4 Pay Administration

410 Pay Administration Policy for Nonbargaining Unit Employees

411 General

411.1 Scope

This subchapter establishes the conditions and procedures for setting salaries of Postal Service™ nonbargaining unit career and noncareer employees in supervisory, professional, technical, clerical, administrative, and managerial positions in the Pay Band (V) and Executive and Administrative Schedule (EAS) and applies to all employees except those:

  1. Covered by collective bargaining agreements (except when assigned to nonbargaining positions).
  2. Assigned to the Postal Career Executive Service (PCES).
  3. In the Office of Inspector General.
  4. In the Inspection Service designated as law enforcement.
  5. In attorney positions in the office of the General Counsel.

411.2 Objectives

The principal objectives of Postal Service compensation policies are to provide the following:

  1. Compensation for Postal Service work comparable to compensation paid for comparable levels of work in the U.S. economy’s private sector.
  2. Compensation that will attract, motivate, and retain qualified and capable personnel.
  3. Adequate and reasonable differentials in rates of pay between employees in the clerk and carrier grades in the line work force and supervisory and other managerial personnel.
  4. Effective administration of salary expenditures.
  5. Recognition of and reward for differences in individual ability and performance.
  6. Uniform methods for establishing and applying salary rates to employment, placement, promotion, and other changes in the status of employees.

411.3 Responsibility

411.31 Assignment of Positions

The chief Human Resources officer (CHRO) is responsible for determining the appropriate nonbargaining unit grade for each position covered by 410. Human Resources’ Compensation Programs unit determines salary ranges using market value research and consultations with the management associations.

411.32 Policy and Procedural Changes

The CHRO directs the evaluation and development of recommendations concerning compensation policy and procedures. Exceptions to the policies contained in this subchapter require approval by the CHRO or designee.

411.33 Determination of Salaries
411.331 Responsibility of Appointing Officer

The appointing officer has the primary responsibility for setting salaries of employees in nonbargaining unit positions according to the policies contained in this subchapter.

411.332 Approval Required

In all cases, the appointing officer’s superior must approve salaries set by the appointing officer.

411.333 Part-Time Postmaster Rates — Part-Time Post Office and Remotely Managed Post Office

The Postal Service pays part-time postmasters in part-time Post Offices (PTPO) and remotely managed Post Offices (RMPO) at hourly rates for less than a 40-hour week (see Rate Schedule F).