May 8, 2020

Mail Helps Americans Feel Connected During COVID-19 Pandemic

SIERRA COASTAL DISTRICT — Now more than ever, consumers rely on cards and mail to keep in touch with family and friends and to overcome feelings of isolation, according to a recent survey conducted by the US Postal Service. The survey highlighted the important role that sending and receiving mail plays in helping Americans stay connected during a time of social distancing and stay-at-home mandates.

The majority, or 65% of respondents, said that receiving “cards and letters from family and friends lifts my spirits during this time” while 62% said that “receiving a card or letter in the mail makes me feel more connected during social distancing.” Another 60% said it means more to me to receive a card/letter in the mail than an email, while 55% said they feel less isolated when receiving a card or letter in the mail.

The research, conducted by the USPS Market Research & Insights department, was conducted on-line during April 15 – 17, 2020, with more than 1,000 adults, with demographics matching weighted census data.

Survey highlights include:

  • Approximately 67% of consumers are feeling increasingly isolated and distant from people, and have acknowledged the effect of the pandemic on their mental well-being. 
  • When asked how the pandemic has changed their activities over the past few weeks, approximately 1-in-6 consumers said they have sent more mail to family and friends over the past few weeks.
  • During the corona virus pandemic, two-thirds of those surveyed indicated that they would be likely to send mail. Family members and friends would be the most common recipients.  Those who are younger, have higher income and those with children in the home are more likely to want to send cards and letters.
  • 42% said they were more reliant on mail as a result of social distancing and 38% indicated the importance of being able to shop for mail products such as cards and stationery in retail locations permitted to be open during the pandemic.

A recent trend reflects what this survey has shown. Over the past several weeks, the Postal Service has observed significantly higher stamp sales, particularly through the mobile-friendly online Postal Store on Stamps celebrate the people, events and cultural milestones that are unique to the history of our great nation. Cards, stamps, stationery, shipping supplies and other postal products can be ordered online through the Postal Store at

The complete survey – including questions and responses – is posted on PostalPro™ at:

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