Holiday happenings

Easiest gift shopping experience ever

By Darlene S. Casey

Promotion of USPS online store

The Postal Store has something for the whole family

My gosh, I can’t believe the holidays are already upon us — again! I remember last year’s holidays like they happened yesterday, and my friends and I are wondering what in the world happened to the better part of the year.

It’s been said the older we get, the faster time flies — this year, I find myself another year older, as time-poor as ever, and another year wiser.

With the holidays approaching like a freight train, I know I’ve got to get gifts for all the wonderful people I care about as quickly and easily as possible.

So, what am I going to do? I’m going to go to the most perfect department store, open 24/7 — a store that has gifts for friends and family of any age.

“What?” you ask. “Such a wondrous place exists?!”

Yes, this magical market of marvelous merchandise for last-minute gifts is real!

The store that is always open is — drum roll, please — The Postal Store® from the United States Postal Service!

At The Postal Store, there are a number of great departments with fabulous gifts just waiting to be selected and shipped — all from the cozy, cushy comfort and convenience of your casa, kitchen, closet, carport, classroom, cube or the corner café.

Wherever you and your mobile device are, no matter the day or time, that is where you’ll find The Postal Store. It doesn’t get much easier.

So, hey, let’s put it to the test.

What dazzling, unique and personal gifts will we find at The Postal Store, you may ask?

Here’s a short list:

Each gift at this store has a very special boutique caché (a pun for philatelists known to have searched the world for that rare, valuable cachet).

See if my “easiest gift shopping experience ever” gift list doesn’t inspire you to try to tackle your gift list just as easily:

  1. Like many, my daughter greatly admires Ruth Bader Ginsburg, so I must get her this gorgeous framed stamp of the judicial icon.
  2. My dear son-in-law loves postal nostalgia and T-shirts, and I’m going to get this gorgeous, long-sleeved, navy blue men’s shirt for him.
  3. My grandchildren love skateboarding, hip-hop, games and reading. I’m getting them the Art of the Skateboard framed stamp artwork, the cool Hip Hop commemorative stamp panel, the Great American Mail Race game and the Monopoly U.S. Stamps Edition board game. By the way, speaking of cool stuff for kids (of all ages): If you have time for a couple of quick side trips, check out the really neat gear from the U.S. Postal Service Collection — Affinity Bands website, and a really nice kids’ book, “Mr. ZIP’s Windy Day,” from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Walmart.
  4. Back to the Postal Store: My brother is a Charles M. Schulz aficionado and he would love this framed stamp artwork!
  5. My mother loves to mail postcards and greeting cards to friends and family far and wide, and for all occasions. Mom is a special kind of postal customer. So, I’ll go crazy in this part of The Postal Store for her.
  6. Pop loves to travel with Mom. I think he’d love a sleek, leather passport wallet. Come to think of it, I probably should get a “his and hers” set of two!
  7. My sister is into women’s soccer, so I’m going to get her this fab T-shirt.
  8. My cool friends like puzzles and tote bags. So, I thought these selections would work as great, easy gifts. And get a load of this GORGEOUS, embroidered pillow! I might have to look at all these items for my mom, too!

After I had my list of names, it only took about 15 minutes to browse The Postal Store, and no time at all to add my holiday gifts to my virtual shopping cart.

Best of all, I didn’t have to challenge any other shoppers to a duel for a parking spot, or the last manhandled item on the shelf (neither would have ended well), and I didn’t have to wait in a long, snaking line in a hot, stuffy store.

Now, all that’s left is to check out using The Postal Store’s easy and secure online shopping cart and voila! There’s even a nifty “chat now” feature in case I need any assistance.

Thus, a monumental task that would have stressed me to the max, instead is the easiest gift shopping experience ever. Ta-da!

Happy holidays from the dedicated men and women of the United States Postal Service.