Environmental awareness

Grow environmental awareness with our more than 640,000 employees and external stakeholders.

Our environmental awareness goals

Deliver environmental communication to our employees, our communities, and federal, state and local entities
Specific actions FY 2030 Targets (FY 2021 baseline)
  • Provide effective environmental awareness communication to our employees, our communities, and federal, state and local entities to reinforce positive brand recognition
  • Work towards ensuring environmental policy requirements are communicated and incorporated into operations
  • Work towards providing onsite and online training and tools that align with policy and regulatory requirements to 100% of applicable employees


We keep our employees, customers, and government and other partners informed about our sustainability efforts and the progress we’ve made toward working greener.

Our environmental awareness communications include:

  1. An annual greenhouse gas inventory:
    1. Executive Order 14057: Catalyzing America’s Clean Energy Economy Through Federal Sustainability.
    2. International Post Corporation environmental measurement and monitoring with our postal peers across the world.
  2. Our Annual Sustainability Report.
  3. USPS BlueEarth Carbon Accounting which enables our business customers to measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions.

Policies and standard work instructions

Every postal employee is encouraged to actively contribute to sustainability efforts, helping to foster a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility throughout the organization.

The Postal Service provides training, resources and incentives to empower employees to make sustainable choices in their daily work activities. To ensure employees are informed, the Postal Service provides easy-to-access and readily available environmental compliance bulletins on a dedicated environmental management website.


Our priority strategies for achieving environmental compliance include employee training and communications, as well as innovation to improve site-level compliance.

The Postal Service provides training on applicable regulations and procedures for environmental and energy management. Topics include hazardous and universal waste management, stormwater permitting, spill management planning and underground storage tank operations, and facility utility consumption. We also maintain both a comprehensive environmental information management system that houses site-specific data, action items and important environmental records along with a utility management system that provides facility costs, usage and bill payment for over 90% of our utility consumption.

Our partnerships