Nov. 26, 2021

USPS Final Decision

MILFORD, INDIANA – USPS Indiana District announced it has proposed to relocate the Milford, IN Post Office from the current location at 126 S. Main St., Milford, IN 46542.

In lieu of a community meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a postcard was sent on February 2, 2021, asking for community input. After carefully considering all comments received, the decision was made to proceed with a new space project at 127 S. Main St., Milford, IN 46542.

As background, the Postal Service is relocating because the current landlord will not renew the lease; therefore, the Postal Service must find another facility.  The Postal Service anticipates providing the same services at the new location as were provided to our customers at the previous location. Additionally, the Postal Service plans to continue services at the current location until the replacement facility is open and operating as a post office.

While sensitive to the impact of this decision on its customers and the Milford community, the Postal Service properly considered community input and this decision is consistent with Postal Service objectives. Postal Service operations are generally not supported by tax dollars. To be self- sustaining, the Postal Service must make decisions that ensure it provides adequate and affordable postal services in a manner that is as efficient and economical as possible.



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