October 19, 2020

Four Tips to Keep Your Mail Delivery Intact

Keep outside pathways safe

Mail carrier Four Tips to Keep Your Mail Delivery Intact

Arkansas — In 2019, an average of 48 postal employees per day were injured due to a slip, trip or fall. 495 injuries occurred in Wisconsin and 1246 in Illinois. Many incidents occurred because of a hazardous condition on a mail carrier route.  The U.S. Postal Service needs your assistance in providing safe access to your mail receptacle in an effort to prevent these type of accidents from happening to our mail carriers.

An example is when mail carrier Martha Walker was walking across a lawn on her route in Woodbridge, VA, when she fell into a hole hidden by tall grass on a customer’s property.  “It happened so fast, I sunk all the way down to my knee,” she said.  “As of a result of my injury, I missed some work to give myself time to recover.”

A property owner could be liable if a mail carrier gets injured due to a hazard on their property.  The liability costs may include medical expenses and repayment of lost work hours, which can total thousands of dollars. The Postal Service makes the safety of its employees a top priority.  The week of Oct. 17 through Oct. 23 is USPS National Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Week, which is a week long campaign dedicated to employee safety and injury prevention.


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