El Salvador


El Salvador’s post advises that its international airport is gradually reopening to commercial flights and a normal flight schedule is expected to be operational by Oct. 4. More information is available at www.cepa.gob.sv/los-vuelos-comerciales-para-salir-e-ingresar-a-el-salvador-se-reactivan-el-19-de-septiembre. However, international shipping services have not yet resumed. Due to a quarantine in place, gradual return of the workforce and large volumes of accumulated mail, there are still delays in processing and delivery of letters and registered items.


El Salvador’s post advises that while postal services have partially resumed, it is operating with a reduced workforce and on a unique schedule due to public transport restrictions. Inbound and outbound commercial flights remain suspended. Postal cargo received from cargo flights is transferred to the international mail processing center on alternate days. All international departure services are suspended until normal commercial flight operations have resumed.


El Salvador’s post advises that the government has instituted a nationwide quarantine until April 1, or possibly a later date, in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The post says it will significantly reduce its workforce across the logistics chain which will affect service. In addition, access to post offices is subject to restrictions.