Romania’s post, Poșta Română, advises that the state of emergency in Romania is being replaced by a state of alert effective May 15, 2020. Therefore, the situation of force majeure previously declared is being extended until further notice and service delivery standards (including delivery times, and other quality parameters) no longer be guaranteed. The provisions of earlier alerts remain in force.


Romania’s post advises that the situation of force majeure will continue until May 14 as the government extends its state of emergency. The post can no longer guarantee service delivery standards. The provisions of earlier messages will remain in force until the end of the state of emergency.


Romania’s post advises that additional measures are being taken in response to spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19. The post is currently unable to send letter and parcels to an increasing number of countries both within and outside the European Union due to the suspension of flights. Therefore, it is no longer accepting letters and parcels for destinations to which transport capacities are unavailable. In addition, it is unable to send outbound express mail service items and will no longer accept such items until sufficient transport capacity becomes available. Open transit mails cannot be accepted for any destination country.