843 Safety Incentive Programs

843.1 Concept

Safe working conditions and appropriate safety equipment are not always enough to prevent on-the-job injuries. Effective safety programs also need employee participation, team effort, and sustained safety consciousness. Safety incentive programs can motivate employee involvement and safety consciousness through awards or contests that incorporate the use of recognition and rewards. Incentive programs must not be used to encourage non-reporting of accidents, injuries, or illness. Individual safety contests, awards, and incentive programs must be approved before implementation, in accordance with 620, Contests.

843.2 Selected Programs

Increased safety awareness may be accomplished with programs that recognize driver-of-the-month or -year, safety-captain-of-the-month or –year, best safety slogan, fewest violations during safety inspections, demonstrated safety consciousness, best accident record, million-mile awards, etc. Creative development of new programs designed to capture and stimulate interest should be encouraged. Sharing of ideas through cooperative exchange with other agencies or local private industry is encouraged.

843.3 Administration

The installation head or designee conducts, controls, and is responsible for approved driver and industrial safety incentive programs (see 620 for implementation procedures).

843.4 Presentation Ceremonies

Installation heads must provide publicity and an appropriate ceremony for each incentive award.