Office Administration

  1. Chronological, Reading, or Circulating Files.
  2. Arrangement: Chronologically, by date, without regard to subject.

    Description: Copies of all types of communications. The communications in these files are copies of those filed elsewhere by subject or case.

    Note: This item does not apply to the reading files of the Postmaster General.

    Cut off this file each calendar year; dispose of 1 year from the date of cutoff.


  3. Shorthand, Stenographic, and Word Processing Materials.
  4. Description: Shorthand notes, stenographic notebooks, stenographic tapes, magcards, cassettes, and diskettes.

    Dispose of shorthand and stenographic materials when notes have been transcribed; erase magnetic media when information contained thereon is no longer required for current operations.


  5. Duplicating Materials.
  6. Description: Stencils, photographic plates, paper mats, etc.

    Dispose of when no longer needed for duplicating purposes.


  7. Accountable Property Records (110.010).
  8. Description: Records that are used for controlling issuance of accountable property such as equipment, credentials, and documents to individuals.

    Sample Form: PS 296

    Return to individual when accountability is terminated.


  9. Nonrecord Copies of USPS Publications, Releases, and Other Issuances.
  10. Description: Extra or obsolete copies of such publications as the Headquarters telephone directory, regulations, instructions, manuals, guidance letters, copies of documents, reports, studies, publications or documentation from other government agencies or organizations not in current use, legislative publications and documents such as congressional directories, congressional records, legislative hearings, appropriations hearings, and the Federal Register.

    Dispose of when superseded or no longer needed in current operations, whichever is sooner.