3 Reasonable Accommodation in the Examination Process

31 Special Needs of Test Applicants

Postal Service applicants and employees with disabilities may seek accommodations in order to take an examination. For convenience, we have used the term applicant throughout this chapter to refer to any individual, including Postal Service employees, taking any type of Postal Service examination.

Most of the hundreds of thousands of job applicants and current employees taking various Postal Service examinations annually do not need accommodation in the testing process. However, for some individuals with disabilities, the examination may serve as an artificial barrier to the demonstration of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for performance of the essential functions of the job. In these instances, the Postal Service endeavors to provide reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities to enable their participation in the competitive examination process.

You must consider accommodations on a case-by-case basis. When the Postal Service becomes aware of an applicant’s disability, you must pursue flexible interactive dialogue with the applicant to do the following:

Some routine activities that may require additional time and special attention include the following:

Applicants with service animals (e.g., guide dogs) require special attention to provide for the physical needs of the animals.