Machinists)

Identification of Physical/Mental Disability, PS Form 2489, 546.621

I Fund (International Stock Index Investment Fund), 593.1

Illegal claims for unemployment compensation, 551.13

Illegal drug use, 665.25

Illegitimate child (see also Natural child)

of the employee’s spouse, 521.422

entitled to a survivor annuity, 567.133


as an acceptable reason for LWOP, Exhibit 514.4

as a condition for sick leave, 513.32

reporting, 821.1

resignation caused by, 365.213

serious, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

unexpected, 513.332

Immediate annuity under CSRS, 563.13

Immediate relative, 513.332

Immediate supervisors, FECA responsibilities, 544.11

Immediate unreduced annuity

under FERS, 583.13

FERS conditions for, 583.15

Imminent dangers, 824.51, 825.47

Imminent hazard, 824.423

Improper employment and placement practices, 666.14

Improper recommendations, 666.15

Inability to perform duties, 865.1

Inappropriate expenditures for employee social and recreational funds, 615.473

Inappropriate reporting relationships, 134

Inappropriate span of control, 136

Incapable of self–support, unmarried children over age 22, 526.11


acceptable evidence of, 512.52, 513.364

Incipient fire, 853.13

Inclusiveness and Diversity Advisory Committees, 674.3

Income, cash awards as, 491.3

Income tax (see Federal income tax)

Incomplete mail disposition, 665.21

Increased work, 131.1

Increases for higher level assignments, 422.144

Indebtedness (see also Debt), 662.1

Independence Day, 518.1

Independent audits

recommending for social and recreational funds, 615.71, 615.722

of social and recreational funds, 615.74

Indirect reporting relationship, 143.22

Individual insurance policies, converting to, 535.722

Individual retirement counseling, 569.14, 589.14

Individual Retirement Account (see IRA)

Individual Retirement Record, SF 2806, 525.149

Individual Training Progress Report, PS Form 2432, 438.222, 732.11

Individual Training Record, PS Form 2548, 732.13, 817.9

Individual training records, 732.1, 817.9

Individuals with disabilities, rights of, 674.21, 713.1

Ineligibility of a former spouse for health insurance coverage, 521.622

Infection, disease–specific measures against, 545.24

Informal award, 494

Informal conference with the OSHA area director, 825.53

Informal evaluation, 373.2


disclosing, 667.32

used in making an invention, 693

Information and information processing resources, uses and protection of, 667.31

Information media for employee services, 612

Information obtained as a result of employment, 662.1

Information service center on–call pay, 421.44

Information Service Centers, collective bargaining agreement, 421.532

Information system executive, 669

Information Technology/Accounting Service Centers (IT/ASC) Schedule

career appointments to, 422.621

change action pay rules, 422.62

cost–of–living adjustment (COLA), 422.613

effect of saved grade, 422.622

employee classifications, 422.614

grades, 422.611

management action reduction, 422.626

part-time employees, 422.612

promotion from, 422.622

promotion to, 422.622

promotion within, 422.622

rate retention under, 422.626

reassignment, 422.623

repromotion, 422.622

step increase waiting periods, Exhibit 422.13

Initial disability, eligibility for COP, 545.721

Initial level unemployment compensation appeals

by claimants, 554.2

by the Postal Service, 554.3

Initial registration in FEHB, 523.1

Initiating offices for job evaluation reviews, 212.3

Injuries, 541.2h

as an acceptable reason for LWOP, Exhibit 514.4

as a condition for sick leave, 513.32

forms for recording and reporting, 541.3

preventing, 811.24

reporting, 821.1

serious, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

third party responsible for, 547

unexpected, 513.332

Injury compensation (see also COP)

credit for the period of absence, 422.132

for injuries during training, 716.4

Injury compensation claims, 545.11

Injury Compensation control office

coordinating the reemployment of annuitants, 546.5

responsibilities for third party recoveries, 547.4

Injury Compensation manager, 541.2f

Injury Compensation Program (see FECA; OWCP)

Injury Compensation Program — Notice of Potential Third Party Claim, PS Form 2562, 547.55, Exhibit 547.55

Injury compensation records, Privacy Act considerations, 541.14

Injury Prevention Contest, 842.1

Inoculations, not authorized under FECA, 545.24

Inpatient care, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

Inpatient hospitalization, 822.12

Inquiries, relating to inventions and patents, 698

In–Service examinations, 332.3

In–service withdrawals, TSP, 597.3

Insignia, 933.7

Inspection rules, 824.422

Inspection Service

appeal of denied claims, 641.55

awards for employees, 498

Joint Mission Support Center, 714.225

records involved in an appeal hearing, 554.433

requesting representation by the Department of Justice, 668.123

service award pins, 493.234

Strategic Learning Services, 714.225

submitting employee claims to, 641.53

training, 715.6

Inspection Service employees

appeal to Step 1, 652.232

awards for, 498

Inspection Service field offices

appeal of denied claims, 641.55

submitting employee claims to, 641.53

Inspection teams for health and safety inspections, 824.322

Inspector general

as the sole appellate official, 652.233

reporting violations to, 665.14

Inspectors (see Postal Inspectors)

Installation heads (see also Managers), 113.2

annual leave for, 512.513

approving requests for LWOP, 514.31

collection of debt by, 452.12, 462.12

correcting social and recreational fund deficiencies, 615.77

definition of, 451.3

definition relevant to waiver of claimers for erroneous payment of pay, 437.2

hazard report responsibilities, 851.1

implementing emergency action plans and a fire safety program, 851.1

notifying employees of right to insurance coverage, 534.221

Occupational Safety and Health Program responsibilities, 812.32

preparing a memorandum summarizing OSHA’s findings, 825.49

preparing PS Form 820, 232.21

recording personal absences, 519.742

reporting serious accidents, 822.13

responsibilities in regard to uniforms, 931.25

review of request for waiver of claim for erroneous payment of pay, 437.4

unemployment compensation responsibilities, 552.4

Installations, 123.2

Installments from TSP, stopping upon reemployment, 597.7

Institutional memberships

procurement of, 753.3

in professional associations, 753.2

Instruments, prepared by the Patent Counsel, 695.2

Insufficient earnings for TSP contributions, 592.9

Insufficient leave balance, 512.43

Insufficient sick and annual leave, 513.62

Insufficient sick leave, 513.61

Insurable interest

CSRS annuity to person with, 564.23

FERS annuity to persons with, 584.27

not preserved, 584.274

presumed to exist, 584.273

Insurable interest annuity, changing to a reduced annuity with survivor benefits, 564.324, 584.324

Insurance benefits, order of precedence of, 538.111, 538.121, 538.132

Insurance companies, handling conversions, 535.712

Insurance coverage (see also Life insurance)

converting to an individual policy, 535.711

electing to continue while serving in employee organizations, 534.212

Insurance forms, 539

Insurance protection, continuous, 535.64

Insurance purposes

basic pay for, 532.11

calculating birthdays for, 533.224

Insured employees, death of, 538.31

Insured status under the Social Security Program, 574.3


on back pay, 436.7

charged on a service credit deposit, 562.342, 582.762

determining rate for back pay, 436.73, Exhibit 436.73a, Exhibit 436.73b

Interest–bearing accounts in federal credit unions, 615.462

Interfund Transfer Request, Form TSP–30, 593.23

Interfund transfers, TSP, 593.23

Interim promotion, 421.44, 422.123

Intermediate travel home, 438.134

Intermittent leave under FMLA, 515.6

Intermittent service, creditable for CSRS, 562.24

Internal audit of social and recreational funds, 615.73

Internal EAP, 941.2

Internal Revenue Code Overpayment Rate, 436.73

Internal Revenue Service

constructive receipt regulations, 512.634

employee social and recreational committees not subject to income taxation, 615.81

International Association of Machinists (IAW), 923

Internment, special retirement credit for Japanese-American employees, 562.251


with applicants, 344.2

for return to work, 546.632

Intoxicating beverages, 665.26

Inventions, 690

correspondence relating to, 698

definition of, 693

determination of rights in and to, 695

divided rights to, 695.1

reporting, 694

Inventor in official duty or capacity, 693


cooperation in, 665.3

of third party recovery incidents, 547.54

Investments, TSP, 593, 593.22


certifying for medical contracted services, 868.132

certifying for nonpostal training, 742.5, 744.2

Involuntary salary offsets, avoiding, 452.22

Involuntary separations, 365.3

FERS, 583.21

requirements and procedures for a CSRS annuity, 563.21

IT/ASC schedule (see Information Technology/Accounting Service Centers Schedule)


Japanese-American employees, special retirement credit, 562.251

JEP (job evaluation process), 413.3

Job assignment

Job experiences outside current, 711.433

Job experiences within current, 711.432

Job content, definition of, 142.2

Job descriptions

developing and reusing, 212.2

maintaining, 213

Job descriptions, access to, 213.2

Job evaluation (see also Performance evaluation)

performed by Organizational Effectiveness, 232.5

requesting reviews, 211

Job evaluation process (JEP), 413.3

Job experiences, 711.43

Job opportunities, publicizing, 321.2

Job requirements, disputes between employees and managers over, 222.12

Job site to job site, travel from, 438.133

Job training

categories of, 711.4

conditions of, 711.412

description of, 711.411

examples of, 711.413

Job–related first aid injuries, 545.21

Job–relatedness, determining for self–development training, 711.423

Jobs, evaluation of, 210250

Joint Committee Employee Assistance

Joint labor–management safety and health committees, 816, 817.3

Joint Mission Support Center, 714.225


applying for payment or reimbursement for, 668.33

reimbursement for, 668.22

Judicial proceedings

definition for the purposes of court–related service, 516.2

testifying in an official capacity, 516.51

Jurisdiction duty, allowance for, 517.431

Jury service, Exhibit 516.11

Justification for Billing Accounts Receivable, PS Form 1902, 744.43

Justified wage differentials, 442.2


Key Positions (see KPs)

Key roles in civil defense activities, 519.314

Knee–length hose, 934.31

KPs (Key Positions), 231


L Funds (Lifecycle Funds), 593.1

Labor Day, 518.1

Labor organizations, 924.12

discriminating not allowed by, 442.3

right to participation in, 911.1

training courses sponsored by, 438.23

Labor relations, 910930

Labor Relations, vice president of, 674.22

Last Chance Agreement, 942.221

Late conversion after FEHB termination, 524.774

Late election for optional insurance, 535.124

Late enrollment in FEHB, 523.3, 523.34

Latent disability

death due to, 542.142

time for filing the claim, 542.122

Lateral assignment (see Reassignments)

Law enforcement

allowance, 517.43

paid military leave for, 517.72

Law enforcement employees

annuity supplement under FERS, 586.331

eligibility for FERS COLA, 586.824

survivor annuity for a current and/or former spouse, 567.142

Law enforcement officers, subject to mandatory retirement because of age, 563.22

Laws, referenced in the Code of Ethical Conduct, 661.1

League (National League of Postmasters of the United States), 922, 682.1

Learning, Development and Diversity, 711.11,

714.122, 715.1, 715.52, 717, 721.3, 722.22

responsibilities of, 714.221, 743.7

training tracking system, 732.2

Learning Development and Diversity Centers (LDDCs), 711.413, 722

facilities for, 722.23

geographic area of responsibility, 722.21

Job training courses, 711.413

network operating procedures of, 722.2

purpose of, 722.1

reporting relationships, 722.22

reviews of, 722.24

Learning experiences, incorporating into the current assignment, 711.432

Leave, 510519

accrual for appointees, 512.313

compensation under dual employment, 422.155

Leave balance, insufficient, 512.43

Leave buy–back, 512.923, 545.84, Exhibit 514.4

Leave credits

of partially recovered employees, 546.143

reduced by LWOP, 514.24

Leave hours, Sunday premium not normally applicable to, 434.33

Leave of absence, retirement credit for, 562.255

Leave pay for employees assigned to higher level positions, 422.143

Leave program

eligibility for, 511.31

employees not covered, 511.32

equitable administration of, 511.1

Leave replacements, 432.12

absence of postmasters requiring, 513.35

for rural carriers, 512.55

Leave requirements under FMLA, 515.4

Leave type, charged for FMLA leave, 515.42

Leave without pay (see LWOP)

Leave without pay because of injury on duty (see LWOP/IOD)

Leave year, 512.12

Lecturing, 662.1

Ledger for the employee social and recreational fund, 615.51, Exhibit 615.5

Legal assistance, provided by the Postal Service, 668

Legal basis for reduction in force, 354.212

Legal fees

applying for payment or reimbursement for, 668.32

reimbursement for, 668.21

Legal guidelines for unemployment compensation, 551.1

Legal liability, 547.23

Lehman Brothers Aggregate index (see LBA index)

Length of service

for CSRS annuity computation, 566.23

for FERS annuity computation, 586.23

Less than 5 years of civilian service, refund of deductions for, 565.51

LETS (Local Employee Training System), 732.2

Letter of denial, appealing, 641.55

Letter of Salary Offsets Based on Federal Court Judgment, 453.21

Letterbox mechanics, uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.111

Letters of appreciation to accompany a Service Award Pin, 493.26, Exhibit 493.27a, Exhibit 493.27b

Letters of demand, right to grieve, 462.21

Letters of warning in lieu of time–off suspensions, 651.5

appeals of, 652.3, 652.41

mediation for, 652.53

Letters of warning, issuing, 651.5

LFCC (Local Federal Coordinating Committee), 617.21

Liability (see also Legal liability)

for unemployment compensation benefit payments, 551.12

Licensed vendors, payment to for uniforms, 936.5

Life insurance

assignment of, 534.5, 536.5

continuing, reemployed acquired, 537.22

coverage during a back pay period, 436.5

death during the 31–day extension of, 538.25

records of retired employees, 539.23

retention after separation from reemployment, 537.171

temporary extension, 535.62

Life Insurance Election, SF 2817, 534.343, 535.122, 535.21, 535.51, 539.11

Life Insurance Program (see FEGLI)

Life insurance records

Privacy Act considerations, 539.21

records maintenance, 539.22

Life status changes

allowing election of FEGLI Option B or Option C coverage, 535.91

qualified, 524.529

Life–threatening medical condition, 566.61, 586.71

Light duty assignments, 355

Limitations to corrective entitlement, 436.2

Limited appointments, salary received under, 422.123

Limited duty assignments, 546.141, 546.142

Line managers, 143.3

Line of duty, injury in, Exhibit 514.4

Line relationships, 143.3

Liquidation of advanced sick leave, 513.532

Living benefits, 534.4, 536.4

“Living–with” requirement, not affected by child’s temporary absence, 521.424

Loaned Executive Program of CFC, 617.23


acceptance of, conflict of interest, 662.1

repayment of TSP, 596.4

TSP, 596

Local commuting area, 438.11, 438.133

Local Employee Training System (see LETS)

Local Federal Coordinating Committee (see LFCC)

Local official, corrective action statements by, 436.41

Local political office, holding of nonpartisan, 663.113

Local Retail/Private Housing allowance category, 439.2

Locker Record, PS Form 4943, 612.241

Lockers (see Employee lockers)

Log and summary of OSHA recordable occupational injuries and illnesses, 821.142

Logs (see Accident logs)

Loitering, 667.15

Long-range organizational development, 112.1

Long-term condition requiring supervision, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

Long-term temporary assignment

at a higher level, 422.141

leave pay for, 422.143

Lost or destroyed property, compensation for, 641.41

Lower grade

changes to using RIF avoidance procedures, 415.21

non–RIF–related changes to, 415.21

positions reclassified to, 415.21

temporary assignment to, 417.31

Lower level positions, TDS schedule employees assigned to, 422.941

Lower grade level

change to, 363

restrictions on change to, 362.3

Loyalty of employees, 665.11

Lump–sum payment

for annual leave, 512.553

for annual leave at the time of retirement, 512.73

of life insurance, 534.4, 536.4

Lump–sum credit, payment of, 566.6

Lump–sum death benefit payment, 567.2

Lunchroom, 614.3, 614.4

LWOP (leave without pay), 364, 514

acceptable reasons and instructions for, Exhibit 514.4

administrative discretion, 514.22

authority to approve, 514.3

contacting OWCP for a determination on FEHB enrollment, 525.146

for bargaining unit employees, 422.133

effects on FEGLI coverage, 534.1

employees on during court service, 516.44

in excess of 2 years, 514.21

forms required, 514.5

granting approval for extended, 514.23

health benefits enrollment terminated by, 524.722

no contributions to TSP on, 592.91

not granted for other employment, 514.25

receiving OWCP benefits, 562.252, 582.41

restriction on, 514.21

retirement credit for serving in employee organizations, 562.254, 582.6

retirement or death on, 562.254

LWOP/IOD (leave without pay because of injury on duty), 545.9


Mail, obstructing, 667.17

reporting theft of, 665.14

Mail disposition, incomplete, 665.21

Mail Equipment Shops/Material Distribution Center Schedule (see MESC schedule)

Mail handlers

contract uniforms for, 932.12

uniforms worn by, 933.3

work clothes for, 932.13

Mail Handlers (MH) Schedule

change action pay rules, 422.32

grades, 422.311

promotion from, 422.323

promotion to, 422.323

promotion within, 422.323

repromotion within, 422.323

step increase waiting periods, Exhibit 422.13

Mail service, campaigns for changes in, 667.12

Mailboxes, manufacture of rural, 667.14

Mailing addresses (see Addresses)

Mailing lists, disclosing, 667.323

Maintenance employees, work clothes for, 932.13

Maintenance mechanics, uniforms worn by, 933.111

Maintenance training, delivery of, 715.4

Major function, 113.1

Major organizational changes, 153.2, 155

Make-up TSP contributions, 594.44, 594.452, 594.453, 594.46

Malpractice insurance, not available for postal medical personnel, 868.2


accountability with regard to diversity and inclusion, EEO, and preventing discrimination, 673.62

EAP responsibilities, 942, 943

leave program responsibilities, 511.21

OSHA inspections, participation in, 825.451, 825.452

refusal to reemploy employee injured on duty, 546.65

responsibilities regarding leave, 511.21

safety and health training and education, 817.1

Step 1 hearing, obligation to provide witnesses, 652.243

unscheduled absences, responsibility to control, 511.42

Management action plan (MAP) in an abatement plan, 824.532

Management action reduction, 421.43

Management actions, eliminating positions, 422.125

Management and professional training, 715.5

Management associations

conferences, 682.31

training courses sponsored by, 438.23

Management Instruction AS–710–92–3, Contracting for Consultant Services, 433.5

Management Instruction EL–510–2003–2, Annual Leave Sharing Program, 512.64

Management levels of review for job evaluations, 212.5

Management Organization Report (see Authorized Staffing Organization Report)

Management referrals to EAP, 942.221

Management responsibility for a reduction in force, 354.213

Management Staffing Exception Report (see Payroll Staffing Condition Report)

Management Staffing Report (see Authorized Staffing Organization Report)

Management–initiated action for voluntary acceptance of a lower grade, 415.24

Management–initiated disability retirement procedures, 568

Manager of National Accounting, final decision on requests for waiver of claim for erroneous payment of pay, 437.72

Manager of Organizational Design and Management, implementing organizational changes, 354.222

Manager of Selection, Evaluation, and Recognition, implementing organizational changes, 354.222

Managerial functions, complexity of, 136.1

Managerial positions, basic, 113.2

Managers, 113.2

EAP resonsibilities of, 942, 943

identifying superior work, 491.2

organizational structure responsibilities of, 112.3

performance management of subordinates, 651.3

providing safe and healthful working conditions, 811.21

remaining constantly alert for hazards, 851.2

safety and health training, 817.1

training and development responsibilities and functions, 721.4

Managing field counsel, interpreting Postal Service Privacy Act regulations, 554.434

Mandatory automatic cash-out of a TSP account, 597.22

Mandatory retirement

CSRS, 563.22

FERS, 583.22

Marital status

changes affecting FEHB enrollment, 524.531

discrimination based on, 665.12, 665.23

Marriage (see also Life status changes)

after retirement, 564.324, 584.324

illegal from the beginning, 521.425

terminated after retirement, 564.322, 584.322

Married children, no family member status for, 521.425

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, 518.1

Matching contributions to TSP, 592.5

Materials, 693

Matrix, 125.3

Maximum basic insurance, 532.212

Maximum carryover amounts for accumulated annual leave, 512.321

Maximum contribution amount, TSP, 592.7

Maximum contribution rates, TSP, 592.3

Maximum hours allowed for total daily service, 432.32

Maximum step, 421.44, 422.123

Maximum survivor annuity, 584.23

MBF (modified benefit formula)

application of, 575.42

applying to Social Security weighting, 575.522

computation examples using, 575.543

designed to eliminate windfall Social Security benefits, 575.41

Meals, acceptance of, 662.1

Mealtime, 432.33, 432.711

Mediation (see also Alternative Dispute Resolution), 652.5

for adverse actions, 652.54

cases not appropriate for, 652.51

implementing programs, 652.52

for letters of warning in lieu of time–off suspensions, 652.53

for time–off suspensions, 652.53

Medical Agreement, PS Form 7314, 868.131

Medical agreements, initiating, 868.131

Medical and Occupational Health Program

administrative office, 862.21

area administrative office, 862.23

health services, 862.22

Medical and occupational health services, 860

Medical assessments, 864

Medical care

for a disability, 541.131

under FECA, 543.3

implementing under FECA, 545.4

monitoring for all cases reported to OWCP, 545.5

Medical certificate for a determination of self–support, 526.32

Medical certification

contents of, 865.3

required for returning to duty, 865.1

Medical condition, recurrence of, 541.2q

Medical determinations of Postal Service medical officers, 526.4

Medical documentation

for advanced sick leave, 513.512

for sick leave, 513.364

Medical emergencies, 545.41, 866

Medical events, administrative leave for, 519.5

Medical evidence

of insurability, 535.81

releasing to OPM for review of claim denial, 528.223

Medical Examination and Assessment, PS Form 2485, 546.621

Medical examinations, 864

authorizing under FECA, 545.2

as a condition for sick leave, 513.32

initial under FECA, 545.42

for management–initiated disability retirements, 568.12

for return to duty after occupational illness or injury, 865.1

Medical insurance (Part B)

enrollment period for, 575.221

of Medicare, 575.21

Medical officers and technicians, uniforms worn by, 932.11

Medical opinions

additional for FMLA leave, 515.53

differences regarding fitness–for–duty examinations, 545.64

Medical payment log, 868.134

Medical personnel

defined as, 868.51

disclosure of EAP counseling records to, 944.411

uniforms worn by, 933.51, 933.52

Medical reasons, care of others for, 515.532, 515.62

Medical records

disclosing information for a state unemployment compensation appeal hearing, 554.432

privacy of, 868.3

reviewable by OSHA CSHOs, 825.442

Medical release time, 432.72

Medical reports

to OWCP, 545.51

submitting FECA, 542.22

Medical requirement for a determination of self–support, 526.3

Medical review, Postal Service, 546.62

Medical services

provided to other federal agencies, 868.14

recording payment for, 868.133

Medical staffing, 863.21

Medical surveillance, 868.12

Medical training, 868.4

Medical treatment (see also Treatment)

for disabled veterans, 513.32

review of FECA, 545.53

Medicare, 571.3

changing FEHB coverage when eligible for, 524.528

contributions to, 573

coverage requirements for benefits, 574.4

eligibility for, 575.22

employees covered by, 572.12

employees covered for only, 573.122

events affecting benefits, 575.32

exclusions from, 572.2

extended to federal/postal employees covered by CSRS, 574.21

health insurance programs, 575.21

Medicare–sponsored prepaid health plan, enrollment of a former spouse in, 524.95

Meetings of the employee social and recreational committee, 615.322

Members at large of organizations, 926.4

Membership dues or fees, payment to professional associations, 753

Memorandum About FEHB Enrollment, 525.422, Exhibit 525.422

Memorial Day, 518.1

Merit pay adjustments, 416.1

Merit pay program, 416

Merit promotion program, 351.51, 351.52

Merit Systems Protection Board (see MSPB)

MESC employees, reassignments, 422.124

MESC schedule, 422.111

reassignment within, 422.124

MESC schedule 1

promotion from, 422.123

step increase waiting periods, Exhibit 422.13

MESC schedule 2

hiring into, 422.121

step increase waiting periods, Exhibit 422.13

Methods of training, 711.12

MH schedule (see Mail Handlers Schedule)

Middle–level managers, Occupational Safety and Health Program responsibilities, 812.4

Military, wars, campaigns, and expeditions of, Exhibit 512.232

Military academies, service creditable for retirement purposes, 562.313

Military aid, 517.431

Military duty

as an acceptable reason for LWOP, Exhibit 514.4

including in creditable service, 422.132

Military leave

allowances, 517.4

conflict with work schedule, 517.6

minimum units for, 517.52

paid, 517

returning from duty after, 517.34

taking intermittently, 517.33

Military records center, verifying service, 512.232

Military retired pay

barring crediting of military service toward CSRS annuity, 562.351

barring crediting of military service toward FERS basic annuity, 582.77

employees receiving, 566.413

waiver of, 562.352, 582.78

Military retirees, eligibility for veterans’ preference for RIF, 354.215

Military retirement annuity, service of an employee eligible for, 512.232

Military service

counted toward annual leave years of service, 512.23

creditable after December 31, 1956, 562.316, 582.73

creditable prior to January 1957, 562.315, 582.72

CSRS retirement credit for, 562.3

death during, 525.33

effect of entry into on FEHB enrollment, 525.31

effect of return from on FEHB enrollment, 525.31

effects on FEHB enrollment, 525.3

enrollment in FEHB after return from, 524.526

FERS retirement credit for, 582.7

not counted toward annual leave years of service, 512.24

required conditions for creditable, 562.32, 582.74

verification of, 512.232

Minimum basic annuity for employees under age 60, 566.411

Minimum basic insurance, 532.211

Minimum disability retirement, exceptions under CSRS, 566.413

Minimum rate, employees below, 413.1

Minimum retirement age (see MRA)

Minimum unit charges

for full-time career employees annual leave, 512.511

for full-time employees sick leave, 513.412

for part-time employees annual leave, 512.521

for part-time employees sick leave, 513.422

Minimum units for military leave, 517.52

Minor children (see also Children)

filing death claim applications on behalf of, 567.332

Minor function, 113.1

Minor organizational changes, 153.3

Misconduct, discharge for, 551.3

Mission, change in, 137

Mixed assignments, evaluating, 233.3

Mixed leave, during longer periods of military duty, 517.32

Mode, 421.45

Modified benefit formula (see MBF)

Monthly pay, 541.2i

Most prevalent step, 421.45

Motor vehicle accidents, 821.123

Motor vehicle maintenance employees, work clothes for, 932.13

Motor vehicle operators, uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.111

Motor Vehicle Safety Program, 831.1

Motor vehicles

accident analysis, 831.4

fire extinguishers and emergency warning kits placed in, 857

maintenance of, 831.2

operated in the scope of employment, 668.11

responsibility for safe operation of, 831.331

smoking prohibited in, 882.2

MRA (minimum retirement age), 583.14

MSPB (Merit Systems Protection Board)

adverse actions appealed to, 666.23

interest paid on back pay, 436.72

mitigating an adverse action in an initial decision, 651.76

Office of Special Counsel, 663.13

rate of interest for back pay, 436.73, Exhibit 436.73a, Exhibit 436.73b

rights, 652.1

Multiple accidents, FEGLI benefits, 538.222

Multiple eligibility for overtime, 434.142

Multiple employment, 422.15

Multiple modes, 421.45

Multiple offsets, 454, 464

Mutual exchanges, 351.6


NALC (see National Association of Letter Carriers)

Name badges, worn by retail service personnel, 933.72

Name changes, reporting to health benefits plans, 524.542

NAPS (see National Association of Postal Supervisors)

NAPUS (see National Association of Postmasters of the United States)

NARECS (see National Retirement Counseling System)

National agreements

bargaining unit positions covered by, 230

bargaining unit positions not covered by, 240

National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), 923

National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS), 682.1, 922, 923

National Association of Postmasters of the United States (NAPUS), 682.1, 922, 923

National Center for Employee Development (NCED), 711.14, 711.413, 714.223, 715.43, 715.51, 731

National citation management tracking system, 825.51

National contests

approval of, 623.4

expenditures for, 627.23

National conventions, 682.2

National Credit Union Administration, 613.1

National EEO Compliance and Appeals Programs, 652.52

National Finance Center (NFC), 521.721, 524.966

National Fleet Safety Contest, 842.1

National Guard

duty covered as paid military leave, 517.131

service creditable for retirement purposes, 562.314, 582.71

supporting employee service in, 517.11

National Guardsman, entitled to LWOP, 514.22

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

interest paid on back pay, 436.72

rate of interest for back pay, 436.73, Exhibit 436.73a, Exhibit 436.73b

National League of Postmasters of the United States, 682.1, 922, 923, 924.421

National Medical and Occupational Health Program, 861.1

approach of, 861.3

facilities, 862.2

mission of, 861.2

staffing and function responsibilities, 863

National medical director, 863.31, 868.11

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, commissioned officer of, 562.311, 582.7

National Performance Assessment, 823.233

National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU), 923

National Postal Professional Nurses (NPPN), 421.531, 422.5

National president to an organization of supervisory or other managerial personnel, Exhibit 514.4

National Retirement Counseling System (NARECS), 569.12, 589.12

National Rural Letter Carrier Agreement, conforming to FLSA, 444.11

National Rual Letter Carriers Association (NRLCA), 923

National safety awards and contests, 842

National Safety Council, participation in programs and contests, 842.1

National security, offense involving, 563.11, 583.11

National Test Administration Center (NTAC), 321.2

Natural child (see also Illegitimate child)

proof of dependency, 526.23

Nature of functions, analysis of, 141.1

Navy and Coast Guard Exchanges, 512.24

NCED (see National Center for Employee Development)

Neck/chest protector, 934.22

“Needed to care for,” medical certification provision, 515.532

Negligence, definition of, 547.23

Negotiations, compensation to employees during, 911.5

NEPA (see National Environmental Policy Act)

Nepotism as a prohibited practice, 666.13

New and complex systems, transition to, 139

New appointments, enrollment in FEHB, 524.521

New employees, not required to wear uniforms, 932.21

New Employees program, orientation for, 715.2

New Year’s Day, 518.1

Newly eligible employees, acquiring basic insurance, 535.111

Next of kin, contacting, 567.31

NFC (see National Finance Center)

Night differential, 434.2

continuance when absent on military leave, 517.53

eligibility for, 434.221, Exhibit 434.2

exempt employees, 434.222

5–minute leeway rule and, 432.464

pay computation of, 434.23

training and, 438.24

travel and, 438.15

NLRB (see National Labor Relations Board)

No named beneficiary, FEGLI, 538.11

No reduction of basic insurance after retirement, 536.313

Nomination and registration procedures for training, 731

Nonarbitrability, ruling of, 462.22

Nonbargaining rescheduling premium, 434.7

training and, 438.24

travel and, 438.15

Nonbargaining temporary employees, 419.2

Nonbargaining unit employees

accumulated annual leave payments, 512.73

annual leave exchange program, 512.633

appeal procedures, 652

assignment due to a reduction in force, 354.2

assignment of unassigned, 354.12

categories of, 432.112

collection of postal debts from, 450455

employee claims, 641

granting saved grade, 415.11

grievance procedures, 666.24

night differential, 434.23

pay administration policy for, 410

payment factors of higher level pay, 417.336

personal absence time, 519.7

placing in an indefinite nonpay, nonduty status, 651.61

promotion increases, 413.21

rate adjustment, 414.22

reassigning, 353.21

RIF procedures and, 354.214

sick leave, 513.1

vacation planning, 512.62

Nonbargaining unit positions, 220

promotion to, 413

qualification standards for, 251.21

reassigning bargaining unit employees to, 414.1

reassignment to, 414.1

selection for, 353

temporary assignment to, 417

Noncareer employees

electing to pay premiums on a pre–tax basis, 524.833

health insurance eligibility for, 521.2

paid military leave not authorized for, 517.71

Noncareer nonbargaining employees, RIF procedures and, 354.214

Noncareer postal employees

eligibility for Certificates of Appreciation, 492.4

eligibility for Informal Award, 494.4

Noncareer rural carrier supplemental workforce, 422.415

Noncareer Temporary Rate schedule grades for PMRs, 419.32

Noncareer workforce, supplemented EAS, 419

Non-compensable training, 711.421

Noncompetitive consideration for vacancies, 354.26

Nondeduction service

percentages of basic pay for periods of, 565.211

reduction for periods of, 565.212, 585.33

Nondisciplinary and involuntary reduction, rate retention under the IT/ASC schedule, 422.626

Nondisciplinary corrective measures for nonbargaining unit employees, 651.3

Nonemergency situations, outside treatment under FECA, 545.44

Nonexempt employees, 432.112, 434.12

Nonfederal health enrollment benefit of a spouse, 524.533

Noninterference rule for Step 1 hearings, 652.245

Nonmandatory deductions, cancelling, 533.225

Nonpartisan state or local office, holding, 663.13

Nonpay, nonduty status, 354.253

Nonpay status

contacting OWCP for a determination on FEHB enrollment, 525.146

effect of temporary appointment on FEGLI coverage, 534.14

FEHB enrollment of employees in, 525.2

health benefits payment required for periods of, 525.22

pending retirement annuity effect on FEGLI coverage, 534.15

placing employees in, 364

12–month maximum for FEGLI coverage, 534.11, 534.142

Nonpostal personnel participation in postal training, 717

Nonpostal training, 714.11, 740

documentation of completion, 742.5

Nonpostal training delivery, 714.3

Non–RIF–related changes to lower grade, 415.2

Nonscheduled workdays, holidays on, 518.2

Nonselection of a veteran, 344.5

Nonserious danger, 824.51

Non–statement of account offices, payment procedures, 868.134

Nonuniform categories, employees in, 934.5

Nonuniformed employees, items purchased for wear by, 933.812

Non–veterans’ preference eligible employees, changes to lower grade using RIF procedures, 415.3


of debt collection, 452.22

of proposed adverse action, 651.73

Notice of Conversion Privilege — Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program, SF 2819, 534.341, 535.63

Notice of Federal Employee’s Recurrence of Disability and Claim for Pay/Compensation, Form CA–2a, 542.131, 542.21, 544.22, 545.722

Notice of Involuntary Administrative Salary Offsets Under the Debt Collection Act, 452.321, 462.22, 462.32

Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation, Form CA–2, 542.121, 542.21, 544.11

Notice of right of conversion or continuation, 534.34

Notice period for a proposed adverse action, 651.76, 651.77

Notice to Attorney of Government’s Lien sample letter, 547.57, Exhibit 547.57a

Notice to Employee of Government’s Lien, 547.58, Exhibit 547.58a

Notice to Federal Employee About Unemployment Insurance, SF 8, 552.41, 553.12

Notice to Third Party of Government’s Lien sample letter, 547.58, Exhibit 547.58b

Notification of Earnings for Medicare Eligibility, OPM Form 1528, 574.251

Notification of Personnel Action, PS Form 50, 349.3, 421.516, 422.831, 495.48

for an approved increase, 422.531

completing for separation of an employee, 553.11

notifying an employee of a saved rate status, 421.526

notifying employees of entitlement to rate retention, 421.516

preparing for LWOP, 514.52

relocation leave notation on, 519.233

for separation actions, 552.41

Notification requirements for FEGLI termination and conversion privilege, 535.63

NPMHU (see National Postal Mail Handlers Union)

NPPN (see National Postal Professional Nurses)

NRLCA (see National Rural Letter Carriers Association)

NTAC (see National Test Administration Center)

NTR schedule (see Noncareer Temporary Rate schedule)

Nurses (see also Occupational health nurses; Registered nurses)

qualifications of, 863.22

uniform purchase, procedures for, 936.6

uniforms worn by, 932.11

Nursing services, contracts for, 868.131


Obedience to orders of employees, 665.15

Observation of Driving Practices, PS Form 4584, 831.331

Obstructing the mail, 667.17

Observation of Work Practices — Delivery Services, PS Form 4588, 812.52

Observation of Work Practices — General, PS Form 4589, 812.52

Occupational disease or illness, 541.2h, 541.2j

authorizing examination or treatment, 545.22

claims for, 542.12

disability resulting from, 545.812

report criteria and time limit for, 544.21

Occupational health nurse administrators, 541.2k, 863.35

Occupational health nurses (see also Nurses), 863.36

local conditions requiring a higher starting salary, 422.52

rates for, 422.512

Occupational illness or disease, third party recovery action, 547.52

Occupational injuries and illnesses, reporting on PS Form 1769, 821.121

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 1970, 811.1

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (see OSHA)

Occupational Safety and Health Program, 810880

accountability for safety and health, 819

budgeting, 818

employee rights and responsibilities, 814

guiding principles, 811.23

management responsibilities, 812

safety and health staff responsibilities, 813

training and education, 817

vision statement, 811.22

Voluntary Protection Program, 811.25

OFEGLI (Office of Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance), 534.4, 538.36

Off–duty nonpay status, emergency placement in, 651.4

Offer of appointment, 346, 546.63

Office of Inspector General

auditing employee social and recreational committee operations and funds, 615.79

employees, appeal to Step 1, 652.232

reporting violations to, 665.14

Strategic Learning Services, 714.225, 715.61

training of employees, 714.225, 715.61

Office of Personnel Management (see OPM)

Office of the Solicitor of Labor (SOL), 547.21

Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (see OWCP)

Office of Workplace Enhancement, guidelines for mediation programs, 652.52

Office space, smoking prohibited in, 882.1

Officer in charge (OIC), 417.41, 419.21

Officer positions in the PCES, 383.1

Officers (PCES II), 381

Officers (Postal Service), Occupational Safety and Health Program responsibilities, 812.13

Officers in Charge schedule, 419.22

Officers of the uniformed services, pay grades and titles (ranks) of, 354.215

Official directives, 612.21

Official duty status during court service, 516.51

Official Personnel Folder (OPF), 349

Official responsibility, 669

Official supervisor, 541.2l

Official Superior’s Report of Employee’s Death, Form CA–6, 544.23, 821.123

Offset procedures, statutory, 452.3, 462.3

Offsets (see Salary offsets)

Offsite safety, 811.3

“Off–the–street” officers, not eligible for health insurance, 521.3

OIC (officer in charge), 417.41, 419.21

OM (Organization Management) System, 161.1, 161.3

On-the-job awareness training, 817.53

Open season (see also FEHB Open Season)

for annual leave exchange program, 512.634

Opening conference

of OSHA inspections, 825.43

of a safety and health inspection, 824.421

“Operating fee” for food services operations, 614.4

Operating Services Division (OSD) Schedule

career appointments, 422.721

change action pay rules, 422.72

demotion, 422.125

management action reduction, 422.727

promotion from, 422.723

promotion to, 422.723

promotion within, 422.723

reassignment, 422.724

repromotion, 422.723

step increase waiting periods, Exhibit 422.13

step increases, 422.73

voluntary reduction, 422.726

OPF (see Official Personnel Folder)

OPM (Office of Personnel Management)

action on a disability retirement initiated by management, 588.3

action on an application for disability retirement initiated by management, 568.2

administering FEHB, 521.1

administering FERS, 581.2

administering CSRS, 561.2

authorizing a temporary extension of coverage to a former spouse, 524.962

canceling a disability retirement, 568.23, 588.4

certifying insurance status and postretirement election to OWCP, 534.343

determination of retiring employee’s eligibility to continue FEHB enrollment, 525.42

determining benefits payable under CSRS, 567.342

determining eligibility of a former spouse, 521.612

documentation submitted for a management–initiated disability retirement, 568.133, 588.23

FEGLI administered by, 531.1

health premium rate compared to the Postal Service rate, 525.132

issuing a decision on a disability retirement, 568.22, 588.32

notifying of FEGLI declination or waiver by a reemployed annuitant, 537.144

notifying of the death of an annuitant, 567.32

privacy requests for records, 539.23

records of CSRS retirement, 569.72

records sent to, 589.62

request for an advisory opinion regarding claim denial, 528.224

request for review of FEHB claim denial, 528.22

retention regulations, 354.251

transferring FEHB enrollment to, 525.422

Optical examination or treatment as a condition for sick leave, 513.32

Option A – Standard (FEGLI), 532.221

cost of, 533.221

reduction after retirement, 536.321

Option B — Additional (FEGLI), 532.222

cost of, 533.222

increasing the number of multiples of, 535.91, 535.912

reduction after retirement, 536.322

Option C – Family (FEGLI), 532.223

cost of, 533.223

insurance payment, 538.112

reduction after retirement, 536.322

Optional insurance, 532.22

acquiring, 535.12

additional coverage for reemployed annuitants, 537.132

belated election, 535.124

calculating birthdays for, 533.224

continuing after cancellation of waiver or declination, 535.832

cost after retirement, 536.22

cost of, 533.2

declination of, 535.3, 535.422

effect of waiver or declination, 535.4

effective date of, 535.123

electing or declining, 535.122

insufficient pay to cover withholdings, 533.225

reduction after retirement, 536.32

requirements for continuance at retirement, 536.12

retained by employees receiving OWCP benefits, 534.312

termination of, 535.612

withholdings for, 537.174

withholdings for reemployed annuitants, 537.131

Optional retirement and an immediate annuity

under CSRS, 563.13

under FERS, 583.13

Oral communication, interception by employees, 667.2

Oral resignation, 365.215

Order of precedence

for distribution of TSP accounts, 597.41

for FERS refund of contributions, 587.32

for insurance benefits, 538.111, 538.121, 538.132

for a lump–sum payment, 567.221


obedience to, 665.15

protests to, 665.15

Organ donation, administrative leave for, 519.52

Organ recipients, administrative leave not available, 519.521

Organization charts, documentation in, 114

Organization entities, 113.3

Organization Management (OM) System, 161.1, 161.3

Organizational change requests

approval of, 156

concepts applied in evaluating, 111.3

originating, 153.1

Organizational changes

analysis of, 140

approval authority for, 156

criteria for, 130

denial of requests for, 156.2

documenting requests for major, 155

documenting requests for minor, 155

evaluating the need for, 354.22

implementation guidelines, 157

implementing, 354.222

major, 153.2

minor, 153.3

process of, 150

processing requests for, 354.22

reasons for making, 152

types of, 153

Organizational defects, uncovering, 143.4

Organizational Effectiveness, Employee Resource Management, 114

action on PS Form 820, 232.5

action on RFRs, 222.5

assessing established structures and staffing, 162.1

disposition of organizational change requests, 156

establishing policy and procedures related to the OM system, 161.31

FLSA classification determinations made by, 443.312

job descriptions developed and maintained by, 221

job evaluation responsibilities of, 212.2

maintenance of job descriptions, 213.11

Organizational design process, identifying staffing levels, 125.1

Organizational management policies and programs, 112.1

Organizational structure, 144.1, 144.2

Organizational realignments, 362.24

Organizational structures, 110160

characteristics of effective, 122

definition of, 113.1

of the Postal Service, 121

standard, 123

standardizing, 121

Organizational structures policies, objectives of, 111.1

Organizational unit, 113.1


certification of dues amount to be withheld, 924.6

codes identifying, 923, 926.1, 926.2

eligible for dues withhold, 923

excluded from financial and employment information requirements, 662.2

included in financial and employment information requirements, 662.2

requests to discontinue dues withholding, 925.22

OSD schedule (see Operating Services Division Schedule)

OSH Act, 811.1

OSH standard, medical surveillance recordkeeping requirement of, 825.442

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), 811.1

compliance activity, 813.1

investigating occupational fatalities or serious accidents, 822.21

recordable indicator, 821.123

regulations recording occupational injuries and illnesses, 821.1

requirements for recording injuries and illnesses, 821.122, 821.14

training required by, 817.5

OSHA area director, informal conference with, 825.53

OSHA inspections, 825

citations resulting from, 825.5

closing conference, 825.48

immediate correction of imminent dangers, 825.47

maintaining a file on each, 825.6

methods of, 825.46

opening conference, 825.43

participation in, 825.45

performance cluster file of, 825.6

post conference internal communications, 825.49

procedures, 825.4

records review, 825.44

scope of, 825.434

OSHA Log and Summary of Injuries and Illnesses, 821.141, 821.142

maintenance of, 812.32, 821.14

monitoring status of, 813.31

OSHA Poster 2203, Job Safety and Health Protection, 612.231, 817.8

Other employment, LWOP not granted for, 514.25

Outer garments, 934.24

Out–of–schedule premium, 434.611

computing hours of, Exhibit 434.614

eligibility for, 434.621, Exhibit 434.621

exceptions, 434.622

pay computation, 434.63

training and, 438.24

travel and, 438.15

Outside employment, 662.1

Outstanding performance, 375.1

under the Postal Nurses Schedule, 422.531

under the Postal Police Officer (PPO) Schedule, 422.831

Overdeductions of TSP contributions, 594.3

Overpayment, determination of, 545.76

Overseas post of duty, changing FEHB enrollment due to, 525.6

Overtime, 434.1

eligibility for more than one type of, 434.142

not allowed for court service, 516.32

pay eligibility table, Exhibit 434.141a

Overtime pay

eligibility for, 434.141

provisions of FLSA, 443

OWCP (Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs) (see also FECA), 541.2n

authorized to require an assignment of a claim, 547.59

compensation for disability, 545.8

compensation terminated by, 525.147

continued payment of medical expenses, 543.3

controversion denied by, 545.77

controversion package prepared for, 545.75

determining eligibility to continue health benefits, 525.145

disability compensation, Exhibit 514.4

eligibility to continue FEHB enrollment with, 525.144

FECA administered by, 541.12

FEHB enrollment, continuation of, 525.14

FEHB enrollment transfer to, 525.121

FEHB withholding and contribution by, 525.13

medical issues settled by, 545.64

programs, 365.342, 525.1

reemployment from, 513.73

referrals of current and former postal employees, 546.61

relocation expenses paid by, 546.144

responsibility for making a recovery, 547.56

responsible for occupational illness or disease, third party recovery, 547.52

sending FECA forms to, 544.211

statement of all disbursements made by, 547.71

transfer of FEHB enrollment to, 525.142, Exhibit 525.142

vocational rehabilitation services, 546.612

waiting period before compensation begins, 545.83

work considered suitable by, 545.32

OWCP benefits

effect on FEGLI coverage, 534.3

FEGLI beneficiary designations while receiving, 538.18

retirement credit for employees receiving, 562.252, 582.4


Paid allowances for severance pay, 435.23

Paid hours, 434.12

Paid military leave, 517

allowance, 517.71

approval of, 517.31

eligibility for, 517.2

for law enforcement, 517.72

pay status requirement, 517.51

receiving credit for, 517.41

types of duty not covered as, 517.133

Paid time off, 434.12

Parental status, discrimination, 665.23, 666.12b

Parent, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

Parent’s nonfederal plan, loss of health benefit coverage under, 524.535

Part B Medicare coverage (see Medical insurance (Part B))

Partial pay periods, leave credit for appointees, 512.313

Partial recovery, rights and benefits upon, 546.143

Partial survivor annuity, 584.24

Partial–day absences, personal absence time and, 519.732

Participant statements for TSP accounts, 593.31, 593.32, 593.33

Participating health insurance plans

description of, 522.2

types of, 522.1


in CFC, 617.31

in group retirement counseling sessions, 569.13, 589.13

in supervisory and managerial organizations, 680

Part-time employees (see also Part-time flexible employees; Part-time regular employees), 432.111

advancing paid military leave, 517.71

annual leave accrual and crediting chart, 512.312, Exhibit 512.312

charging for sick leave, 513.42

credit received for military leave, 517.41

crediting with sick leave, 513.222

FEGLI coverage, 532.12

FMLA–covered absences, 515.43

hourly rates for, 422.112

minimum unit charges for annual leave, 512.521

minimum unit charges for sick leave, 513.422

not required to wear uniforms, 932.21

service day for, 432.43

state or jurisdiction duty allowance, 517.431

straight time pay, 433.3

work or paid leave credited for, 432.52

Part-time employment, federal civilian service creditable for CSRS, 562.23

Part-time flexible employees, 432.111

assigned to higher level positions, 422.143

basic hourly rate, 432.2

charging with sick leave, 513.42

Christmas–worked pay for, 434.52, Exhibit 434.52

computing severance pay for, 435.23

converting a part-time regular to, 422.124

corrective action documents, 436.41

determining hourly rates for, 422.112

dismissing early due to acts of God, 519.214

federal civilian service creditable for CSRS, 562.232

insurance coverage for, 532.11, 532.131

minimum unit charges for annual leave, 512.523

requests for light duty assignment, 355.11

Part-time flexible rural carrier, 422.415

payment of, 422.421

Part-time nurses, covered under the Postal Service–NPPN Agreement, 868.131

Part-time position, changing to full-time, 422.124

Part-time postal physicians or medical directors, 863.33

Part-time regular employees (see also Part-time employees), 432.111

basic hourly rate, 432.2

computing severance pay for, 435.23

converting to a part-time flexible, 422.124

court leave for, 516.22

determining hourly rates for, 422.112

dismissing early due to acts of God, 519.214

eligibility for holiday leave pay, 434.421

federal civilian service creditable for CSRS, 562.231

insurance coverage for, 532.12

minimum unit charges for annual leave, 512.522

Part-time salaried employees, 432.112

Part-time service, FERS, 582.3

Passenger elevator operators, uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.112

Patent Counsel

determination of rights in and to an invention, 695.1

instruments prepared by, 695.2

Patents, 690

correspondence relating to, 698

Patterns of behavior, employee, with regard to EAP counseling, 942.21


definition of, 437.2, 451.3

rates of, 417.3, 432.2

during travel or training, 438

Pay administration policy for nonbargaining unit employees, 410

Pay computation

for guarantee time, 432.63

for holiday–worked pay, 434.53

for out–of–schedule premium, 434.63

Pay periods, 432.41


for exchange of positions, 667.13

for training, 742.2, 742.3, 744.6

for uniforms, 936

of unpaid compensation, 432.821

Payment factors of higher level pay for nonbargaining employees, 417.336

Payment in full of debts, 452.333

Payment log, 868.134

Payment schedule for the Accidental Dismemberment Provision of FEGLI, 532.215

Payroll Deduction Authorization to Liquidate Postal Service Indebtedness, PS Form 3239, 453.22

Payroll deductions for FICA, 573.11

Payroll savings plan, purchasing bonds, 616.1

Payroll Staffing Condition Report, 161.22

Payroll–related debts, 452.11, 462.11

PCES (Postal Career Executive Service), 380

filling vacancies, 384

positions in, 383

PCES executives

approving Certificates of Appreciation, 492.71

FECA claims submitted by, 544.24

legal representation of, 668.3

PCES I vacancies, filling, 384.2

PCES II vacancies, filling, 384.1

PCES positions, employees temporarily assigned to, 417.333

PCFO (Principal Combined Fund Organization), 617.21

Peace Corps, not counted toward annual leave years of service, 512.24

Penalties, FECA, 542.3

Penalty overtime, 434.133, 434.141, Exhibit 434.141c

Performance (job)

ability questioned by nature of sick leave, 513.38

changing to a lower grade because of, 362.22

determinations under the Postal Police Officers (PPO) Schedule, 422.831

discussing with employees, 374

issues, 151

outstanding, 375.1

ratings under the Postal Nurses Schedule, 422.531

unsatisfactory, 375.2

Performance cluster file of OSHA inspections, 825.6

Performance cluster manager, reporting serious accidents, 822.13

Performance clusters

executive safety and health committees, 815

responsibilities for safety and health program evaluations, 823.23

safety and health staff responsibilities, 813.3

Performance criteria for a QSI, 495.43

Performance evaluation (see also Job evaluation), 370

during probation, 376

systems, 373

Performance of public duties, 665.12

Periodic step increases (see Step increases)

Periodicals, subscriptions to professional association, 753.4

Permanent assignment, 421.42

Permanent basis, positions not to be filled on, 351.2

Permanent bulletin board material, 612.231

Permanent change in an employee’s work week, 443.232

Permanent employment, recrediting of creditable service, 435.41

Permanent or long-term condition requiring supervision, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

Permanent reassignment to light duty, 355.11

Permanent rehabilitative positions, rights of persons in, 546.141

Permanently partially disabled individuals, 546.143

Permitted activity, regarding gifts, entertainment, and favors, 662.1

Person, definition of, 669

Personal absence time

approval of, 519.742

management controls, 519.75

nonbargaining unit, 519.7

Personal appearance of employees, 931.23

Personal habits of employees, 665.16

Personal illness (see Illness)

Personal injury (see Injuries)

Personal time, 432.711

Personal use of Postal Service property, 667.331

Personnel actions

simultaneous, 422.134

simultaneous with a merit pay increase, 416.3

Personnel practices, prohibited, 666

PESEA (see Postal Employees Safety Enhancement Act)

Physical examinations

for entry into armed forces, 519.53

by the Postal Service, 546.621

Physicians (see also Postal physicians), 541.2

contract, 545.45, 863.34, 863.33, 868.131

for a disability retirement medical examination, 568.122

license to practice medicine, 863.22

postal, 541.2o, 863.3

releasing medical reports to the employee’s, 547.622

PIA (Primary Insurance Amount), 575.52, 575.521

PITs (powered industrial trucks), 832

Placement administrators, 354.213, 354.253

Plants (including BMCs)

approval for proposed contests, 623.2

division executive safety and health committee, 815.15

expenditures for contests, 627.21

Plaques, CFC, 617.61

Pledge cards, CFC, 617.42

PMG (see Postmaster general)

PMR (Postmaster Relief/Leave Replacement), 348.11, 419.31

PNS (see Postal Nurses Schedule)

Political activities

coercion of, 666.16

participation in, 663.1

Political affiliation, discrimination based on, 665.23, 666.12

Political recommendations, prohibition of, 311.13

Position evaluation

of bargaining unit positions, 233, 240

basis of, 233.2

including accountability for safety and health programs, 819

Position reviews, 162.2, 250

Positions, 421.31

assigning to salary schedules, 421.31

authorized versus actual, 161.22

comparing closely related, 232.21

creating new, 232.12

eligibility for consideration for, 351.32

establishing the requirements of, 142.2

exchange of, 351.61

filling, 351.12

minimum qualification requirements for, 351.31

paying for exchange of, 667.13

in PCES, 383

reclassified to lower grade, 415.23

restricted to preference eligibles, 341

restricted to veterans, 363.32

returning to after FMLA leave, 515.7

upgrading, 413.3

Post Office Receipt for Money, PS Form 3544, 547.73

Post Offices, 113.3

relegation of, 362.23

Post–1956 military service

receiving credit for, 562.316

service credit deposit required, 562.34, 582.76

Postal Career Executive Service (see PCES)

Postal employees (see Employees)

Postal Employees Safety Enhancement Act (PESEA), 811.1

Postal Inspectors

interception of wire or oral communications, 667.22

subject to mandatory retirement because of age, 563.22, 583.22

training for, 714.225, 715.6

Postal installation, one employee social and recreational fund for each, 615.452

Postal Nurses Schedule (PNS) Schedule

basis of rates, 422.512

career appointments, 422.52

change action pay rules, 422.52

employee classifications, 422.515

notification of increase, 422.531

performance determinations, 422.531

promotion from, 422.523

promotion to, 422.523

promotion within, 422.523

repromotion, 422.523

step increase waiting periods, Exhibit 422.13

step increases, 422.53

withheld step increases, 422.531

Postal officials (see Management)

Postal operations administrator (see POA)

Postal operations, terminating during times of civil disorders, 519.221

Postal orientation training, 715.2

Postal overtime, 434.131, Exhibit 434.141a

Postal physicians (see also Physicians), 541.2o, 863.3, 865.5, 868.52

continuing treatment with, 545.45

duties of, 863.34

examination in nonemergency situations, 545.44

providing initial medical treatment under FECA, 545.43

Postal Police Officers (PPOs)

temporary assignment for, 421.42

training for, 715.6

Postal Police Officers Schedule

change action pay rules, 422.82

employee classifications, 422.815

grade of, 422.811

higher level assignments, 422.84

promotion from, 422.823

promotion to, 422.823

promotion within, 422.823

repromotion, 422.823

step increase waiting periods, Exhibit 422.13

step increases, 422.83

withheld step increases, 422.831

Postal records

request for copies of, 452.241, 452.332

requests for by an employee–debtor, 452.332

Postal Service

appeals to state courts, 554.6

applicants separated for cause from, 383

assigning a claim to, 547.59

assuming full cost of basic insurance, 533.1

automatic contribution to TSP for FERS employees, 592.41

business dealings with, 669

collection of damages, 547.23

continuation of pay under FECA, 545.7

employee contracts with, 662.2

contribution for health benefits, 524.81

contribution to an invention, 694.14

contributions to FICA, 573.11

decision on TSP claims, 594.83

definition of, 669

dual employment within, 348.1

entire right, title, and interest to an invention, 661.1

health sampling conducted in parallel with OSHA, 825.462

initial level unemployment compensation appeals, 554.3

invitation to a spouse or guest to attend a special event, 519.6

leasing real property to, 662.1

legal assistance provided by, 668.1

matching contributions to TSP for FERS employees, 592.51

medical review, 546.62

medical staffing, 863.21

participation in unemployment compensation appeals, 554.4

prior service used in computing years of service for annual leave, 512.221

recognition of labor organizations, 911.4

records of CSRS retirement, 569.73

representation at organization gatherings, 682

responsible for correcting TSP withholding, 594.1

responsible for costs of a management–initiated medical examination, 568.125

retirement records and related correspondence maintained by, 589.63

safety philosophy of, 811.24

supplementing an insurer’s payment for a loss, 641.432

third party collection responsibility, 547.57

unemployment compensation procedures, 553.1

Postal Service emblem, wearing of, 931.264

Postal Service employees (see Employees)

Postal Service indebtedness, priority of, 454.4, 464.4

Postal Service medical officer, making a determination of self–support, 526.31

Postal Service physicians (see Postal physicians)

Postal Service Schedule (see PS Schedule)

Postal tour of duty, performing in addition to court service, 516.33

Postal training

definition of, 714.11

delivery of, 714.2

nonpostal personnel participation in, 717

systems, 715

Postemployment activities, 662.1

Posthumous awards, 493.322, 493.352, 493.362

Postmaster general (PMG)

designates recipients of the Benjamin Franklin Award, 496.62

filling PCES II vacancies through appointment, 384.1

responsible for the occupational safety and health program, 812.11

serving as the Postal Service National Campaign Chairperson, 617.22

as the sole appellate official, 652.233

Postmaster positions

temporary assignment to, 417.4

Postmaster Relief/Leave Replacements, 419.31

dual appointment and, 348.11


absences, 513.35

annual leave for, 512.513

approving Certificates of Appreciation, 492.73

collection of debt by, 452.12, 462.12

death of, 365.361

definition of, 451.3

district meetings, 683

holiday leave for, 518.6

recording personal absences, 519.742

work schedules of, 432.34

Postmasters’ associations, 682.1

Post–RIF employee placements, 354.26

Post–RIF placement to lower grade, 415.4

Potential RIF, notifying employees of, 354.241

Powered industrial trucks (see PITs)

PPO Schedule (see Postal Police Officers Schedule)

Preemployment suitability determinations, 342

Preference eligible applicants, positions restricted to, 341

Preference factors (see Veterans’ preference)

Pregnancy, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

Pregnancy and confinement as a condition for sick leave, 513.32

Preliminary placements, making for a RIF, 354.25

Premium pay for a full-time postmaster, 432.34


for basic insurance after retirement, 536.211

pyramiding of, 434.8, Exhibit 434.8

for TCC enrollees, 521.75

Pre–1983 earnings, acceptable proof of, 574.252

Preretirement counseling, 569.1, 589.1

Presentation ceremonies for awards, 491.5

Presidents’ Day, 518.1

Pre–Tax Health Insurance Premium Election/Waiver Form for Noncareer Employees, PS Form 8202, 524.833

Pre–Tax Health Insurance Premium Waiver/Restoration, PS Form 8201, 524.832

Pre–tax health premiums, effective date of change to Self Only, 524.62

Pre–tax payment of health insurance premium contributions, 524.529, 524.831

Pre–tax status, changing back to, 524.832

Preventability of motor vehicle accidents, 842.24

Preventive care under FECA, 545.24

Previous service, credit for paid military leave purposes, 517.42

Primary Insurance Amount (see PIA)

Primary placement administrator, 354.213

Principal Combined Fund Organization (see PCFO)

Prior service

deposits for, 565.21

including in creditable service, 422.132

Privacy Act

accident records, 821.4

award records, 491.4

CSRS retirement records, 569.7

FERS retirement records, 589.6

health benefits records, 527.1, 527.3

injury compensation records, 541.14

life insurance records, 539.2

safe driver award records, 842.26

unemployment compensation, 551.42, 551.422

Privacy of bond allotment records, 616.34

Privacy systems

accident reports, 821.4

allotment records, 616.34, 617.44

EAP counseling records, 944.31

health benefits records, 527.2

injury compensation records, 541.14

life insurance records, 539.22

retirement records and related correspondence, 569.73, 589.63

safe driver award records, 842.26

Private automobile for personal convenience, 438.141

Private citizens, Certificates of Appreciation for, 492

Private industry, concurrent employment between the Postal Service and, 348.3

Private party, witness service on behalf of, 516.6

Private persons, recommending or suggesting employment of, 666.15

Private transportation, acceptance of, 662.1

Prizes (see Awards)

Pro rata basis, crediting with annual leave on a, 512.312

Probation, performance evaluation during, 376

Probationary period

of partially recovered employees, 546.143

separation, disqualification during, 365.323

Procedural rights, available to employee debtors, 452.322

Processing and distribution center, 113.3

Processing eBuys for training, 714.21, 714.122, 715.43, 732.14, 742.2

Procurement, 662.2

of institutional memberships, 753.3

Procurement Policy Committee, 696

Professional associations

attendance at meetings and conferences, 754

definition of, 751.1

membership of, 751.2

organizations excluded from, 751.3

participation in by Postal Service employees, 752

Program, definition of, 113.1

Program audits or evaluation, disclosure of EAP counseling records to, 944.411

Prohibited activities, social and recreational program, 615.44

Prohibited disclosures, regarding records, information, and associated processing systems, 668.32

Prohibited personnel practices, 666

allegations of, 666.26

Prohibited training vendors, 741.3

Prohibited uses of Postal Service property, 667.33


of discrimination, 311.12

of political recommendations, 311.13

Promotion, 421.43, 421.44

definition of, 413.1

effect of a saved rate on, 421.525

eligibility for, 351.13

to grade with maximum below the saved rate, 422.123

to grade with maximum equal to or above saved rate, 422.123

to grade with maximum wage below protected rate, 422.123

to grade with maximum wage equal to or above protected rate, 422.123

to nonbargaining unit positions, 413

policies for nonbargaining positions, 353.1

from PS or MESC Schedule 1, 422.123

from PS Schedule 2, 422.123

to PS Schedule 2 from other rate schedules, 422.123

rate retention effect on, 415.3

of safety awareness, 841

Promotion by merit, 351.51

Promotion charts

PS Schedule 1 to PS Schedule 2, Exhibit 422.123a

PS Schedule 2 to PS Schedule 2, Exhibit 422.123b

Promotion increases, 413.2

Promotion pay anomaly, 422.123

Promotion policies, 351.5

Promotion rules

for bargaining unit employees, 422.123

protected rate and, 421.515

Promotional Increases, calculation methods for, 421.82, Exhibit 421.82

Promotional purposes, apparel worn for, 933.8


under dual employment, 422.157

of employees temporarily assigned to higher grade positions, 422.144

temporary, 351.55

Proof of loss, satisfactory, 538.33


compensation for damaged, 641.42

compensation for lost or destroyed, 641.41

definition of, 669

prohibited uses of, 667.33

Proposed alternative offset schedule, 452.334

Proposed alternative repayment schedule, 452.334

Prosecute, definition of, 547.23

Protected EEO activity, 672.1

Protected rate, 421.51, 422.123

compared to a saved rate, 421.521

determination of, 421.512

due to a nondisciplinary management reduction, 422.125

duration of, 421.513

effect on other compensation, 421.515

termination of, 421.514

Protective items, alternative, 932.15, 938.31

Protests of orders, 665.15

PS Schedule, 422.11

assignment to higher level work in, 422.143

hiring into, 422.121

promotion from, 422.123

reassignment within, 422.124

step increase waiting periods, Exhibit 422.13

PS Schedule 2

promotion from, 422.123

promotion to from other rate schedules, 422.123

step increase waiting periods, Exhibit 422.13

Psychiatric evaluation for a management–initiated disability retirement, 568.124

Public duties, performance of, 665.12

Public financial disclosure reports, 662.2

Publication 12, Health Benefits Open Season Administrative and Processing Information, 524.84

Publication 721 (IRS), Comprehensive Tax Guide to U.S. Civil Service Retirement Benefits, 569.61

Publishers, compiling city directories, 667.11

Pyramiding of premiums, 434.8, Exhibit 434.8


QSIs (quality step increases), 421.45, 495.4

approval authority for, 495.45

basis of, 495.43

compared to Spot Awards, 495.442

compared to within–grade increases, 495.441

eligibility for, 495.42

evaluating and approving, 495.45

initiating a personnel action, 495.48

initiating documentation, 495.47

recommendation for, 495.46

step and next step date for, 495.441

Qualification factors for unemployment compensation benefits, 551.2

Qualification requirements for positions, 351.31

Qualification standards, 251

Qualifications of medical staff, 862.22

Quality control certification by the Uniform Quality Control Office, 932.32

Quality step increases (see QSIs)

Quarterly absences, review of, 513.391

Quarters of coverage, 574


Railway employees, controversies with, 667.16

Ramp clerks, uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.111

Randolph–Sheppard Act, 614.1, 614.3, 614.4

Ranking of Position Request, PS Form 820, 212.2, 231

documentation requirements for, 232.2

management review levels, 232.22

preparing, 232.21

use of, 232

Rate adjustments, 414.12

for reassignment of bargaining unit employees, 414.122

for reassignment of nonbargaining unit employees, 414.121

Rate of interest for back pay, 436.73, Exhibit 436.73a, Exhibit 436.73b

Rate protection

effect on other compensation, 421.515

termination of, 421.514

Rate retention

applicable to nondisciplinary management reductions, 422.125

effect on promotion, 415.3

employees with, 413.1

provisions, 421.5

temporary assignment of an employee with, 417.332

termination of, 415.21

types, 415.1

Rate schedule codes (see RSCs)

Rate Schedule Summary and References, 421.7, Exhibit 421.7


of pay, 417.3, 422.143, 432.2

rounding of, 432.23

RAUX (see Rural Auxiliary Pay Schedule)

RC (see Rural Carrier Evaluated Schedule)

RCAs (see Rural carrier associates)

RCR (see Rural carrier relief)

RCRA (see Resource Conservation and Recovery Act)

RCS (see Rural Carrier Mileage Schedule)

RSCRs (see Rural Substitute Carrier Schedules)

Real property, leasing to the Postal Service, 662.1


involving nonbargaining positions, 353.4

lower grade positions resulting from, 362.24

Reappointments to a uniformed category, 935.24

Reasonable accommodation, 675.3

for training, 711.14

Reassignment actions, salary restoration criteria, 546.143e

Reassignments, 353.2, 421.43

under collective bargaining agreements, 546.2

under dual employment, 422.156

of employees injured on duty, 546

to equivalent grades in another bargaining unit, 422.124

within the IT/ASC schedule, 422.623

to a bargaining unit position, 414.2

to a nonbargaining unit position, 414.1

offer of appointment, 546.63

out of competitive areas, 354.23

to permit absences for military duty, 517.621

procedures for, 546.6

processing, 546.633

rules for bargaining unit employees, 422.124

Recipient of unpaid compensation or money due, 432.82

Reclassification of positions to lower grade, 415.23

Recognition and awards program, 491, Exhibit 491.1

Recognition program for CFC, 617.6


improper, 666.15

Recomputation of FERS disability annuities at age 62, 586.53

Record of assets, social and recreational fund, 615.53, Exhibit 615.5


EAP counseling, 944

disclosing, 667.32

of the employee social and recreational fund, 615.451

for life insurance records, 539.22

for paid military leave, 517.7

regarding debt collection, delivery of, 451.5

request for copies of, 452.241

of safety and health training, 817.9

Records review of OSHA inspections, 825.44

Recovered employees, reinstatement of, 943

Recovery disbursements, third party sample letter, 547.73, Exhibit 547.73

Recreational committee (see Employee social and recreational committee)


annual leave, 512.9

sick leave upon transfer, 513.712

Recruiting materials, obtaining, 321.2

Recruitment, 320

anticipating needs, 321.1


of disability, 541.2p, 545.722

FECA claim for, 542.13

of injury, 544.22

of medical condition, 541.2q

Red–circle amount, 421.44, 421.522, 422.125, 422.622


CSRS, 565.3

FERS, 585.4

for refunded CSRS service, 585.4

Redetermination of annuity for reemployed annuitants, 566.52

Redetermination period for unsatisfactory performance, 422.531, 422.831

Reduced annuity for involuntarily separated employees, 563.212

Reduced earnings, TSP contributions based on, 592.92

Reduced notice period for an adverse action, 651.77

Reduced work schedule under FMLA, 515.6

Reduction in force (see RIF)

Reduction in grade, 421.44

for bargaining unit employees, 422.125


of expenses, 138

of FEGLI coverage after retirement, 536.3

to insurance coverage under suspension, 537.121

Reemployed acquired insurance benefit versus suspended life insurance, 537.21

Reemployed acquired life insurance, 537.22

Reemployed annuitants

additional annuity under FERS, 586.6

additional CSRS annuity, 566.5

additional optional coverage, 537.132

amount of FEGLI coverage, 537.15

automatic FEGLI coverage, 537.13

contributions to FERS, 591.343

credit for period of separation under OWCP benefits, 546.143

death of, 537.121, 538.32

electing to transfer to FERS, 591.341

eligibility for supplemental annuity, 566.511

eligibility for TSP, 591.34

FEGLI and, 537

FEGLI benefits, 537.2

FEGLI designation of beneficiary, 537.3

FEGLI termination and conversion, 537.16

FEHB enrollment of, 525.45

redetermination of annuity, 566.52

straight time pay, 433.5

waiver and/or declination of FEGLI coverage, 537.14


under collective bargaining agreements, 546.2

effect on severance pay, 435.4

of employees injured on duty, 546

of employees receiving a lump–sum leave payment, 512.73

enrollment in FEHB after, 524.524

FEGLI coverage retained, 537.12

FEGLI coverage terminated, 537.11

offer of appointment, 546.63

under the Operating Services Division Schedule, 422.721

procedures for, 546.6

processing, 546.633

recrediting sick leave upon, 513.72

stopping installments from TSP, 597.7

TSP annuity continuing upon, 597.7

Reemployment actions, salary restoration criteria, 546.143e

Reemployment list, groups, 546.131

Reemployment rights

exercising on return from military duty, 525.322

positions affected by, 351.2

Reevaluation, involving nonbargaining positions, 353.4

Referral of Third Party Material, PS Form 2560, 547.59, Exhibit 547.59d

Refresher training programs per OSHA regulations and postal policies, 817.6

Refunds for deductions insufficient to purchase bonds, 616.33

Refusal of job offer by employees, 546.64

Refusal of reasonable assignment to a higher grade position, 415.21

Refusal to process claim, penalty for, 542.33

Refusal to reemploy, 546.65

Registered nurses (see also Nurses)

assisting with vocational rehabilitation services, 546.612

Registering to vote, administrative leave for, 519.32


definition of, 334.1

establishing, 334

maintained by districts, 321.4

maintaining, 321.5

Registration fees for professional meetings or conferences, 754.6

Registration in FEHB,

Registration to vote, administrative leave for, 519.324

Regular commuting, 438.121

Regular employees, assigned to higher level positions, 422.143

Regular pay, continuation after sustained traumatic injury, 543.41

Regular rate

defining, 432.22

of pay, 443.211

Regular Rural Carrier Time Certificate, PS Form 1314, 516.23

Regular rural carriers, 422.415, 432.111, 444.1

absences of, 512.531

annual leave covered by, 512.53

basic daily rate, 432.2

career appointment of, 422.421

Regular rural letter carrier employees, mutual exchange of, 351.62

Regular uniforms, employees required to wear, 932.11

Regular work force, 432.11

Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 672.1, 675.3

Rehabilitation after work–related injury or illness, 867

Rehabilitation assignment, 546.141

Rehired employees, eligibility for TSP, 591.33


under a continued service agreement, 743.7, 744.2

employee claims for, 641.2

Reinspection of health and safety inspection deficiencies, 824.54


bargaining unit pay rules, 422.121

effect on declinations of optional increase, 535.921

Reinstatement employee, setting the salary of, 412.1

Reinstatement list (RL)

considering employees on, 354.273

determining employee eligibility for, 354.272

establishing, 354.27

removing employees from, 354.274

Reinstatement list area of consideration (RLAC), 354.273

Reinstatement requests from recovered employees, 943.12, 943.21

Related expenses, not reimbursed for uniforms, 936.13


not eligible for health benefits, 521.5

restrictions on the promotion of immediate, 351.53

Release of information, reprisal for, 666.18

Relegation of a Post Office, 362.23

Religious holidays, observance of, 518.1

Relocation leave, 519.23

Relocations, considerations for former employees, 546.144

Remarriage after retirement, 564.323, 584.323

Remedial actions in response to conflicts of interest, 662.1

Remedies for violation of restrictions, 666.2


definition of, 365.311

effective date of, 365.312

Remuneration for employment, 443.212

Repairs to uniforms, 936.13


not permitted of a FERS refund, 585.53

of a refund of retirement deductions, 565.526

voluntary procedures, 452.2

Replacement rural carriers, charging with sick leave, 513.413

Report of Hazard Log, PS Form 1773, 824.634

Report of Hazard, Unsafe Condition, or Practice, PS Form 1767, 814.1, 824.61

Report of Termination of Disability and/or Payment, OWCP Form CA–3, 525.148

Reporting inventions, 694

Reporting procedures, FECA, 544

Reporting relationships, inappropriate, 134

Reports of the employee social and recreational committee, 615.6


before any court or agency of the United States, 661.2d, 662.1

by the Department of Justice, 668.125

for employees, 651.2

right of employees to, 451.2

Representative, enrolling an employee by proxy into FEHB, 523.4

Representative rate, 354.22g


for exercising appeal rights, 666.17

for release of information, 666.18

Repromotion, 421.44

of bargaining unit employees, 422.123

of a protected rate employee, 422.123

Request for Information From Employee and Notice of Government’s Lien sample letter, 547.59, Exhibit 547.59a

Request for Information or Reconsideration of Federal Findings, Form ES 934, 551.422, 552.52, 553.22

Request for Life Insurance, SF 2822, 535.82, 539.14

Request for or Notification of Absence, PS Form 3971, 511.23, 512.411, 513.34

for FMLA leave, 515.51

maintaining and reviewing, 511.42

Request for or Notification of Absence, 512.42

required for LWOP, 514.51

Request for Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues, SF 1187, 924.11, 924.12, 925.5

Request for reconsideration by a former spouse denied health benefits, 521.63

Request for Status and Transmittal of Information sample letter, 547.57, Exhibit 547.57b

Request for Temporary Schedule Change for Personal Convenience, PS Form 3189, 516.33

Request for Verification of UCFE Wage and Separation Information Furnished on Form ES 931, Form ES 936, 551.422, 552.52, 553.23

Request for Wage Separation Information, Form ES 931, 551.422, 552.52, 553.21

Request for Waiver of Claim for Erroneous Payment of Pay, PS Form 3074, 437.31

Request Pertaining to Military Records, SF 180, 512.232

Request: Unemployment Compensation Data, PS Form 2342, 551.422


for annual leave, 512.41

for organizational changes, 154, 155, 156

Requests for job evaluation review (see RFRs)

Required individual memberships in professional associations, 753.12

Required minimum distribution, TSP, 597.23

Requisition for Supplies, Services, or Equipment, PS Form 7381, 753.12

Rescheduling, employees desiring absences for military duty, 517.622

Reserve components, creditable CSRS service in, 562.312

Reserve funds for the social and recreational fund, 615.462

Reserve Officer Training Corps, summer training, 517.133


duty covered as paid military leave, 517.131

supporting employee service in, 517.11

Reservist, entitled to LWOP, 514.22

Resident president of an employee organization, Exhibit 514.4

Residential and community resources, EAP assistance with, 942.32

Residential loans, TSP, 596.21

Residual handicap, 546.622


to avoid separation for cause, 365.212

caused by illness, 365.213

definition of, 365.211

effective date of, 365.211, 365.215

notice and acceptance, 365.215

reason for, 365.215

Resolve Employment Disputes Reach Equitable Solutions Swiftly (see REDRESS)

Response to a notice of proposed adverse action, 651.74


authority and, 143.4

hierarchy of, 134.1

Rest periods, 432.33

Restoration of CSRS survivor annuities, Exhibit 567.16

Restoration rights

for individuals injured or disabled on duty, 546.3

by reason of military duty, 351.32

Restricted information, in EAP, 944.1

Restricted sick leave, 513.39


on change to lower level, 362.3

on conversion to career appointment, 363.3

on TSP in–service withdrawals, 597.33

Resumption of insurance coverage for employees receiving OWCP benefits, 534.33

Retail classroom instructors, uniforms worn by, 932.11

Retail coaches, uniforms worn by, 932.11

Retail counter, employees working at, 931.26

Retail operations, uniforms worn by employees, 933.21

Retail personnel, uniforms worn by, 932.11

Retained rate, assigning to a different salary schedule, 418

Retainer pay, employees receiving, 566.413

Retention initiatives, establishing, 311.23

Retention of life insurance after separation from reemployment, 537.171

Retention register, 354.22c

Retention standing for each competing employee, 354.22c

Retired annuitants (see Retirees)

Retired employees (see Retirees)

Retired Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

dual coverage restriction, 524.31

enrolling in FEHB after loss of coverage under, 524.527

Retirees (see also Annuitants)

information source for, 569.4, 589.3

letters of appreciation for, 493.351, Exhibit 493.351a, Exhibit 493.351b

making privacy requests, 569.72, 589.62

privacy requests for OPM records, 539.23

reemployment requiring special considerations, 546.5

requests regarding health benefits records, 527.33

Service Award certificates for, 493.3

with 50 or more years of service, 493.31


annuity election changes after, 564.32

annuity election coverage after, 584.32

annuity estimates, 569.12, 589.12

cost of FEGLI coverage after, 536.2

counseling, 569.1, 589.1

credit for sick leave, 513.821

erroneous separation for, 436.61

FEGLI and, 536

FEHB coverage into, 525.4

forms for CSRS, 569.2

forms for FERS, 589.2

lump sum payment for annual leave, 512.73

marriage after, 564.324, 584.324

marriage terminated after, 564.322, 584.322

of partially recovered employees, 546.143

service award certificates presented at, 493.361

Retirement account, questions pertaining to an employee’s, 569.3

Retirement annuity pending, effect on FEGLI coverage, 534.15

Retirement benefits

computing Social Security, 575.51

Social Security, 575.12

Retirement Benefits Court Orders, honored by the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, 598.1, 598.2

Retirement certificates and folders, ordering, 493.34

Retirement coverage, electing to continue while serving in employee organizations, 562.254, 582.6

Retirement credit for sick leave under CSRS, 513.821

Retirement deductions

for employees temporarily assigned to higher grade positions, 422.145

redepositing a refund of, 562.253

refunded, 562.213

refunded under FERS, 582.2

withheld in excess of the 80 percent maximum, 566.342

Retirement fund, employee’s contribution to, 565.1, 585.1

Retirement savings and investment plan, 591.11

Retirement windfall benefits, elimination of, 575.4

Retiring employees, FEGLI beneficiary designations by, 538.16

Retreating for veterans’ preference eligible employees, 354.216

Return from duty after military leave, 517.34

Return to duty, 364

after extended illness or injury, 865

after 365 days in nonpay status, 524.525

from an FMLA–covered absence, 513.37

from nonpay status, effect on FEGLI coverage, 534.13

Return to work, 545.31

after employee incapacitation, 515.534

determining capability of, 545.52

from an outside rehabilitative program, 942.43

responsibilities under FECA, 545.3

Return work interview, 546.632

Returning employees after FMLA leave, 515.7

Reviewing offices for job evaluation reviews, 212.5

Reviews of LDDCs, 722.24

RFRs (requests for job evaluation reviews), 212.2, 222, 222.21

RIF (reduction in force)

advising employees of options prior to, 354.253

avoidance procedures, 415.2

definition of, 354.211

effective date, 354.253

legal basis for, 354.212

minimizing or avoiding the impact of, 354.23

separation due to, 365.35

RIF action, 354.211

RIF notices, 354.251

RIF procedures

changes to lower grade using, 415.3

coverage of, 354.214

definitions and explanations relevant to, 354.22

implementing, 354.25

RL (see Reinstatement list)

RLAC (see Reinstatement list area of consideration)

Rounding of rates, 432.23

Route changes, adjusting rural carrier pay for, 422.425

Route classification, change in, 422.425

Route, reassignment to another, 422.425

Route sequence, planning for a walk–around inspection, 825.435

RSCR (see Rural Substitute Carrier Schedules)

RSCs (rate schedule codes), 421.7

Rule choice, career appointment versus promotion increases, 422.123

Rule of three, 344.4

Rules for contests, 624.3

Rural Auxiliary Pay Schedule (RAUX), 422.411

Rural carrier associates (RCAs), 422.411, 422.415, 432.11, 432.111

absences of, 512.531

administrative leave for acts of God, 519.217

charging with sick leave, 513.413

crediting with sick leave, 513.223

dual appointment and, 348.11

earning annual leave, 512.312

payment of, 422.421

Rural carrier craft, hiring or transferring into, 422.121

Rural Carrier Evaluated (RC) Schedule, step increase waiting periods, Exhibit 422.13

Rural Carrier Mileage Schedule (RCS), 422.411

Rural carrier position, career employees reassigned to, 422.124

Rural carrier relief (RCR), 422.411, 422.415, 432.11, 432.111

dual appointment and, 348.11

payment of, 422.421

Rural Carrier Schedules

appointment to or from other rate schedules, 422.422

changes from, 422.16

higher level pay for, 422.44

promotion from or to other rate schedules, 422.422

promotion within, 422.422

step increases, 422.43

types of, 422.411

Rural carriers, 432.111

assigned to lower level duties, 421.42

basic daily rate, 432.2

calculating higher level pay to nonbargaining unit schedules, 417.335

charging with sick leave, 513.413

compensation, 444

on court leave, 516.23

employee classifications, 422.415

holiday leave for, 518.51

leave replacements for, 512.55

leave requests from, 512.411

not covered under the guarantee provisions of the FLSA, 444.2

transfer to, 422.423

waiting period for step increases, 422.424

Rural mailboxes, manufacture of, 667.14

Rural routes, protected rate and, 421.515

Rural Substitute Carrier Schedules (RSCR), 422.411


SAA (see Special Achievement Award)

Safe Driver Award Program, 842.21

Safety and Environmental Performance Management (SEPM)

safety and health, 813

Safety and health inspections

closing conferences, 824.424

conducting, 824.4

deficiency and hazard abatement, 824.5

documentation and reporting, 824.425

investigating employee reports of hazards, unsafe condition or practices, 824.6

methods of, 824.2

notification of results, 824.426

opening conference, 824.421

procedures for, 824.42

purpose of, 824.1

rules for, 824.422

types of, 824.3

Safety and health objectives with action plans, 812.6

Safety and health orientation for all employees, 817.4

Safety and health personnel, training and education, 817.2

Safety and health program evaluation report, 823.3

Safety and health program evaluations, 823

Safety and health programs (see Occupational Safety and Health Program)

Safety and health staff, responsibilities of, 813

Safety and Health Subsystem, recording PS Form 1769, 821.123

Safety and health training

curriculum, 817.51

records of, 817.9

Safety Awareness Program, 841

Safety consciousness, motivating, 843.1

Safety engineering, integrating into all activities, 833.1

Safety incentive programs, 843

Safety, offsite, 811.3

Safety personnel

authorization to conduct inspections, 824.41

logging and sequentially numbering all hazard reports, 824.634

responsibilities of, 813.31

Safety philosophy of the Postal Service, 811.24

Safety posters, keeping current, 841.3

Safety professionals

CSHO opening conference attended by, 825.432

participation in OSHA inspections, 825.451

required to be present for an OSHA inspection, 825.41, 825.451

Safety records, reviewable by OSHA CSHOs, 825.441

Salaries, determination of for nonbargaining unit positions, 411.33

Salary compensation (see Compensation)

Salary determination

for dual employment, 422.152

for partially recovered employees, 546.143e

Salary grade (see Grades)

Salary offsets

administrative and court judgments, 454.3, 464.3

court judgment, 453, 454.2, 462.5, 464.2

implementing, 462.5

maximum to collect a debt, 462.42

multiple, 454, 464

Salary restoration criteria, 546.143e

Salary retention, termination of, 415.4

Salary schedules

assigning positions to, 421.31

assignment to different, 418

covered by specific agreements, 422

Salary standing, 421.44

Sales activity, on duty, in uniform, or in the office where stationed, 662.1

Samples, collected by CSHOs, 825.462

San Mateo Accounting Services

processing eBuys for training, 714.122, 715.43, 732.14, 742.2

Satisfactory performance

under the Postal Nurses Schedule, 422.531

under the Postal Police Officer (PPO) Schedule, 422.831

Saturday, holiday falling on, 518.21

Saturday absences

for A–E postmasters, 512.524

of regular rural carriers, 512.531

Saved grade, 415.11, 421.53, 422.123

due to a nondisciplinary management reduction, 422.125

duration and termination of, 421.532

granting to nonbargaining unit employees, 415.11

Saved grade period to veterans’ preference eligible employees under RIF, 415.12

Saved rate, 421.52, 422.123

due to a nondisciplinary management reduction, 422.125

duration of, 421.523

effect on promotion, 421.525

for IT/ASC employees, 422.626

termination of, 421.524

Saved salary, 415.12, 415.24

Saved–rate provisions due to a job–related injury, 546.143e

Savings Bond Drive

organization of, 616.211

participation in, 616.212

supplies for, 616.213

Savings Bond Program, 616

enrollment in, 616.3

issuing and mailing, 616.33

reports, 616.4

SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), 853.13

Schedule awards, FECA, 541.133

Schedule change, notice of temporary, 434.612

Scheduled time, deviations from, 432.461

Scheduled workdays

administrative leave for death on, 519.55

holidays on, 518.3

Scheduling of training programs for FLSA–nonexempt employees, 712.22

Scientific research, disclosure of EAP counseling records to, 944.411

“Scrambled eggs,” 933.811

SDWA (see Safe Drinking Water Act)

Seasonal changes of uniform, 934.4

Seatbelt use incentive program, 844

Second level state appellate authority, 554.5

Security controls, bypassing established, 667.333

Security Force Police officers, uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.4

Segregated meetings, nonparticipation in, 663.3


for attendance at professional meetings or conventions, 754.4

for bargaining positions, 352

of employees to participate in training, 713

factors considered for training, 713.2

for nonbargaining positions, 353

Selections for appointment, 344.3

Self and Family enrollment

effective date of changing to provide coverage to child, 524.63

in FEHB, 524.12

Self Only enrollment

change by a former spouse, 524.941

change to, 524.529

effective date of change to, 524.62

in FEHB, 524.11

Self-contained breathing apparatus (see SCBA)

Self–Development Training, 711.42

examples of, 711.424

description of, 711.421

job–relatedness of, 711.423

payment of expenses for, 716, 716.3, 742.2

Self-initiated referral to EAP, 941.2, 942.223

Self–nomination for reassignment, 353.23

Self–referrals, 941.2, 942.223


capable of, 526.12

determination, 526

incapable of, 526.11

Senate, FEHB enrollment of employees moving to or from, 525.83

Senior or executive vice president organization, 113.3

Senior plant manager, approval for proposed contests, 623.2

Seniority of partially recovered employees, 546.143

Separated employees

eligibility for Temporary Continuation of Coverage, 521.711

information source for, 569.4, 589.3

Separated TSP participants, withdrawal elections, 597.23

Separating employees

payment for uniform purchases, 936.4

refunding the amount paid to them for unearned leave, 512.721


for cause to avoid resignation, 365.212

collection of debt upon, 455.3, 465.3

by death, 513.83

definition of, 365.11

for disability, 545.92, 545.93

due to a reduction in force, 365.35

dues withholding discontinued, 925.21

effective date of, 365.12

electing participation or termination of TSP elections after erroneous, 594.72

involuntary, 365.3

payment for uniform purchase after, 936.2

requirements and procedures by types for a CSRS annuity, 563.2

retirement credit allowed for a period of, 562.252, 582.42

retirement credit for an improper, 562.253, 582.51

of a temporary or casual employee, 365.33

types of under FERS, 583.2

voluntary, 365.2

withdrawal of TSP funds upon, 597.2

Separation adjustments, 512.7

Separation PS Form 50, severance pay information, 435.31

Separation information, request for, 553.223, 553.224


definition of, 365.341

effective date of, 365.344

Separation–disqualification, 365.32


definition of, 365.221

effective date of, 365.222

SEPM (see Safety and Environmental Performance Management)

Series E bonds, exchanging for Series H, 616.22

Serious accident investigation board

composition of, 822.221

report of, 822.224

response requirements, 822.225

responsibilities of, 822.223

Serious accidents (see also Accidents)

defined as, 822.12

investigating, 822.2

reporting, 822.1

Serious danger, 824.51

Serious health condition, defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

Serious illness

defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

Serious injury (see also Injuries)

defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

defined for third-party liability purposes, 547.3

Service award certificates

ordering, 493.34

presented at retirement, 493.321

responsibility for, 493.33

Service award pins, 493.2

basis for, 493.22

determining eligibility for, 493.24

for Inspection Service employees, 493.234

ordering, 493.25

presenting, 493.27

responsibility for, 493.23

Service awards, 493

Service Benefit Plan, 522.11

Service center, 113.3

Service credit deposit

FERS, 585.3

for military service, 562.316

required for post–1956 military service, 562.34, 582.76

Service day, 432.43

Service limitations, causing FEHB discontinuance, 524.721

Service matters, restrictions on, 667

Service office, 113.3

Service periods, 432.4

Service programs, 611

Service Recognition and Incentive Awards, Exhibit 491.1

Service week, 422.132, 432.42

Settlement agreement, requiring EAP participation, 942.221


determining the rate of interest on back pay, 436.73, Exhibit 436.73a, Exhibit 436.73b

interest on back pay resulting from, 436.72

Severance fund, computing, 435.2

Severance pay

amount and intervals, 435.32

eligibility for, 435.1

suspending, 435.42

Sex discrimination, 665.23, 666.12b, 672.1

Sex discrimination policy of FLSA, 442.1

Sex offenders, reporting requirements for, 665.17

Sexual orientation, discrimination and harassment based on, 673.5, 665.23, 666.12

S Fund (Small Capitalization Stock Index Investment Fund), 593.1

Sheltering drills, 853.2

Short-term temporary assignment

at a higher level, 422.141

leave pay for, 422.143

Sick leave, 513

abuse of, 513.391

accrual chart, 513.21

advanced, 513.5

annual leave changed to, 513.65

authorizing, 513.3

charging, 513.4

collection for unearned, 513.9

compensation under dual employment, 422.155

conditions for authorization, 513.32

credit upon retirement, 513.821

crediting, 513.22

CSRS retirement credit for unused, 562.4

dependent care, 513.12

disapproved, 513.63

documentation requirements, 513.36

for employee incapacitation, 513.11

for extended periods, 513.363

extending the separation–disability date, 365.344

under FECA, 543.42

granted for the period immediately prior to death, 513.83

during higher level service, 417.336

insufficient, 513.61

liquidation of advanced, 513.532

medical documentation for, 513.364

recrediting on transfer, 513.712

requests for, 513.33

restricted, 513.39

Sick leave pay for employees assigned to higher level positions, 422.143

Simultaneous personnel actions for bargaining unit employees, 422.134

Single accident, FEGLI benefits, 538.221

Skill requirements

analysis of, 142

dual purpose of, 142.1

Smoking, 880

Social committee (see Employee social and recreational committee)

Social recreational program, 615

Social Security (see also FICA taxes), 571.2

benefits, 575.1

computing retirement benefits, 575.51

contributions to, 573

coverage requirements for benefits, 574.4

disability benefits, 575.13

employees covered by, 572.11

events affect benefits, 575.31

examples of Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) computations, 575.54

exclusions from, 572.2

federal civilian service covered by, 562.22

general computation of Primary Insurance Amount, 575.52

insurance payments, 571.21

Internet site, 571.1

quarters of coverage, 574.1

retirement benefits, 575.12

Social Security Act, 571.22

Social Security Administration (see SSA)

Social Security benefits

election of, 567.172

for a spouse or surviving spouse, 575.6

Social Security Program, insured status under, 574.3

Social Security quarters of coverage (see SSQCs)

Sole appellate official, 652.233

Solicitation by the CFC, 617.3

Son or daughter

birth or adoption and subsequent care of, 515.61

defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

FMLA leave for, 515.531

Sound supervision, principles of, 372

Space allocations for LDDC activities, 722.23

Space allowance for credit unions, 613.2

Span of control, 122

inappropriate, 136

Special considerations, for individuals referred for reassignment or reemployment, 546.622

Special emphasis programs, 675.2, 675.1, 817.52

Special employment programs, 322

Special events, administrative leave for, 519.6

Special exempt employees, 432.112

Special hazards, 853.17

Special pay, 421.44

Specialized structures, 124

Specific Notice to Employees Entering (or Already In) Nonpay Status – Change in Health Benefits Regulations, PS Form 3111, 525.222

Specific RIF notices, issuing, 354.251

Spinal subluxation, 541.2m

Spot Awards, 495.2

approval authority for, 495.25

documenting and processing, 495.28

eligibility for, 495.23

$3,000 limit, Exhibit 495.1

Spousal rights

regarding TSP funds, 597.24

regarding withdrawal of TSP funds, 597.24

Spouse (see also Current spouse; Former spouse)

CSRS annuities to current and/or former, 564.21, 564.22

defined for FMLA purposes, 515.2

eligibility for FERS annuities, 584.22

employment status affecting FEHB enrollment, 524.533

FEHB coverage for a new, 524.531

Social Security benefits for, 575.61

traveling in lieu of employee during extended training sessions, 716.124

Spouse Equity Act, 521.711, 523.61, Exhibit 523.62

Spouse’s Consent to Survivor Election, OPM Form 1431, 564.24

Spouse’s Consent to Survivor Election, SF 3107–2, 584.28

Spouse’s death (see Life status changes)

SPs (Standard Positions), 231

SS (see Social Security)

SSA (Social Security Administration), 571.22

SSQCs (Social Security quarters of coverage), 574.1

Staff functions, analyzing, 143.3

Staff interaction, evaluating in a unit or facility, 162.2

Staff managers, 143.3

Staff positions, assigning specific duties to, 142.2

Staff relationships, 143.3

Staffing, 125

criteria, 125.2

definition of, 113.1

matrices, 125.3

overview, 125.1

variations above the first level of supervision, 125.2

Staffing Change Notice

prepared by area Human Resource managers, 222.4

prepared by Organizational Effectiveness, 222.5

prepared by district Human Resources managers, 222.3

Staffing matrix, 125.3

Standard nonpostal training, request and approval for, 742.1

Standard organizational structures, 123

Standard Positions (see SPs)

Standard terminology, identifying a separation, 365.13

Standards of conduct, 662.1, 665

Stars, indicating length in service, 933.71

Start-up operation, temporary elements of, 139

State agencies

determining entitlement to unemployment compensation, 551.11

unemployment compensation forms and procedures, 553.2

State appeal hearings, evidence provided at, 554.412

State Appeals Board, 554.5

State conventions, 682.3

State coordinators

preparing appeals, 554.411

unemployment compensation responsibilities, 552.3

State courts

demands for records or information, 547.64

Postal Service appeals to, 554.6

State employment security agencies, information furnished to, 551.4

State employment security laws, appeals provided by, 554.1

State Guard, training with, 517.133

State income taxes, TSP contributions on a before–tax basis, 592.83

State licensing agencies for the blind, 614.3

State office, holding of nonpartisan, 663.11

State or jurisdiction duty, allowance for, 517.431

State unemployment compensation appeal hearing, routine disclosure of information, 554.431

Statement of Account offices, payment procedures, 868.133

Statement of Account for CAGs H–L, PS Form 1555, 868.133

Statement of Claim – Option C, Family Life Insurance, Form FE–6 DEP, 538.341

Statement of Receipts and Disbursements (Employee Social and Recreational Funds), PS Form 3241, 615.62, Exhibit 615.62

Statements of employment and financial interests

confidentiality and retention of, 662.2

information not required for, 662.2

procedures for transmittal of, 662.2

submission of, 662.2

time of retention of, 662.2

Station Manager Evaluation Process, reclassification during, 415.23

Statistical accident analysis, 821.33

Statutory offset procedures, 452.3, 462.3

Statutory provisions for the Code of Ethical Conduct, 661

Stay of collection of debt, 462.41

Stem cell donation, administrative leave for, 519.52

Step, 421.44

Step A appeal and decision, 652.42

Step B appeal and decision, 652.43

Step B decision, 652.44

Step increases, 421.45

for bargaining unit employees, 422.13

credit for employees temporarily assigned to higher grade positions, 422.144

deferring for LWOP, 422.133

for dual employment, 422.154

eligibility for, 422.13

for an employee with a protected rate, 421.517

for an employee with a saved grade, 421.533

notice from the Eagan Accounting Service Center, 422.531

for Rural Carrier Schedules, 422.43

for separate positions, 422.154

waiting period for rural carriers, 422.424

Step 1, appeal to, 652.23

Step 1 official, 652.231, 652.232

accepting or rejecting the hearing officer’s proposed decision, 652.252

final decision by, 652.252

neutral hearing officer assigned by, 652.242


entitled to a survivor annuity, 567.133

for health benefits purposes, 521.422

Stock ownership by an employee, 662.1

Straight time pay, 433

Strategic Learning Services, 714.225

Structures (see Organizational structures)

Structuring principles, 122

Student welfare, during training, 716.4

“Subluxation as demonstrated by X ray to exist,” 541.2m

Subscriptions to professional association periodicals, 753.4

Substance abuse, dependence, and other addictions, 941.12

EAP counseling for, 942.3

definition of, 941.2

treatments for, 515.2, 942.32

Substitute replacement carriers, lump sum payments for annual leave, 512.553

Substitute rural carriers, 422.415, 432.11, 432.111

absences of, 512.531

administrative leave for acts of God, 519.217

basic daily rate, 432.2

charging with sick leave, 513.413

converting to regular rural carrier status, 422.421

crediting with sick leave, 513.223

dual appointment of, 348.11, 348.14

earning annual leave, 512.312

earning sick leave in dual appointments, 513.225

excluded from FEGLI, Exhibit 531.3

holiday leave for, 518.52


of bulletin board material, 612.232

preemployment determinations, 342

replying to requests for, 365.223

Suitable employment or reemployment, 546.64

Suitable work, 545.32

Summer shirt, tie and, 934.32

Summons, definition for the purposes of court–related service, 516.2

Sunday, holiday falling on, 518.22

Sunday premium, 434.31

eligibility for, 434.32, Exhibit 434.3

5–minute leeway rule and, 432.464

pay computation for, 434.34

training and, 438.24

travel and, 438.15


of bargaining unit employees, 412.1

of drivers, 831.331

principles of sound, 372

Supervisors, 113.2

accompanying injured employees to the doctor’s office or hospital, 545.41

approving or disapproving annual leave, 512.422

approving or disapproving sick leave, 513.342

conflict of interests regarding labor organizations, 911.3

CSHO interviews with, 825.452

eligibility for a work clothes allowance, 933.6

FECA responsibilities, 544.11

informing employees on all official matters, 612.1

investigating reports of unsafe or unhealthy conditions, 824.632

observation of work practices, 812.52

Occupational Safety and Health Program responsibilities, 812.51

official, 541.2l

performance management of subordinates, 651.3

remaining constantly alert for hazards, 851.2

review of information reports on inventions, 694.2

safety and health training, 817.11

separation–disqualification recommended by, 365.324

training and development responsibilities and functions, 721.4

work clothes program, 938

Supervisory and managerial organizations

authorization forms for dues withholding, 924.11

participation and membership in, 912

Postal Service representation at, 682

right to freely join or assist, 681

Supervisory differential, positions eligible for, Exhibit 412.12b

Supplemental annuity for reemployed annuitants, 566.51

Supplemental benefits, FEGLI, 532.215

Supplemental EAS noncareer workforce, 419

Supplemental rules for promotion of bargaining unit employees, 422.123

Supplemental workforce, 432.12

definition of, 419.1

Suppliers (contractors), following OSHA regulations and postal safety and health policies, 833.3

Supplies expenses

payment for nonpostal training, 741.2, 742.3, 744.5

Supplies inventory for the employee social and recreational fund, 615.54, Exhibit 615.5

Surveillance (see Medical surveillance)

Surviving child

CSRS annuity to, 564.25

FERS annuity to, 584.29

Surviving spouse, Social Security benefits for, 575.61

Survivor annuitants

continuing FEHB enrollment as, 524.534

share of FEHB enrollment cost, 525.513

Survivor annuities

beginning date for CSRS, 567.15

conditions for termination, restoration, or changes in, Exhibit 567.16

CSRS, 567.1

effective date of, 584.25

election of AFA no impact on, 566.63, 586.73

eligibility of the current spouse for, 584.221

maximum, 584.23

resulting from election by annuitants, Exhibit 567.18

for the widow(er) of a law enforcement officer, 567.142

Survivor benefits

CSRS annuities with, 564.2

CSRS annuities without, 564.1

FERS annuities with, 584.2

FERS annuities without, 584.1

spousal under FERS, 587.2

Survivor deposits

CSRS, 565.22

FERS, 585.34


benefits payable under Social Security, 575.14

claim for FECA death benefits, 542.14

as claimants for reimbursement, 641.31

computation of CSRS annuity for, 567.14

election of CSRS annuity by, 567.17

FEHB enrollment continued for, 525.112

FEHB enrollment of, 525.33

redeposits by, 565.35

transferring FEHB enrollment to, 525.51

Suspended Basic Life Insurance, automatically reinstated, 537.121

Suspensions, 364

of more than 14 days, 651.62

of retired employee insurance coverage, 537.121

retirement credit for an improper, 562.253, 582.51

Sustained high–quality performance, 495.41

Sustaining program for savings bonds, 616.22

Sweaters, 934.23


Tag 44, Sack Contents Warning, 817.53

Tangible items as awards for contests, 626.1

Tardiness of employees, 665.43

Tax benefits for health insurance premium contributions, 524.831

Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, 574.21

Tax status of social and recreational funds, 615.8

Taxable annuities, CSRS, 569.61

Taxable balance of a FERS annuity, 589.51

Taxes, TSP contributions and, 592.8

Tax–free part of a FERS annuity, 589.51

TCC Program (see Temporary Continuation of Coverage Program)

TCOLA (territorial cost–of–living allowance)

eligibility, 439.11

nonbargaining rescheduling premium to employees receiving, 434.73

pay factors, 439.12

TDS schedule (see Tool and Die Shop Schedule)

Teaching, engaging in, 662.1

Team award, 496.2

approval authority for, 496.25

documenting and processing, 496.26

eligibility for, 496.23

limit ceiling per employee, 496.24

Teams for health and safety inspections, 824.322

Technical maintenance skills training, 715.4

Telephone interview appointments, EAP, 942.224

Telephone monitoring programs, 667.22

Temporary appointment, effect on FEGLI coverage, 534.14

Temporary assignment, 421.42

definition of, 417.11

of nonbargaining employees, 353.3

to nonbargaining unit positions, 417

Temporary basis, filling positions on, 351.2

Temporary change in duty assignment, 515.64

Temporary Continuation of Coverage (TCC) Program, 521.7

length of, 521.74

premiums, 521.75

time limitations for enrollment in, 521.73

Temporary employees (see also Casual employees), 432.12

eligibility for leave, 511.31, 511.32

excluded from FEGLI, Exhibit 531.3

hired as OICs, 419.22

service day for, 432.43

stopping COP for, 545.743

straight time pay, 433.4

termination or separation of, 365.33

Temporary employment, effect on severance pay, 435.42

Temporary extension of FEHB coverage, 524.76

to a former spouse, 524.962

Temporary or casual appointment, 421.41

Temporary or casual jobs, hiring former Postal Service or federal employees into, 347

Temporary postal positions, hiring postal or federal employees covered by benefits into, 347

Temporary promotions, 351.55

Temporary relief carriers, 432.12

Temporary schedule change, notice of, 434.612

Tennessee Valley Authority service, 512.24

Terminal illness, written documentation of a medical prognosis of, 534.4

Terminal leave payments

for accumulated leave, 512.73

for employees temporarily assigned to higher grade positions, 422.145

Terminal Leave Worksheet, PS Form 2246, 512.7

Terminated enrollments

in FEHB, 524.4

reinstating, 525.423


of CSRS survivor annuities, Exhibit 567.16

of FEGLI insurance coverage, 535.6

of insurance, 533.225

of insurance acquired during reemployment, 537.161

of salary retention, 415.4

of a saved grade, 421.532

of a saved rate, 421.524

of a temporary or casual employee, 365.33

Termination dates

of FEHB enrollment, 524.74

of FEHB family member coverage, 524.75

Terms, 421.44

Territorial cost–of–living allowance (see TCOLA)

TEs (see Transitional employees)

Testifying for additional transportation services, 667.18

Thanksgiving Day, 518.1

Third opinion by a health care provider, 515.54

Third party

action required against, 547.21

court action, 547.81

definition of, 547.23

liability for injuries to a postal employee, 547

recoveries from, 641.43

recovery action from, 547.5

settlement of claims, 547.7

Third party action, employees not pursuing, 547.59

Third Party Claim – Information Request, PS Form 2559, 547.59, Exhibit 547.59b

Third Party Court Appearance Sheet, 547.83, Exhibit 547.83

Third party funds, disbursement of recovered, 547.73

Third party recovery cases

common circumstances of, 547.53

information requested by interested persons, 547.63

Injury Compensation control office responsible for, 547.4

Third Party Statement of Recovery, PS Form 2556, 547.57, Exhibit 547.57c

Thrift Savings Plan (see TSP)

determining TSP contributions and fund allocations, 591.36

effective date of elections to terminate contributions, 595.3

Thrift Savings Plan Loan Application, Form TSP–20, 596.31, 596.32

Thrift Savings Plan – Request for Retroactive Contributions, PS Form 6886, 594.42, 594.43, 594.451, 594.46

Ties, resolving for contests, 625.22


allowed for presenting employee claims, 641.51

required to be eligible for a CSRS annuity, 563.12

required to be eligible for a FERS annuity, 583.12

Time clocks, congestion at, 432.461

Time computation for the collection of postal debts, 451.4

Time credit for government service, 562.12, 582.13

Time Disallowance Record, PS Form 1017–A, 432.711

Time frame for contests, 624.2

Time limitation on FEGLI adjustment due to life status changes, 535.911

Time limits

on FECA reporting procedures, 544.2

for filing accidental death or dismemberment claims, 538.35

Time worked, 432.7

Timely notice of temporary schedule change, 434.612

Time–off suspensions

appeal of, 652.3

letters of warning in lieu of, 651.61

mediation for, 652.53

Time–over–8 status, 432.711

Tool and Die Shop (TDS) Schedule

basis of rates, 422.912

change action pay rules, 422.92

grades, 422.911

promotion from, 422.923

promotion to, 422.923

promotion within, 422.923

reduction in grade, 422.925

temporary assignments, 422.94

Tort, 547.23

Total disability, requirements and procedures for a CSRS annuity, 563.232, 563.233

Total FQCs, 574.24

Total length of service for a CSRS annuity, 562.5

Toxic substances, exposure to, 868.12

Tracking system for training, 732.2

Tractor–trailer operators, uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.111

Trade secrets, disclosing, 667.323


approval process for, 742.1

assignment after, 713.3

compensation guidelines, 712

continued service agreement for nonpostal, 743.7, 744.2

craft skills, 715.3

delivery modes, 714.21

delivery sources, 714.22

double payment for, 744.6

drivers, 831.32

of EETs, 853.15

during established hours of service, 438.222

expenses for, 716, 732.13, 742.3, 744.41

facilities expenses, 716.2

failure to enroll in or complete approved, 744.5

for Inspection Service, 714.225

job, 711.41

job experiences, 711.43

job-related, 711.423

maintenance, 715.4

management, 715.5

medical, 868.4

nomination and registration procedures, 731

nonpostal, 714.11, 740

nonpostal personnel, patricipation in postal, 717

of OIG employees, 714.225, 715.61

other, 714.11, 715.54

outside established hours of service, 438.223

pay during, 438.2

payment for, 716.3, 742.2, 742.3, 744.6

to perform new or changed job duties, 422.925

postal, 714.11, 714.2, 715

postal orientation, 715.2

of postal police officers, 714.225, 715.63

procedures, 730

professional, 715.5

purpose of, 711.2

records and reports, 732, 817.9

responsibility for, 720

selection of employees to participate in, 713

self-development, 711.42

Strategic Learning Services, 714.225

tracking system, 732.2

travel expenses for, 716.1

Training and development, 710750

categories of, 711.4

methods of, 711.12

objectives of, 711.3

purpose and goals of, 711.2

responsibilities and functions, 720

responsibility for, 711.13

Training delivery, 714, 714.11, 714.2

Training periods, absence beyond the general military leave allowances, 517.541

Training provisions, special, 438.23

Training sessions, intermediate travel home during extended,

Training source, choices of, 714.12

Training vendors

payment to, 714.122

prohibited, 741.3

Training systems, 715

Training time

compensation for, 438.22

scheduling compensable, 438.24

Transcript of a Step 1 hearing, 652.246

Transfer clerks, uniforms worn by, 932.11, 933.111

Transfer employees

acquiring basic insurance, 535.111

advancing paid military leave, 517.71

setting the salary of, 412.1

Transfer of FEHB Enrollment to OWCP, 525.142, Exhibit 525.142

Transfer of function, bargaining unit pay rules, 422.121

Transfer of Information Between Agencies, Form TSP–19, 591.35

Transfer under the Operating Services Division Schedule, 422.721


of annual leave, 512.8

crediting sick leave, 513.71

to FERS, 582.8, 586.4

Transition, completion of, 139

Transitional employees (TEs), 432.13

basic hourly rate, 432.2

dues withholding for, 925.21

eligibility for guarantee time, 432.62

not covered by the leave program, 511.31

SF 1187 of, 925.122

Transitional provisions for computing the Primary Insurance Amount, 575.53

Transitional work force, 432.13

Transmittal and Summary Report to Carrier, SF 2811, 526.52

Transportation, acceptance of, 662.1

Transportation of mail, contracts for, 662.1

Transportation services, testifying or campaigning for additional, 667.18

Traumatic injury, 541.2h, 541.2r

authorizing examination or treatment, 545.21

claims for, 542.11

disability resulting from, 545.811

eligibility for COP, 545.721

report criteria and time limit for, 544.21

supervisor’s responsibilities in the event of, 544.112

third party recovery action, 547.51


away from home overnight, 438.134

compensation provisions for, 438.15

from job site to job site, 438.133

pay during, 438.1

scheduling away from home overnight, 438.134

work performed during, 438.143

Travel and Relocation (Handbook F–15), 716.11, 716.124, 742.4, 754.5

Travel expenses

for nonpostal training, 742.4

for training, 716.1

Travel provisions, special, 438.14

Travel time

definition of, 438.11

types of compensable, 438.13, Exhibit 438.13


initial under FECA, 545.42

for on-the-job injury or illness, 519.54

Trial period for a new EAS schedule employee, 412.1

Triweekly route, rural carrier serving, 422.421

Triweekly rural carriers

absences of, 512.54

charging with sick leave, 513.413

leave carryover, 512.543

Trusts, designating for proceeds of the live insurance benefits, 538.113

TSCA (see Toxic Substances Control Act)

TSP (Thrift Savings Plan), 590599

adjustments, 594

allocating contributions among funds, 593.21

automatic contributions to, 592.4

break in service, 591.34

claim procedure for adjustments, 594.8

completing election forms after an erroneous retirement system classification, 594.6

contribution rates, 592.2

contributions based on reduced earnings, 592.92

contributions to, 592

effect of court orders on withdrawal options, 598.4

elections not processed, 594.2

eligibility to contribute, 591.3

funds available, 593.1

in–service withdrawals, 597.3

interfund transfers, 593.23

investment options, 593.2

investments, 593

loans, 596

mandatory automatic cash-out, 597.22

matching contributions to, 592.5

maximum contribution amount, 592.7

maximum contribution rates, 592.3

required minimum distribution, 597.23

rights to spouses of participants, 597.24

termination of contributions, 595

vesting of contributions, 592.6

withdrawal of funds, 597

TSP accounts, order of precedence for distribution of, 597.41

TSP loans, 596

application, 596.3

documentation, 596.32

eligibility, 596.1

repayment of, 596.4

types, 596.2

TSP ThriftLine, 591.12

TSP Web Site, 591.12

TSP Withdrawal Packages, 597.5

providing to representatives of deceased participating employees, 597.512

Tuberculosis, exposure to, 545.24

Tuition expenses

payment for nonpostal training, 716.3, 742.2

Type 1 combinations, 933.12

Type 1 items, 933.11

Type 1 uniforms, 931.13, 933.1

Type 1a uniforms, 933.111

Type 1b uniforms, 933.112

Type 2 combinations, 933.22

Type 2 items, 933.21

Type 2 uniforms, 931.13, 933.2

Type 3 uniforms, 931.13, 933.3

Type 4 uniforms, 931.13, 933.4

Type 5 uniforms, 931.13

Type 5a uniforms, 933.51

Type 5b uniforms, 933.52

Type 6 uniform items, 933.6

Type 6 uniforms, 931.13


UCFE (Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees Program), 551.11

Unacceptable awards for contests, 626.2

Unacceptable conduct, 665.16

Unassigned employees, assignment of, 354

Unauthorized time, 443.223

Unconnected work, 135

Underdeductions of TSP contributions, 594.4

Undue influence, immediate reporting of, 664

Unearned annual leave, collection for, 512.72

Unearned sick leave, collection for, 513.9

Unemployment compensation, 550554

administration of programs, 552.11, 552.12

appeals, 554

coordinating activities for a state, 552.31

disqualification factors, 551.3

program responsibilities for, 552

qualification factors for, 551.2

Unemployment compensation code, 553.11

Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees Program (UCFE), 551.11

Unexpected illness or injury, 513.332

Uniform allowance

determining eligibility for, 935.261

suspending, 935.212

terminating, 935.21

Uniform Allowance Code Sheet (For Regular, Contract, or Work Clothes Program), PS Form 8006, 935.212

Uniform cap, employees required to wear, 932.21

Uniform category, changing, 935.251

Uniform headgear, 934.1

Uniform items

authorized by installation, 931.25

wearing of, 934

Uniform policy, administration of, 931.24

Uniform Program, types of clothing, 931.13

Uniform Quality Control Office, 932.31

Uniform reimbursement card for nurses, 936.61

Uniform vendors

access to postal premises, 937.2

communication with, 937.1

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA), 514.22

Uniformed Services Health Benefits Program, loss of FEHB coverage under, 525.34

Uniformed services, retired members of, 354.215

Uniforms, 931

allowances for, 935

authorized items and combinations, 933

contract, 932.12

drinking intoxicating beverages in a public place while in, 665.26

entitlements and allowances for, 931.1

90–day requirement for eligibility, 932.22

not required, 932.2

payment after separation, 936.2

payments for, 936

presenting purchases for inspection, 936.31

prohibitions against wearing, 934.6

purchases exceeding allowances, 936.15

purchases not meeting regulations, 936.32

purchasing exceeding allowances, 936.34

reasons for providing, 931.21

regular, 932.11

requirements, 932

seasonal changes of, 934.4

when to wear, 931.263

Uninjured eye, examination of, 545.24

Union officials, creditable service for, 422.132

Union representatives

accompanying CSHOs during inspections, 825.453

participating in safety and health inspections, 824.312, 824.322, 824.332

Unions (see Labor organizations)

Unit job descriptions, 231

University attendance as an acceptable reason for LWOP, Exhibit 514.4

Unofficial communications, 612.22

Unofficial use of government property or services, 667.331

Unpaid compensation

due a deceased postal employee, 432.81

recipients of, 432.82

Unpaid obligations of the employee social and recreational fund, 615.55, Exhibit 615.5

Unplaced employees, placing, 354.252

Unsafe conditions alleged, 824.6

Unsatisfactory performance, 375.2

under the Postal Nurses Schedule, 422.531

under the Postal Police Officer (PPO) Schedule, 422.831

Unscheduled absences, 511.41, 511.42

Unsolicited advertising and promotional items, acceptance of, 662.1

Unused sick leave

CSRS retirement credit for, 562.4

extending the separation–disability date, 365.344

Upgrading positions, 413.3

U.S. Savings Bond Authorization for Purchase and Request for Change, PS Form 1192, 616.31

U.S. Savings Bond Program (see Savings Bond Program)

USPS – NRLCA National Agreement, 422.412


VA disability payments, 512.231

Vacancies, filling PCES, 384

Vacant bargaining positions, placement in, 354.26

Vacation planning

bargaining unit employees, 512.61

nonbargaining unit employees, 512.62

Vaccines not authorized under FECA, 545.24

Valid claimants for reimbursement, 641.31

Vehicle maintenance employees

contract uniforms for, 932.12

uniforms worn by, 933.3

Vehicles (see Motor vehicles)

Vending facilities, operation of, 614.1

Vending machines in work areas, 614.3

Vending operations, income from, 615.321

Verification of a Military Retiree’s Service in Nonwartime Campaigns or Expeditions, SF 813, 512.232

Vesting of TSP contributions, 592.6


absence to attend funeral services, 519.331

nonselection of, 344.5

positions restricted to, 363.32

protection of the rights of, 674.21

Veterans Affairs (VA) disability payments, 512.231

Veterans’ Day, 518.1

Veterans’ preference, 333

for Postal Service employment, 321.4

retained salary under RIF, 415.12

for RIF purposes, 354.215

Veterans’ Preference Act of 1944, 333, 341, 354.215

Veterans’ preference eligible employees

bargaining unit pay rules, 422.121

entitlements of, 354.216

rate of interest for back pay, 436.73, Exhibit 436.73a

saved grade under RIF, 415.12

Vice president

of Area Operations, 682.2, 682.31, 812.12

of Employee Development and Diversity, 717, 743, 744.42, 817.11, 817.51,

of Employee Resource Management, 311.21, 365.35, 411.31, 552.11, 611, 812.14

of Labor Relations, 682.2, 682.31

of Purchasing and Materials, 753.3

Vice President Award, 496.3

approval authority for, 496.34

documenting and processing, 496.35

eligibility for, 496.33

Vice president organization, 113.3

Violations, reporting of, 665.14

VISTA service

counted toward annual leave years of service, 512.222

not counted toward annual leave years of service, 512.24

Vocational rehabilitation services, provided by OWCP, 546.612

Voidable marriage, 521.425

Voided enrollments, FEHB, 524.4

Voluntary acceptance of a lower grade management–initiated, 415.24

Voluntary bargaining position placement, 354.26

Voluntary cancellations of dues withholding, 925.1

Voluntary change to lower grade, 415.21

Voluntary contribution accounts, crediting excess service to, 566.342

Voluntary contributions

amount of, 565.43

CSRS, 565.4

restrictions on, 565.42

withdrawal of, 565.46

Voluntary individual memberships, dues, and/or fees in professional associations, 753.11

Voluntary Protection Programs, OSHA, 811.25

Voluntary reduction, 421.43

Voluntary requests for light duty assignments, 355.1

Voluntary separations, 365.2

Voluntary withholding of dues, 921


administrative leave for, 519.32

time allowed for, 519.323

Voting place, leave to travel to, 519.323


WAE (when actually employed) basis, 512.222

Wage administration policies

for bargaining unit employees, 420422

objectives of, 421.2

Wage and Separation Information, PS Form 6803, 551.422, 553.13

completing in response to state agency requests, 552.51

completing the separation portion of, 553.132

completion of, 553.131

Wage differentials, justifiable, 442.2

Wage increases, types of, 421.45

Wage information, requested for a separated employee, 553.222, 553.224

Wage terms, 421.44

Wages, setting for bargaining unit employees, 421.32

Waiting periods

before OWCP compensation, 545.83

for step increases, 422.13, 422.831

Waiting time, 432.711


of basic insurance, 535.2

of claims for erroneous payment of pay, 437

of compensation rights under FECA, 543.1

definition of, 451.3

of FEGLI coverage by reemployed annuitants, 537.14

of insurance coverage, cancelling, 535.8

of military retired pay, 562.352, 582.78

Waiver of Basic Life Insurance

automatically cancelled upon employment at the Postal Service, 535.421

cancellation of previously submitted, 535.113

Waiver request for a debt, 451.5, 461.3

Walk–around inspection, 825.435, 825.451, 825.461

Walking shorts, 934.31

Warm weather items, 934.3

Wars for which campaign badges were authorized, Exhibit 512.232

Wartime service, verifying, 512.232

Washington’s Birthday/Presidents’ Day, 518.1

Wash–up time, 432.711

Weekend trips home, during extended training sessions, 716.121

Whistle-blower protection, 666.3

WHD Publication 1420, Your Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, 515.9

“When actually employed” basis (see WAE basis)

Widowed child, considered to be unmarried, 521.425

William F. Bolger Center for Leadership Development, 714.11, 714.224, 715.51

Wine, drinking on duty, 665.26

Winners of contests, 625.21

Wire communication, interception by employees, 667.2


of claim under FECA, 543.2

of TSP funds, 597

of TSP funds while in–service, 597.31

Withdrawal requirements for separated TSP participants, 597.23

Withdrawal packages for TSP participants, 597.5

Withheld step increases under the Postal Nurses Schedule, 422.531


from any amount due upon transfer or separation, 455.1, 465.1

CSRS annuities subject to, 569.62

for FEGLI after retirement, 536.22, 536.212

FERS annuities subject to, 589.52

for optional insurance, 537.174

optional life insurance for reemployed annuitants, 537.131

tables of FEGLI, 533.22

Within–grade increases, compared to QSIs, 495.441

Witness service, Exhibit 516.11

in a nonofficial capacity, 516.6

Witnesses at a Step 1 hearing, 652.243


assignments, 432.45

change in nature of, 132

decreased, 131.2

fixing responsibility for, 142.2

increased, 131.1

suitable, 545.32

unconnected, 135

volume of, 141.2

Work clothes

allowances for, 935, 938.1, 938.32

provided to certain employees, 931.22

replacement for supervisors, 938.324

Work clothes program, 932.13

Work clothing, acquisition by supervisors, 938.3

Work credit, 432.5

Work limitation tolerance, medically defined, 546.142

Work limitations, 546.611

Work performance problems, 942.21

Work relationships, contingent, 134.2

Work requirements, analysis of, 141

Work schedules

changing temporarily to conform to court service, 516.33

conflict of military leave with, 517.6

of postal physicians, 863.33

Work week

FLSA, 443.231

permanent change in, 443.232

Workers (see Employees)

Workforce, diversity of, 671

Workhours, during, 693

Workload, increase or decrease, 131

Workload Service Credit System (WSCS), 413.3, 415.23

Workplace hazards, exposure to, 545.23

Work–related injury or illness, rehabilitation after, 867

Work–related traumatic injury (see Traumatic injury)

Worksite, commuting to a different, 438.122

Writing, engaging in, 662.1

Written management order

authorizing higher level pay for TDS schedule employees, 422.942

for a higher level assignment, 422.142

Written resignation, 365.215

WSCS (Workload Service Credit System), 413.3, 415.23